Fire In The Hole

My name is Cindy and I’ve got an erotic story to tell, it’s totally genuine and happened to me this summer.
I’m a 26 year old air stewardess working the Trans Atlantic route between Heathrow and New York. It’s a satisfying job that I love but it can get extremely tiring after two solid weeks jetting back and forth between time zones.
Driving out of the staff car park at terminal one, I felt knackered and relieved at the same time, a weeks rest and a chance to catch up with friends and family I thought.
On auto pilot I drove the short journey home to my humble suburban semi in Hounslow. Pushing my front door open, at least as far as the junk mail allowed I headed for the kitchen intent on a good old English cuppa and a custard cream.
Normally after being away so long I would come back and head straight for my bath, I love and good soak and it invariably leads to a much needed masturbating session, I love to watch myself do it in my full length mirror.
On this occasion however I was so tired I headed up to bed but due to my head being fuzzy from lack of sleep, I had left the gas ring on and the kettle boiling merrily away.
Tossing off my stewardess uniform, knickers and all I dived under my cream cotton Laura Ashley sheets and blissfully slipped off to sleep.
It felt that no time had passed when I was rested from my slumber with the sound of banging at my door, oh my god I thought still a little dazed, what the hell is going on, I jumped to the window to see the cause of the disturbance.
I was confronted with the scene of a large fire engine blocking my drive and two rather burly fireman, both holding one hand on their shiny yellow helmets as they leaned backwards to look up at me in the window.
“Are you ok ma’m” said the younger of the two. “Yes” I replied worriedly” what’s going on?”
A neighbour called, they can see smoke coming from your kitchen window” said the older and taller fire man.
“Hang on a minute” I said holding a hand out the window as if commanding them to wait.
I galloped down stairs fumbling with my dressing gown as I went, and opened the kitchen door, bloody hell the whole room was full of smoke, the gas ring had burnt the kettle so much that the water had boiled away and all that was left was a black smoking mass. Hurriedly I turned off the supply and opened a few windows to clear the air.
Now I was in for it I thought as I unlocked the front door to explain everything to my rescuers, “sorry” I bowed, “its all my fault, left the gas on but its ok now”, “we still have to check the scene of the fire and fill out a report m’am “said fireman 1460 (the number on his helmet)
“No problem” I smiled motioning the two unusually handsome and sexy heroes into my abode.
Realising that I was not actually in trouble and guessing by the tone of their voices that they were not in a rush to get back to the station, I stupidly offered them a cup of tea (minus one kettle!), the reply I got took me aback initially “is that all you’re offering” said Jones (according to his badge), without realising, my white cotton towelled bathrobe had opened up wide enough for more than an eyeful.
Catching my breath and faced with a couple of horny London fire fighters I responded suggestively “I wondered if you could check the smoke alarm for me upstairs boys”. With a knowing grin both hunks followed me to my bedroom door, my heart was racing, what was I up to, I’ve never had a one night stand or even a one hour stand before(up to now that it is), and here I am about to get fucked by two of London’s finest.
Jones standing behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist, gripping my robe he pulled it wide open revealing my naked self, my nipples were already erect, waiting in anticipation of the mouths of two presumably off duty for the time being fire fighters.
This was totally out of character for me, I could not believe what was happening, my pussy was sopping wet, my hole body was tingling, god I was turned on, there was no way back now, I was about to have the three in a bed fucking I dream about.
I leant forward resting my fore arms on the bed, exposing my tight virginal arse hole and my dripping cunt. “oh yesss” they said in unison, as the sound of unzipping heavy duty clothes was heard.
Two yellow fire helmets landed on the bed with a thud before I felt the unmistakable warmth and girth of a bell end at the opening of my engorged wet pussy. I bared my teeth as I mouthed the words “fuck me”, I was turning into a dirty slut, I hardly recognized myself but I liked, no I loved it…”come on you big fuckers” I ordered “lets see what you’re made of”, like a red rag to a bull Jones stuffed his big cock deep into my gaping pussy hole, I was about to let out a groan before my mouth was swallowing an incredibly thick cock from 1460, Jesus I was getting spit roasted and fucking loving it.
I grabbed his heavy ball bag and used it to force the prick deeper into my dribbling mouth, faster and faster I mouth fucked the thick meat, the soft hot bell end gagging the back of my throat “mmm mmmm mmmm mmmmm mmmm” I mumbled to the synchronised pumping of a stiff prick riding me from behind. “take it all you slutty tart” said my cock from behind, I grabbed a yellow helmet and slammed it on my head, pulling the chin strap down I begged to the cock in my face “come on you big fucker, get under me and stuff you cock up my cunt” in a flash he had repositioned himself under me, without saying a word the other cock had read my whore like needs and vacated his wet haven and stuffed the well lubed meat into my sweet tight arsehole, closely followed by the cock under me….”oh fuckin” hell I purred as I became filled to the brim, almost passing out with the sheer pleasure of being rammed by two gorgeous hunks I rode the cocks as hard and as deep as my holes would allow, my cream mixing with their pre-come which acted as a heady musky aphrodisiac, filling the room with the smell of pure sex……ohhhhh heaven I grinned.
I bounced and squirmed on the cocks, my pussy begging for all that they have, my groans filling the air as I held onto my new hat, this was a rodeo of a different kind, cock riding and I was a champion…faster I bucked, “ahhh fuck” I heard from under me as the sight of my swinging breasts and rubbing nipples whipped his cock into a frenzy. “Yes, yes, yes…fuck me fuck me fuck me, fuck my cunt, fuck my shitter I love it, give me all your spunk, I want your sticky come all over my tight buttocks” animal grunting followed “take it you dirty bitch, uhh uhhh uhhh uhhhhh yeahhh yeahh” and “ride….my……cock….you….slapper…..fuck…in…..filthy…..tart….yeahhh…yeahh” they groaned in unison, with that I felt the hot rush of sticky come deep into my arse…yeahhh baby…shoot it all in me..” I cried as waves of pleasure flowed through my pussy walls grinding my clit on his cock base, Jesus that felt sooooo good. Suddenly my hair was grabbed and I felt my head being pushed down, I was face to face with the super thick cock, being wanked furiously, I opened my mouth to receive the full force of his spraying man juice, I didn’t have to wait long as the white sticky jizz splashed over my lips, splattering my cheeks and hair…mmmmm I smiled as I engulfed his out of control bulbous belle end, eager for every last drop.

We all collapsed in a tangled, satisfied heap in the middle of my bed, a radio crackled from the bundle of clothes on the floor ” 1460 receiving, can you attend a car fire on the Albert Bridge Road”, with that London’s finest were out of the door and gone without so much as a thank you…I didn’t really mind, in fact it was me that was grateful. I curled back under the covers and drifted off to sleep with a smile still on my face.

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