An afternoon in the RV.

This will get too long so will leave out some details. She apparently had 2 bags, the phone and keys in the bag she left behind. Don’t know what was in the bag she had, not much.
She looked like Rachel Ward if you know who that is , with those big full lips. Had that black 2 piece, not a string bikini, but they are all sexy to me. The wrap was like a very dark brown with slits up both thighs so you could see the sides of her butt and bathing suit. Tied off at the side, kinda tight fitting and the shape of her tits showed really well through it so I could see they were pretty good size, not quite as large as Sin’s but natural and hefty looking.
Once I got her to the car she took her hat off. She was wearing a big, big brimmed black straw hat. Why black I don’t know, maybe a fashion statement with her black 2 piece. Her hair was cut about at the shoulders and had a slight flip, very dark brown hair. Her skin had some pigment in it, not real white at all but not latino dark either. Had a real nice tan and her legs were to kill for, long and really shapely.
Had a big round bruise on her left thigh kinda high up above her knee, like a tennis ball hit it or something.
Pretty hot in the truck. I got her a big towel to sit on. She wasn’t nervous at all. I would say she maybe had 3 drinks in her, kinda giggly. That was odd for a woman about 35 I thought. Looked like a banker or a realtor something like that, hard to tell. Didn’t ever get into that.
Got to trailer and was real cool inside. The couch is facing you as you walk in with 2 pillows, and the bed area is to the right and the kitchen and bath to the left. Pretty big space.
I asked her if she wanted a beer and she said no. I said I was having one since I ran out on the boat. She asked me if I had anything else and then started to fuss about the time. Once she figured out she had almost 2 hours she was ok.
I told her I had whiskey, vodka, gin and beer. She asked me if I had any tonic and did. She asked for a gin and tonic. I made her a killer one and it didn’t phase her when she took a sip at all, surprised me.
Talked about a few things. Mostly her husband being a jerk and what a nice trailer it was and stuff like that in the trailer. After a while she started crossing her arms and legs and balling up.
I asked her if she was alright and she said she was cold. I told her I could turn the air off but it would get real hot, real fast.
She said she just wanted to get out of her wet bathing suit and she would be alright then, but all she had was her wrap. I told her there were some towels in the cabinet in the bathroom and she was welcome to use them. She hesitated for what seemed like a long time and then finished her drink and went into the bathroom. I could hear the doors opening and shutting and knew she was doing something.
While she was in there I made 2 more gin and tonics. She came out and I could see all she had on was the wrap. Her nipples were standing out as big as my thumbs and that was the first thing I noticed.
She sat on the couch with her drink and I sat next to her, on the other end. He left thigh was right there crossed on top of her right leg. I said that was quite a bruise. She said she banged it in the boat and it hurt. I asked her if she wanted some ice or something and she said no and asked me to look at it and tell her if I thought it was going to get bigger.
I knelt in front of her and touched it gently and looked at it more closely. I ran my fingers over it and she sighed, and went, umm, you have nice hands in a very sexy drunk voice. After that I started running my hands on both of her legs real softly and she was really liking it and making little moaning sounds.
I was massaging her legs after that and told her she needed to be higher up and to go to the edge of the bed. She went right over, with that wrap on. I could see just about everything at that point.
She sat on the edge of the bed with her hands holding herself up braced on the bed just behind her. I started rubbing her legs again and got more heavy and she was moaning now and she laid back. I told her to untie her top but she already had.
I opened it up and her tits were like totally engorged. Her nipples very dark like the size of black cherries with big platters surrounding the nipples. I could really see then they were natural.
I started rubbing her legs and belly and she was totally loose. I raised one of her legs and told her to slide back a bit and she did and I raised the other one. Her pussy was trimmed like a bikini cut and real close. I got my thumb on her clit and she went nuts. I went for it and sucked her clit and ate that pussy like a madman. She is gripping the sheets and totally into it.
I took her hands and put them on her tits and I said you work those and I’ll work this.
She started squeezing and twisting those big nipples while I sucked on her clit and she came a couple of times. She liked that a lot and didn’t want to stop. She said she never had that done to her before ever. I stood up and I was pretty engorged myself. She said take them off, and pointed to my shorts. I had no shirt on.
I dropped the shorts and she starts rubbing my dick and jerking it off with her hand backwards. I got up on the bed and turned her around and started licking her pussy again and she put my dick in her mouth and sucked it pretty good. She said she wanted to be on top so I laid on my back and I am eating her pussy and she is giving me a pretty good blowjob. I have had a lot better.
She started to get into it more after she came a couple of times. I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed it down gently. She popped my dick out of her mouth and said you don’t have to do that, I can swallow it. She put it back in and I’m watching and she is drooling all over my dick and balls, just running out of her mouth. She pushed her head down and I thought she wasn’t going to be able to do it. Then I heared this click come from her throat and she has the whole thing down to the hilt and starts working it a little while its all the way in her throat. She came up for air I guess and she goes for it again this time going all the way down and all the way up but still with that clicking sound before she gets it all the way down.
She stopped for a second and mumbled something. I was like totally out of it and said what?
She said I can taste you. I want you to come in my mouth and started sucking it pretty good.
I stopped her before I came and said not yet and turned around. I got on top of her and put my dick on her pussy and it like swallowed me up. She was like she had never been fucked before, or not for a long time twisting and bucking up and down and making a whole lot of noise and the camper is shaking and banging. Good thing I was way down by the lake away from everybody else.
She said she wanted to be on top again and she was really wet. I laid back and she got on top and started really riding it while I had her by the nipples and pulled her forward to get them in my mouth. They were every bit as good as they looked. She was totally crazy now. This went on for what seemed like a pretty long time, maybe 20 minutes.
While she was going up and down my dick slipped out of her pussy and is pressing against her honey hole. I held her there and tried to push up. She said no, I can’t do that. She was very wet and I said just rest awhile and relax. She wouldn’t stay still and started sliding back and forth on my dick again and was soaked. I pushed my dick so it was more upright and it caught on her butt again. I held her there and she relaxed for a minute and the tip just popped in.
She squealed and I didn’t know if she liked it or not. Then she totally lowered herself onto my dick and starts going up and down real slow and squealing pretty loud with her eyes closed and I have her butt in both hands making sure she doesn’t get away. I stopped her because I was going to come pretty soon but she didn’t want to stop. She said she never did that before eit
I told her if she sat on my lap, I could suck he
r nipples while I was inside of her. We got on the couch and she slid her butt back and forth on my dick. I pushed it forward with my hand and it slipped right into her ass again. She was just the right size to have that huge nipple right at my mouth and I got ahold of it and had her around the waist with my right arm, sucking her right tit, and hold her left tit in my hand and working the nipple. She is like in another world altogether and so am I.
I told her I was going to come and to slow down. She got off and started kissing me and working my dick and went down and started sucking it and deep throating it again.
It didn’t take long. I had to come and held her head down with my dick all the way in and came in her throat, about a quart. She started coughing and gagging while trying to swallow it. When she came up she had come on the side of her mouth and chin. I grabbed a towel to wipe it off and she pushed it away and said no, she wanted it and licked her lips and took her finger and pushed it back into her mouth and swallowed it all.
That was not the best piece of ass I ever had, but it was a nice treat and a big surprise.
It was time to go back. She got her stuff on and drank some water and I took her back to the marina where I found her and dropped her off at her car.
By the way, her name is Natalie. She lives closeby somewhere. I have her cellphone number and she told me to call at certain times. I havent called her yet but probably will when I recover.

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  1. Receptor

    This story sounds very true. I wonder if she ever came around again…

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