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Since more than three weeks, I haven’t fuck this blond bitch,this blond and horny nurse, this dreamgirl.
I haven’t touch her big tits,her fantastic shaped ass…and also my fingers haven’t been in her tight holes.
But tonight,everything will change…I decided,when I’m searching for some luxury dessous for Gina in her favorite lingerie shop. After a while, I put two different sets of sexy lingerie on the desk in front of the beautiful shopmanagerin.
“Please help me”,I said with a smile. “I really don’t know,which size is the right one for my girl…but she has a beautiful body like you. So,can you show these things on your body,please !”
“Wait some minutes,I’ll call you when I’m dressed up” she said, closing the curtain of the small cabin behind her – after she had closed the shop door.
At first,I was a little bit surprised about that,but when she show me her big ass,swinging more than necessary,while moving to the dress room…I get horny,my cock grows immediately and I put one hand in my pocket to prepare him for a hard fuck.
Still the curtain was closed,but in my mind,I saw her,when she puts on the bra, the quarter cup bra,which will show her nipples, I saw her,fixing the nylons to the garter belt…
Then,I can’t wait longer,unzipped my trousers and moved to the cabin,my hard cock in my hand.With my other hand,I opened the curtain,enjoyed the fear she showed in her eyes and grapped her blond hair roughly. “On your knees,slut” I ordered. “And take him deep…!”
And she likes it,she really likes this raping.
“Turn around” I ordered after some minutes – and she followed,bends over spreading her cheeks with borh hands:
“Like to get it up the ass?” Iasked, when I rammed my cock in her tight rear hole.”ohhhh,yes…!”she moaned with eyes wide open.
I fucked this horny bitch as hard as I could. I filled her with a big load of cream.
“I think, it fits to my girl,these wet things, please prepare it like a present” she was instructed then.
“With pleasure – and a lot of my cum…”she answered.
And know,hours later, I put the sexy things in the pocket of my business dress, calll a taxi and drove to the “be’gold club”….
to be continued

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