finding master

It had been my dream all along to be someone’s sissy slave. To be able to please them time and time again. I met my master in a gay club that had cross dressing night. I was of course dressed in a dress with stocking and stilettos. Master was in leather pants and a tight tee shirt with his muscles showing threw it. Once I saw him, I wanted him. He sat holding a collar that I thought was for a slave he already owned so my heart was saddened but not broken.

I sat beside him and struck up a conversation. ‘It always sounds fun ‘do you come here often?’ line that is use to break the ice. He told me he was looking for his next slave. ‘What are you looking for in a slave?’ I asked excitedly as I uncrossed my legs pushed out my shaved chest and leaned over to show I had some cleavage. ‘First you must be a good cock sucker, love anal and be passable on the street as you will be dressed at all times’ The smile that came across my face must have lit up the entire room as he was shocked to see it. “I think you could pass’ he said taking my hand and leading me to the back of the club.

In the back there is a bar he sat on a barstool and ordered me to suck his cock as he took it out of his pants. Gladly I sucked on his cock taking it deep into my mouth and into my throat for his pleasure. He placed both hands on my head and forced me to take him deep as he forced me to do his bidding. He was now very hard and pulled me off of his cock, then ordered me to straddle the bar stool as he pulled up my dress exposing my shaved, smooth, soft white ass and the little red thong that covered it. Pulling it to a side to push his cock into my willing and wanting ass. It felt perfect, feeling the cock spread my cheeks as it pushed forth into deeper territory. When his hand pulled my waist towards him a urge over came me wanting him to fuck me as everyone watched, some men stroking their own cocks and making my mouth start to uncontrollably water. My ass opened up inviting his hard throbbing cock in as deep as it wanted. He started pumping inside me and moved expertly as if I was just a tool for his cock to use in order to blow it load.

He reached around my waist and took hold of the base of my cock holding both the balls and my cock at the same time with one hand as he now started to thrust more violently only adding to the excitement of the moment. “You want to be my slut, don’t you?’ he asked.

“Yes, let me be your whore, fuck me anywhere you want anytime you please. I want youe cum,” I begged. As he banged away my ass, I felt more and more that this was where I belonged. Finally I could not take it anymore and begged for a cock to be in my mouth. A larger man came forth and pushed down my head as he guided his hard cock into my mouth. Once he felt my warm moist tongues he exploded ordering me to swallow his load as he held my head down on his cock.

Master pulled his cock out and shot all over my nice white cheeks then ordered some other slut to lick it off my ass. She did a great job rimming me as well. Master looked at me and smiled. ‘I guess you’re the one!’

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