Finding ‘Him’

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I walked into the house fully dressed as a woman as ordered; I loved it when he tells me what to wear. Today I was in a short mini skirt and sheer white top with no bra. I was barelegged, wearing lacy red crotchless panties, and the new stilettos he bought me were black to match the dress and my long black-haired wig. My makeup was done perfectly and I had cleaned and lubed my hole for his use. I stood still while he closed the door. He ordered my hands in front of me where he handcuffed them. He lifted my hand over a hook and I stood facing the wall with my hands above my head.

“You look like a whore,” he told me as he ran his hands down my sides.
“You smell like a slut,” he said as he continued to move down, feeling my inner thighs.
“Spread your legs and show me your cunt,” he ordered.

I spread my legs willingly. His hands started to move up; after reaching my knees, they moved under my skirt and cupped my ass.

“You want to be fucked don’t you, bitch?” he asked, pushing his thumb into my well lubed hole.
“Yes,” I whispered.
“I know you do, slut, your ass is already lubed for me,” he taunted.

He pushed his middle finger deep into my hole while the other hand pulled apart my cheeks.

“You like that, don’t you cunt?”
“Yes,” I whispered again.

He pushed me against the wall and one hand began to play with my small breasts.

“You’re just a tiny breasted cunt that wants to be fucked, aren’t you?” he asked, squeezing my small breasts in each hand.

Then he pushed against my body; I could feel he had dropped his pants as his hard cock rubbed between my ass cheeks. He began to pull gently on my nipples.

“You’re a whore with your cunt in the wrong place and you want to be fucked like a real whore, don’t you?” he asked, pulling harder on my nipples.
“Yes,” I whispered.

His hand moved down between my legs in front and he played with my cock and balls.

“You wish you didn’t have these and you had a cunt instead, don’t you, slut?”
“Yes,” I whispered once again as I felt his cock pushing slightly to enter my hole.
“You want my cock inside you, don’t you, slut?” he said, pushing a bit harder as my hole opened up for him.
“Yes,” I whispered.
“Yes, what? What is it you want, slut?” he asked, now pulling both my cheeks apart with his hands while his cock knocked at my door of lust.
“Yes, I want your cock,” I said quietly.
“Yell it out, slut. Tell me what you want. Let the world know what you want,” he said, pushing his cock to make my hole open wider but not entering me yet.
“Yes! Yes, fuck my ass! I want your cock fucking me hard and deep; please fuck me!” I yelled out.

And with that he plunged his hard cock deep into my ass while holding my cheeks apart. It felt amazing, feeling his cock fuck me like the whore I am. He pulled back and rammed it hard into my ass making me yelp. “Yes,” I said with each of his thrusts. He continued to fuck me hard and fast and I knew it was only a matter of time before he would explode. The question was, will he explode inside me or not? He reached around me and began playing with my cock as he continued to fuck my hole.

“A whore like you has a small clitty, but a nice cunt for me to use.”

He continued to play with my cock, not getting it hard until he began rubbing me between my balls and my hole. The combination of him fucking my ass and rubbing me made me shoot my load all over the wall as he continued to jerk my cock.

“That’s a good little slut. I wanted you to cum before I finished with you,” I heard as he grabbed my hips and began ramming my ass hard.
“You like it now, slut?” he said, going as deep as he could with each thrust as I yelped.
“That’s right, slut, take it deep.”

My breath was hard and fast. I wanted his cock but I wanted his load even more. It didn’t matter if it was in my ass or in my throat, I just wanted it. Finally, he shot his load deep inside my hole; he held me tightly with his hard cock pushed as far as it could go inside me. He held me close with his face next to mine.

“I like your cunt, slut, and my friends will like it, too, later tonight.”

My eyes opened wide with excitement. He pulled up his pants and played with my ass cheeks, making the seed run slowly down my thigh.

“See? You are a real whore; the cum wants to stay inside you like the good cunt it is.”

He went upstairs, leaving me hanging on the hook on the wall, his seed slipping down my legs. I could hear someone outside the door; when the doorbell rang, he came down the stairs. Before answering the door he straightened my skirt. A man came in and the two talked about the dance that was happening later that night. He left the man beside me to go and get changed. I could see him removing his jacket and then heard him undo his belt. He pushed up against me, squishing me against the wall. I felt his hands on my bare ass.

“So nice of you to lube up for me,” he said, pushing my feet so far apart I was hanging from the cuffs.

I felt his fingers pull open my hole like tearing open a bag of chips.

“I hope you’re ready for a big cock because your friend only has a small one compared to mine.”

He pushed his large cock into my hole with little resistance now that I was loosened up from the hard fuck I’d just received. He pushed in and my legs became numb as he grabbed both legs and bent them against the wall so I was hanging from the cuffs totally and bouncing on his hard cock.

“He told me you have a great cunt. It’s nice and tight for me but not so tight I can’t get in. A whore like you will always have room for one more cock, won’t you?”

He began fucking my hole hard, bouncing me up and down on his cock, with little care for depth or my feelings. I could feel his cock ready to explode when he pulled out and let my feet touch the ground. He then shoots his load all over my exposed ass and rubbed it all over with his hands. He finished up by wiping his hands all over my face.

“You’re a good whore; now you will smell like one, too,” he laughed and then moved into the kitchen while I was taken off the hook and the cuffs removed.
“Go bathe yourself. Clean inside and out of that little hole and then re-lube it. I put what I want you to wear on the bed.”

I bathed myself as ordered in record time, knowing we are to leave in a few minutes. On the bed I found a teddy with high sides and a built in shelf bra–my breasts are small but they filled the bra and my nipples stuck out–and the open back side would give easy access to anyone wanting to use my hole. Beside the teddy is a silver sparkly dress with spaghetti straps, slits on either side that reach above my hip bone. It was only when I put the dress on that I knew why I had the teddy: with no panties my hips showed and looked like I had nothing on under the dress.

At the party I was told to stay near the ice sculpture holding a glass of wine. Everyone was dressed up, the men in tuxes the women in long gowns such as mine, but I did not know what this party of the rich was in support of. I stood sipping my drink standing tall in my stilettos when he came over with another man in a tux.

“This is my whore,” he said bluntly.
“Very nice. I love the bare leg look, too,” the other man replied.
“Yes, and the dress is for easy access,” he said while pulling the dress open for him to see my lace clad ass.
“And she’s clean?”
“Clean, lubed and in heat.”

The two men laughed.

A woman walked over to join the men, “Is that a she-whore?”

Both men looked at one another.

“It’s a he-she-whore.”
“That’s a great idea. You can’t get it pregnant then, can you?” She asked, reaching under my dress and fondling my cock and balls.
“Does it get hard, too?”
“Nope, that’s why she’s here. She serves and wants nothing.”
“That’s the best whore of all,” the first man replies.
“Two days of unlimited use, starting now.”


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