Autumn Surprise Part 2

….I’m in. She moans and screams in pleasure. Then I turn slowly and finally see the setting sun in the autumn. Turn back around, and then I………………
slowly pull out till the tip of my dick is the only thing in her ass. Then I go back in and just stay. Pull out once again and let her do the work. I just watch as she moves her big hips back and forth on my erect dick.
I soon get ready to cum and tell her to stop, but she continues against my wishes. She makes me cum. We take a small break and clean up real quick and get back at it. This time the scenary changes. We end up on the balcony nude. With the crisp autumn night air running its cold hand on our bodies, the only source of warmth are our bodies.
Still recovering from earlier, I seem to be trying to get hard again. It’s still limp, but good enough to penetrate her pussy again. I try and get in again, but she stops me. I look at her and then read her eyes and understand why. If I go in her again, she wants me to be fully erect. So we kiss a little more and she plays with my dick, gently massaging it. Once she feels it has grown to its capacity, she pushes me back and turns sharply and throws her ass at me. She’s ready for another good fucking.
I step up behind her and put only the head in, just to get her used to it again. But that doesn’t really work, she’s still too damn tight. So we work with it again and she pushes into me. Letting the entire length of my dick slid between he extra wet, tight pussy lips. She stops and gets the feel for it again. I start moving and she musters up enough strength to say…….
“don’t move, let me do the work this time.”
I graciously comply and let her have her fun. She starts off slow and then speeds up. Pumping her hips on mine. Thrusting me deep inside of her. I feel her start slowing down, she’s at the point of cumming. I don’t let her stop, I take control and speed up, causing her orgasm after orgasm. On the last one she has, she loses strength and falls to her knees.
Are you okay. I ask.
“Yeah, give me about a minute to regain strength.”
I wait for a while then can’t anymore. I pick her up and press her against the window of the sliding doors on the balcony. I kiss her slowly, passionately, all the while doing it hard.
Trying to find somewhere to sit to get her stamina back, she spots a reclining lawn chair. We sit and she gets on top of me. She slowly lowers herself onto my now throbbing dick. she comes all the way down and starts rocking back and forth. I can see her soft breast through the filtering light of the autumn moon through the clouds. I rub her breast and then noticed her erect nipples. The have become twice their erect size because of the chilly autumn night air and from her horniness. I lean up as she pounds away at my dick. I begin to suck on her breast, causing my pleasure for her. She starts to jerking violently from repeated orgasms.
I finally cum and we head back into the house to warm up for good.
After warming up, we get horny again. For the final time, I lead her to the swimming pool. She’s a little reluctant to get in because it’s the deep in. I finally comfort her fears and get her in. We start with the usual. Kisses on the neck chest and small nibbles of the ears. All the while, I try and find my entrance. I do it and move in. She moans and rolls her back and clenches her thigh tightly around my waist. We both start to fuck each other. Then, it’s as if she forgets about her fear of water and not knowing how to swim, and pulls me under the water with her. The final stage of this amazing night is coming to an end as both of us give head under the water. The final orgasm for both of us…..everything is in slow motion. Then……it happens. We cum at the same time. We make it back to the surface and just lay on the side of the pool on top of beach towels. Too tired to go to bed, we both just lay there and fall asleep under the moons light that flows over our glistening, naked bodies. That is until tomorrow…but that’s another story.


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