finally at wildwood

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Finally My plans were put into action! It’s June 2007 and we are at Wildwood, New Jersey
I sent her a Bikini that matched mine! I told her to wear it the Friday of the Dances, that instead of her husband taking a Walk, for her to walk 2 blocks down the the Beach!
I said to do it about 11 A.! To my surprise, she had it on and WOW I had an Orgasim just seeing the way she looked!
Do didn’t see her yet, so I didn’t tell him that was her!
Then after she went back & layed down I suggested we take a Walk! Since I bought her the suit, I had the same one, but she sure stuffed the top more!!!!
As we approched them I told doc, look who it is!His cock almost broke thru the Material of his shorts! I told him, let me talk!
I told her, hey I like you your Bathing suit & she told me she liked mine! I said don’t you go to the Dances & they said yes! Her Husband couldn’t get away from staring at my Crotch! You see I’m albino, but not like a lot, my bush is pretty Thick & it just sometimes comes out the sides!
I asked them if they would like to join us at our rom for some Wine & right away he said yes!
We walked in front of them & when I glanced back, his Buldge was throbbing!
We got to our room & I poured the Wine, then we made a Toast to great Friends!
We asked here they were from & then we told them we were from up theRiver, that we have a Boat & it turns out it’s near theirs!
I asked where she got her bikini from & she said thru the Mail! She asked to use the Bathroom & I showed her where it was! We had 2 Seperate bedrooms!
Then I wispered in her ear that doc wanted her baddd & I wanted her Husband badd!
She said she’d like to try it, but how to get her husband to agree! I told her that I’d Spill Wine on her Bottom and when I go to wipe it, the Bottom comes untied & we go from there!
We got back to the guys and they were laughing! We asked waht was so funny & Her husband says it’s so funny Getting to know each other!
She ends up spilling wine on my bottom & when she goes to wipe it,my bottom comes off revealing my WHITE Bush! My husband ask her’s if he likes & he says yes, so I take his hand & led him to one of the Bedrooms! And my Husband takes her to the other Bedroom!
I take his shorts Down and out pops the HARDEST Cock I ever saw in movies! shorter then doc’s, but lot harder! I suck it for 5 minutes but he doesn’t cum! I lay down & he Muffs me an I blow Aload all over his DARK Face! Then he Slides that hard cock in me & fucks me like I’ve never been fucked! Probably a good 1/2 Hour, but he still doesn’t cum! I’ve already flooded the Bed 4 Times! So I try to suck him again! It’s still VERY Hard, he still doesn’t cum! That’s the 1St. time I ever tasted my PUSSY Juice!
I go to check on Doc & he is RAMMING that long cock in her & she is Just Moaning away! She’s telling him to fill her up with his CUM & he shoots so much, it comes flying out of her DARK Haired pussy! She’s veryDark haired & here I thought she was A True Blonde!
I walk over & Touch his cock as it’s going in & out & She looks at me like hey, rub my pussy, so i did! I’ve never rubbed another Pussy, but hers was beautiful, all that dark Bush!
Doc finishes up real fast, not like her Husband! I go in to see him & he’s still rel hard! So I suck it again, but nothing, he just doesn’t cum!
Hope we get to Fuck each other again!
The next morning she is wearing a VERY short skirt & going for a bike Ride, so Doc & I rent bikes & catch up with them!
They suggest we go to their Room! We end up fucking Beside each other!
I’ve always wanted to Fuck a Guy that plays the D–ms!
NOW we see each other on our boats, Wave & that’s it!!!!
Stay tuned to June 2008

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