Isle La Mujures

At last I thought to myself, two weeks away on holiday by myself, no hassles, no more of my hectic English life, two weeks to do whatever I wanted and to whomever I wanted……bliss.

I am a 28 year old brunette; I work long and exhausting hours in a care home and look forward to my secret illicit holidays to Mexico, which is where I find myself now.
I worship the sun and love nothing more than showing off my bronzed body to the hoards of American jocks that fly in from the Southern states of the USA
Mexico in June is the most beautiful place in the world, azure seas and hot golden sand lined with hundreds of palm trees and a slight cooling breeze to give some relief to the 42 degree heat.

I love the sun and its deep penetrating rays that make my skin glow, the gorgeous heat relaxes my fit toned muscles and sends me into a trance like, chilled out state. This is my time now, free of pressures, free to express myself, free to fuck who I want, whenever I want.

Whilst chilling on my sunbed on the Isle of Mujeres beach, a young man caught my eye ambling along the waterline, just my type I thought, short dark hair, six foot something or other with a trim athletic figure. All he had on was a pair of white linen trousers and I could clearly see he was not wearing underwear! I couldn’t believe my luck; what’s more he was coming my way, casually scouring the sand behind him with a cane as if he didn’t have a care in the world.
He saw me, our eyes met. He just stared at me for what seemed forever, his gaze was fixed on me and his smouldering good looks started to make me tingle and my heart raced. Luckily my beach was empty, the next boatload of tourists was not due for another two hours and I was alone on a beach with a man I had never met, I had one thing on my mind and it was not sandcastles.

The silhouette of his big cock was clearly visible through his flimsy linen trousers; he saw me looking at it and swaggered up to me, he slowly reached into his trousers and squeezed his gorgeous big bell end. My mouth dropped open and I licked my lips in anticipation of the delicious taste of his manhood. I teasingly undid by bikini top, taking my time to release the soft knot that was holding back my full ample breasts.
I looked down at my exposed tits, my nipples were massive, erect like never before as if they had a mind of their own and were aware of the impending licking and sucking that was about to happen, I circled my brown alveoli as I fixed his gaze again, I could see that my actions were doing the trick, a dirty trick. He was now fully naked on the sand, his pants tossed away as if an irration to him, he slowly made his way over to me before stopping so close that I could touch his oozing stiff prick with my lips if I so desired.
I resisted, watching him as he masturbated his thick glistening meat in front of my face, pulling his rigid cock in slow ecstasy inducing strokes.

The smell of this gorgeous man was overpowering, an aphrodisiac of coconut sun oils, a male sweaty musk odour that triggers a cave woman response in me every time and the unmistakable scent of come made for an over powering and heady sexual cocktail.
I couldn’t take any more, my pussy now soaking wet, so much so that cunt juice was dripping on to my quivering inner thigh. I pushed his hand away from his throbbing prick and enveloped his bulbous purple head with my eager mouth.
I could feel his manhood pulse eagerly as I teased his beautiful cock with my tongue, flicking his pee hole, darting my tongue into its opening, he grabbed my hair with each hand as if to steady himself from collapsing in sheer ecstasy.

Deeper and deeper I took his length, feeling it push to the back of my throat, faster and faster I nodded my head, he was fucking my mouth, fucking my head, I loved it, faster harder deeper I thought, fuck my mouth now, I wanted to taste his hot spunk, I wanted him to splash my face with his jizz, treat my like a cave woman slut, abandon our selves for that brief moment, to climax without a care in the world except ejaculating over the face of an eager, sensually alive, charged slut of a woman….me.
Just when I though he was about to erupt all over my face he stopped.

“My name is Damon, Damon Janus and you are one sexy fucking bitch, and so beautiful”. “Hi” I said “I’m Sandy, I’m English, now shut the fuck up and stuff that gorgeous prick into me now!”
Without saying another word, Damon lifted me up form the sunbed and pushed me against the nearest trunk of a palm tree. I parted my legs to show my wet cunt lips and a well groomed bush, Damon seeing my wet pink pussy lips, lifted up my thighs with his muscular tanned arms and with one forceful animal like grunt, rammed his hard thick cock deep into my begging cunt. “Fuck me hard you bastard” I said, he needed no second invitation and set about my gaping fanny like jack hammer.
Oh my god I thought as his cock filled me up to the max, that gorgeous bell end that I was so eagerly licking just a few minutes ago was now battering my engorged pussy, rubbing my G spot with every forceful stroke, It was sheer ecstasy, sweat now trickling down my cleavage, my gorgeous tits swinging to the motion of his cock, it was all too much, an uncontrollable wave of pleasure was building in my cunt, growing stronger with every thrust of his juicy fat cock, faster I demanded, harder I screamed, don’t stop I ordered…..yes….yes…..yes…my cunt gushed with love juice, covering his thighs as well as his beautiful prick.

I lay on the ground quivering on all fours, taking a moment to let my body recover from the gorgeous pounding of frantic fucking. Dirk had other ideas however, without warning he glided his smooth dripping perfect cock into my waiting arsehole……..”jesuuuuus” I hissed through gritted teeth, “you are a fucking animal”, before I could say another word he slid his full length deep into my arse, all the way to his base, he let out a deep manly groan and I grabbed his swinging balls in my hand, gently caressing his testicles and pulling on his ball bag, stretching and rubbing the elastic skin onto my clit, he groaned with pleasure ” you love it up the shitter don’t you” he groaned ” you love my fucking cock up your arse you fucking dirty bitch, you can’t get enough arse fucking can you” he taunted.

I couldn’t argue, feeling my self build to another glorious climax “fuck my hole you cunt” I snarled “I want you deep in me, I want all of your spunk in my gorgeous tight arse hole…” “yeah baby yeah,” he cried, egged on by my wanton sluttish actions. Harder, deeper again he worked, slipping in and out of me; he squeezed my swinging juicy breasts from beneath me, then grabbed my tussled long hair from behind as if riding one dirty fucking horse, pulling my head back he thrusted so hard and so deep that I came immediately, uncontrollably, my legs collapsing under me as he came himself, like an animal intent on taking what he wanted, holding my hips as he emptied both balls into me, deep into my arse I felt that hot come shoot….mmm it felt good, it felt great…….
I lay with Dirk on top of me, his cock, now flaccid but still throbbing as if it was trying to squirt every last drop of come into me.

I fell into a dreamy, hot, lazy sleep only to wake on my own. The 4 o’clock boat had just docked at the jetty with the latest batch of sunburnt tourist eager to experience the isle of Mujeres, just like me.

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  1. hibeamer

    you are a great writer and story teller. I enjoyed the details of your story, hope to read another you english slut lol!

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  2. wollopito

    slut!!! you must know me lol. tell me what you want and i’ll write it.

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