Feminized Cuckold Fantasy

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I would be led into the bedroom during the start of neighborhood party thrown by our neighbor, a close confidant of my wife.  I will be stripped and my breasts injected with saline to equal a D cup size, then dressed in sheer black bra, crotchless panties, garter belt, black seamed stockings, and black ballet boots.  A collar will be placed around my neck, and before my hands are cuffed behind me, I will be directed to sign a slave contract, completely surrendering to my wife.  I will be blindfolded and then led into the living room, where I will be forced to my knees and the blindfold removed.  I will see my wife, dressed in exactly the same outfit, sitting on a couch in front of me.  While I can do nothing but watch, she will proceed to first suck and then fuck your husband.  I will then be led to her, and she will force me to clean out his cum from her wet cunt.  To finish, she will direct me to bend over her lap, and I will be taken in my virgin ass by the other 3 men in the room.  My slave contract will then be presented to her.

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