Autumn Surprise Part 1

It’s a nice Saturday, autumn afternoon. Just sitting on the couch watching whatever’s on. Bored and feeling lazy as fuck. I get up to go to the kitchen and fix myself something to eat….maybe a sandwich and a cup of juice or something. Before I go back to that imprint in the couch, I peek in the room and check on her. Smiling as I walk away……”yeah, she sleeps like an overgrown child.”
I finally make my way back to the couch and start changing the channel. I finally land on some show. It looks boring, but it’s the only thing on and I don’t really feel like continuing this never ending search.
Time goes by and the show goes off and I clean up my area. I figure I’d take a shower. I started walking to the shower and reached the door. I remembered that I had to lift it so it wouldn’t squeak and wake her up. But I still push it open. (ennnkk) Shit!!!….I mean, shit!!!. I hope I didn’t wake her.
I lean back to check, but she’s still asleep. I proceed into the washroom and start my water to running. I strip down to my boxer-briefs. My favorite ones, you know, the ones that are tight black and fit in the right spot………. Back to the story……. As I stand there, the heat and steam from the shower starts to make me sweat a little. It starts on my forehead and then rolls down my back and chest. Then finally to my abs. No matter how much I wipe it away, it’s just more to come.
I quickly leave out and go to the room to get a fresh set of clothes. As I walk back to the room, the only sounds in the house are those of faint voices in the background on the TV, the shower water, and the heavy thuds of my weight bearing down on the mahogany flooring.
I finally make it back to the room and start getting my clothes. This is done in a hurry, since the hot water is limited. I think we need a new water heater… As I turn to make my exit, she stirs a bit and raises her head. I freeze as if I were a thief in the night. But not to worry, she was still sleep…I guess. Once she lowered her head, I gently made my way to the bed where she laid. Standing over her in my underwear, thoughts quickly filled my mind. I sat down beside her, taking in the beauty of her semi naked body. She looked as if she was a goddess… she is a goddess. The sheets slightly wrapped around her leg as if it were a snake of some sort. It slowly slithered up her golden sun kissed skin to wrap itself around her torso. And as I stared uncontrollability, I became jealous of the sheet. How it was able to touch her breast and lie comfortably on her slender but not so thin body. I stared for a few more minutes before heading back to the shower.
Once I fully unclothed, I stepped, semi hard from thinking about her body. I tried to forget about it and wash quickly before she woke, but soon found myself harder then diamond itself. Somehow the stiffness crept up on me. I hurried and finished my shower.
After clothing myself, I checked in on her one more time….this goddess of mine is still sleep. So I went back to my same ole spot on the couch.
A few minutes later, I hear her finally wake. I can sense her moving slowly toward me with her soft footsteps. “Was it a good sleep” I ask.
“It sure was”
She steps into the bathroom and I can no longer hear her.
She stays in there some time and finally emerges. Somehow she ends up behind me without me noticing. She leans over and kisses my check softly and rubs her hands over my freshly cleaned chest. I quickly get hard. I think she notices. That’s because she giggles.
She comes and sits next to me on the couch. I try not to think so it goes down. She slowly leans in and smells me from my neck to the new pair of unddies I have on.
“You smell good. Did you take a shower while I slept?”
I sure did, how nice of you to notice, I say with a smile. Then she does it again. This time harder and longer. She lingers by my underwear for a while and then looks up at me. I notice, but don’t show it. I continue watching TV. Then she sits back. (She’s extra quiet..why? did I do something wrong?)
(Slight moan)
I hear a sound but can’t really pinpoint it.
(moans again, a little louder. And takes in a deep breath)
After a minute or so of hearing this, I realize where it’s coming from….it’s her. She’s touching herself. I look in amazement, only because she’s never done this before in front of me. I quickly get hard. Harder then usual. I can feel the pressure of the blood pumping into my dick now. She’s in her own little world now. She doesn’t notice my hardness. I pull down my underwear just a bit. Only to let my dick get air and room to continue to grow. As I look at her, she’s really having fun playing with her pussy.
(OH SHIT!!!)
That’s my Que. I move her hand and start doing it myself. Then she sits up a little and starts rocking back and forth on it. After about 5mins or so, she pulls my underwear all the way down and plays with my fully grown dick. She looks at me and we start talking with our eyes. She understands what I’m saying. She slowly goes down on me and makes my toes curl. I quickly stop her, because I’m about to cum. I move her up and start to fuck you tight pussy.
She screams in pleasure as I move faster and go deeper. We do all positions.
Then I go down on her.
Later, we try something new. Doing it from the back. I take it slow and finally after all the hard work,….I’m in. She moans and screams in pleasure. Then I turn slowly and finally see the setting sun in the autumn. Turn back around, and then I………………


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