Fantasy Vacation

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Once a year, for a much needed vacation from my life, I go on vacation to a sex resort. Basically I list my preferences and I am assigned a room for the week. Being female, I stay in one area and the men come sniff me out so to speak. Beside the door is a running video of me playing with myself while I talk about all the things I love to do. A man or men decides if they want to play or not and either comes in or moves to the next bitch in heat.

My video starts with me taping up my tits with medical tape. I lean over so they hang free and tape them at the base-tight. When I stand back up, they are bulging over the tape and look like big tight grapefruits. The blood has a way of getting blocked when I do this, so they turn a bright pink color very quickly.

I then take a 9 inch long, “wrist” thick dildo and slide it up my pussy. With that firmly shoved all the way up in me, I take a medium sized butt plug coat it in very slippery lube and work it up my ass. I almost always cum as soon as I am double filled up and this is no exception.

I then talk about how I love bondage and discipline. How much I love to be filled up. I love spanking. How my tits can be bound, but not much more pain than that. I talk about how much I love for someone to cum inside me, then have his slut lick me clean until I cum again all over her face.

I do not have many taboos, but I am not into animals and I am kinda weird when it comes to humiliation…some is ok, but you can cross that line very quickly and I am totally turned off. And never, never call me a whore or cunt.

I usually am very busy on my vacation. I get fucked hundreds of times over. You see, women are invited to this resort and may stay for free (after passing medical tests and some psychological tests), but the men must pass the tests and pay a hefty premium to vacation there.

When you first arrive, a woman is taken to the pampering room. She showers and goes to the shaving area. Someone comes in and asks what kind of shave you want. I prefer neck to toe clean. Having all hair removed for this vacation leaves my skin super sensitive for the events to follow. A normal light touch is amplified without the protective hair on my skin. A very hot red-head wearing just a tiny tiny bikini comes in and asks if I would like electrolysis on my pussy. She will zap my hair away. I can’t resist and it takes forever…and it hurts! She says that I am becoming too wet for her to continue safely, so she bends down and starts to shove her tongue way up me. It takes less than 30 seconds for me to be screaming like a banshee with my first cum. She then wipes me dry and continues to finish with the hair removal.

Once cleanly shaven, I go to my assigned room and wait…it does not take long and the fucking begins.

On my third trip to this resort (they owners know you very well) I am asked if I want to experiment with something. They have a customer with an unusual problem and they think that I would love to help him out, since one of my major turn-ons is to be very filled up. They explain that this man has a condition where his cock expands more and more every time he cums, if left inside a pussy, right after he cums. They tell me to think of it like dogs that can’t be separated from each other because their dicks expand and can not come free. I ask several questions and they tell me that this person usually needs to cum 7 or 8 times before he can start to lose his massive erection and pull free. This usually takes several hours. They make sure I know that once lodged up in me that I will not be able to stop until he has, because physically we will not be able to pull apart.

I almost cum just thinking about it. I can’t wait to try this.

He comes in and OMG he is ripped and hot. I can hardly believe that I am going to fuck him. It’s like he’s perfect. He tells me that I have to be on top because he has so much blood going to his erection that he sometimes gets dizzy! This is amazing!

We start to fuck with a slow grind and he’s kind normal sized. I am starting to think that everyone is pulling my leg. He cums pretty quickly and I am disappointed. Then he grabs my ass and pulls me tighter to him. I feel his cock, from inside, start to twitch and grow. He gets noticeably bigger and just the feel of it gets me off. Then he says that my pussy contracting all around him is making him cum again. This time I feel the cum shoot inside me and he starts to get bigger again! I feel pain. He is so big that I can barely move on his cock. I have never been this filled up in my life.

We start to catch our breath and the owner of the resort comes in. He says he needs to measure this because he can not believe it. He takes a tape measure and measures around the base of his cock, right up next to my pussy. He whistles and asks if I can pull off him at all. I can move up and down his cock about ΒΌ of an inch, because of how he is expanded inside me. He measures again with me pulling away as much as I can, but this hurts so much, I need him to stop. He leaves and comes back a minute later with a football in his hands. He says for sure that the base of the cock inside of me is the measurement at the white line of the football. He says that he is pretty sure that I am fucking this guy with the cock the size of a football! I look over at the football and almost immediately start to cum again. This gets the person imbedded inside me to cum again too.

We fuck for hours. We have no choice. Finally we are able to separate and my pussy immediately swells from all the abuse. It hurts too much to move much. I actually limp when I try to walk. I am exhausted. My amazing fuck partner asks if we can meet again next year…I said, “can’t wait!”

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