A Bit Of Blackmail

Chapter Thirty Eight: A Bit of Blackmail

When Marcy finished her story she said, “You have to understand; Frank and I love each other. It’s not like he’s actually my father. He’s not even a blood relation. I’m not ashamed of what we’re doing; but I know it would be terrible if it were found out. People would be badly hurt; especially my mom. As long as it remains a secret; we’re not hurting anyone. I know you can understand that Bill. I’m counting on you to keep what you saw to yourself.”

I pretended to ponder what Marcy had said for a while. In reality, I wasn’t too concerned about what Uncle Frank was doing with Marcy. The only problem I had was that I wanted to do it too. I finally said in somber tone, “I understand your viewpoint Marcy, really I do. But I have two problems with the situation that keep worrying me all the time.”

“What’s bothering you so much Bill?” Marcy asked.

With a note of concern in my voice I said, “I keep thinking about what I saw and I get worried that it might not be right. Maybe Uncle Frank is taking advantage of you and your mom. I keep thinking I shouldn’t let that happen. I’ve been feeling guilty about that. Sometimes I can’t sleep because of it.”

“I already told you Bill; I love Frank and he loves me. There’s no question of taking advantage. I need Frank as much as he needs me. As long as mom doesn’t find out, she won’t be hurt. And we’ll make sure she never finds out. There’s nothing for you to worry about on that account.”

“Well Marcy there’s the other thing that bothers me a whole lot more. I know that if I could just get over that; I’d completely forget about the first problem. Then, like you say, nobody would be hurt.”

Marcy said, “Tell me about the other problem Bill. I’m sure we can work it out.”

“Ever since I saw what Uncle Frank was doing with you that day, I just knew I couldn’t be content until I did it too. I need to do it or I know I’ll just keep thinking about the whole thing until I won’t be able to keep it to myself any longer.”

With a sharp edge in her voice, Marcy asked, “What happens if you get what you want?”

“Well Marcy, I suppose I’d have a sudden lapse in memory. My mind would be too full of thinking about what you did with me. That is, if you made it good enough for me to forget everything else.”

Marcy jumped up from the couch and shouted angrily, “Bill you’re a sneaky hypocritical bastard! You don’t give a damn about what I’m doing with Frank! You’re not concerned about me or my mom at all! You just want to fuck me and you’re willing to stoop to blackmail to get your way. Isn’t that true?”

I said very calmly, “That may be true Marcy. But what makes you think you’re any better than me? It doesn’t seem that you’re all that concerned about your mom. Fucking your step dad doesn’t exactly make you as pure as the driven snow. Isn’t that true?”

Marcy said disgustedly, “Alright you win Bill. What do you want me to do?”

I replied, “You can start by taking off your skirt and blouse.”

Marcy didn’t reply, but she started to unbutton her blouse. In a few moments she was standing before me clad in a black bra and panties, high heel shoes and sheer black stockings. I was very pleased with the stockings. They came up to just above mid thigh and were held in place by an elastic band covered by black lace work. The smooth white skin of Marcy’s plump shapely thighs flared out above the tops of the stockings. Just seeing her standing there was getting me so hot that I was afraid my throbbing tool was going to pop right through the front of my pants.

Marcy bent down to remove her shoes and I said, “No leave them on.”

I stood up from the couch and reached around behind Marcy to unfasten her bra. As I slipped her bra off, I was rewarded with the sight of her firm large breasts being revealed. My hands were practically trembling as I cupped those delectable mounds and bent down to feast on their dark pink nipples. I began to suck, nibble on and run my tongue over her nipples. I believe Marcy was getting turned on in spite of her negative feelings regarding me. Very shortly her nipples began harden under my coaxing and I heard her breathing become deeper and more rapid. I moved a hand down to the front of her panties and began to lightly run a finger over them down between her legs. Again my efforts were rewarded. In a short while I felt just a trace of dampness through the thin silky material. I knew that, in spite of everything, Marcy’s body was taking control. I said, “Let’s go into the bedroom.”

Once in the bedroom, I had Marcy lay back across the bed with her sexy legs extending over the edge. I knelt on the floor and slipped her panties down and off. I threw them aside as I raised her legs and slid my tongue into her sweet little love nest. I instantly homed in on her love button and within a matter of seconds I was giving it all my expert attention. I knew the battle was won when Marcy began to softly cry out in pleasure and thrust her pussy up against my mouth.

I pushed her legs further back and moved down to her puckered little bottom opening. I began to swirl my tongue over and around her tight little nether orifice and within seconds the tip of my tongue was slipping inside. I began to thrust the tip of my tongue deeper and deeper into Marcy’s hot little butt. Her cries of pleasure increased in volume and I felt her wiggling her butt against my probing tongue. I now concluded that I had things going my way.

I moved my tongue back up to Marcy’s pussy and began massaging her tight little butt with a finger. Marcy’s tight little bottom opening began to yield to my probing finger and it slipped inside. As I moved my finger in deeper, I continued to work over Marcy’s sweet pussy, which by now was drenched with her love juice. I could feel Marcy’s clitoris throbbing as I swirled my tongue over it. At the same time she was thrusting her butt down onto my finger. In a short while, she let out a shuddering cry of ecstasy as she came.

I quickly rose up and practically tore my clothes off. By this time Marcy was sitting up on the bed. I stepped close in front of her and glanced down at my tool, which was standing straight out in front of me. Marcy glanced up at me briefly and grasped the shaft of my stiffened rod. Then she bent her head down and went to work. In a matter of moments a good portion of my tool was sliding in between her sexy lips. Marcy was going down on my tool and sucking me like a dream. As Uncle Frank had done, I reached down and pulled Marcy’s mane of thick silky hair back to better enjoy the view. As my arousal built I began to thrust forward pushing the length of my engorged member deeper into Marcy’s mouth. A couple of times she choked a little but she stayed down on me and continued to suck. Finally I couldn’t hold out any longer and with a loud cry for pleasure that was so intense it was almost pain, I pushed forward and shot my load down her throat. I had to give Marcy credit; she could make it hurt so good, just like in the John Cougar song. By the time my tool slid out of her mouth, my legs were trembling. Marcy set back on the bed gasping for air. Then I looked down at her and said, “You’re not quite done yet. I think I remember you doing something else with Uncle Frank.”

Marcy glanced up at me with a questioning look on her face. At the same time I glanced down at the dripping head of my tool. She gave out a disgusted sigh, moved forward and began to lick the last drops of cum off it. After that Marcy went into the bathroom and I heard water running in there for a long while.

In the meantime I lay back on the bed. When Marcy stepped out of the bathroom, the sight of her in the black stockings and high heel shoes sent a shock wave of desire coursing through my body. Marcy began looking around by the side of the bed and I asked, “Are you looking for these?” I held up her panties; dangling them from t
he fingers of my upraised hand. She leaned over the bed and I tossed the panties across the ro
om as I pulled her down onto the bed beside me.

I rose up over Marcy and began sucking on her nipples again. Then I moved lower continuing kissing her all over, down her stomach to the blond bush between her legs. When I slipped my tongue back into Marcy’s love nest, she spread her legs wide to give me free access. Immediately I was working over her love button again. From what I knew of her, I expected that Marcy was one hot little number and I soon found that I was right. It didn’t take me very long to get her ready for some more action. In no time her sexy butt was bouncing on the bed as she pushed her hot dripping pussy up toward my mouth.

I felt Marcy moving a hand in between my legs to grasp the shaft of my tool. When she got her hand around it she exclaimed, “Jesus H. Christ! It’s already hard again!

I didn’t reply. I was too busy working over her sweet little pussy and making plans to move on to another area. When I determined that I had Marcy really hot again, I retrieved a couple of large firm pillows from the head of the bed and positioned them one on top of the other in the center of the bed. Then I had Marcy lay face down over the pillows so that her beautifully curved butt was elevated over them. I bent over Marcy and began to kiss the back of her neck as I slid one hand down to her butt. I let a finger slip into the deep crevice between her plump buns and home in on the puckered elastic rim of her bottom opening. I probed and massaged there as I continued to rain kisses all down her back.

As I moved into position down between Marcy’s sexy legs, I quickly reached over and softly slid open the drawer of the night stand and pulled out my container of Astroglide. I moved back over behind Marcy and spread her bottom cheeks. I flipped the little nozzle up and deftly applied a generous amount of the lubricant around my intended target. Marcy rose up, looked back over her shoulder and asked, “Hey what in the hell are you doing Bill? What is that stuff?”

I replied, “It’s just a little love lubricant to make things nicer. Just relax and enjoy.”

I started gently massaging Marcy’s back. Then I moved my hands down lower over the swell of her shapely bottom and began to massage it in a slow circular motion. In a short while, Marcy began to relax and enjoy what I was doing and she lay back down with a contented sigh.

At last I got back down between Marcy’s legs moving in close and slid my tongue into her pussy from behind. Marcy lifted her bottom a little and I began to work over her love button which was now swollen and distended. As I continued to tease her swollen clit with my tongue, I moved my finger back into her bottom and started to probe there again. This time my finger easily slipped in taking a good portion of the lubricant in as well. As Marcy’s level of arousal began to build again, I started to work two fingers into her back entrance and, aided by the lubricant, they slid in with minimal resistance. In time I had Marcy’s excitement built to the point where she was thrusting her butt into my fingers and they easily sank all the way in. Now I knew it was time to move to the next level in this sex game.

I quickly got up on my knees, squirted a generous amount of the Astroglide on the head of my tool and guided it in to its target. The instant she felt my tool knocking at her back door; Marcy started to get up screaming out, “No damn it Bill!! You’re not sticking that in me there!!”

Since I had the advantage in weight and leverage, it was an easy matter for me to push Marcy back down. I gave her vulnerable butt a couple of hard swats and said, “Lay still and relax. It’s going to be good if you calm down and go with the flow.”

Unfortunately Marcy was having none of this and she began to struggle harder than ever crying out, “No God damn you!! Get off of me!!”

I’m not a violent person by any stretch of the imagination and I had absolutely no intention of hurting Marcy; but this situation was equivalent to the time I popped Amber’s cherry. I knew what I had to have and I was too just aroused to let anything stand in my way. This time I spanked Marcy’s butt very hard; just to get her attention. Then I said, “Damn it Marcy calm down and relax!!! Uncle Frank would have eventually got around to this. I’m just beating him to it. Now if you don’t want some more of what you just got, lay still.” Then I gave her butt another half dozen hard swats, just to reinforce the message.

Marcy didn’t say anything; but for what ever reason she ceased her struggles. In the next instant I was pushing into her and I felt the entrance to her bottom yield as the head of my tool slipped inside. Marcy let out a little cry as my shaft began to sink in. In spite of the lubricant, it was a very tight fit and Marcy cried out a couple of more times as my stiffened shaft slid deeper into her butt. However she eventually accommodated me and after a while I was able to begin moving the length of my rod in and out of her butt at a good pace. Obviously the sight and sensation of my tool driving in between Marcy’s sexy buns brought me to an extremely high state of excitement very quickly and although I held off for as long as possible; it was just too good. All too soon, I shot my hot load of cum into Marcy’s tight ass.

When I pulled my tool out and got off, Marcy surprised me by almost instantly jumping up. In the next second she was pounding me with her fists screaming, “You lousy son of a bitch!! You filthy bastard!! I could kill you!”

I was so shocked at this outburst, that it took a while for me to defend myself. Finally I grabbed Marcy’s wrists and said, “Jesus Christ Marcy!! Tale it easy, I didn’t hurt you. You’re OK. We had a deal remember?”

Suddenly Marcy quit struggling and said in a cold flat voice, “OK let me go.”

I released Marcy’s wrists. Then she shouted, “We had a deal alright, but it didn’t include you fucking me in the ass!! That was a little added bonus you gave yourself Bill. If you ever say anything about this or anything I told you. I swear to God I’ll make you pay if it takes forever!!”

Marcy paused and then returning to the cold flat tone she said, “Oh you’re a good actor Bill. You had me convinced you cared about what was going on in my life. Boy was I ever the fool. But you know what? I feel sorry for you. I don’t believe you care about anyone but yourself and one day you’ll regret that.”

I didn’t have a come back because Marcy was mostly right. I knew what kind of person I was. My experience with Amanda proved that. Marcy went across the room and grabbed up her panties. She went out to the sitting area and came back with her skirt and blouse. Then she went into the bathroom and slammed the door. In a few moments I heard the shower running. I got up from the bed and proceeded to get dressed.

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