Battlestar Erotica: Revenge of the Sx'Nons – 2

Something was different Illballya thought as his mind finally swam back to consciousness. For a people who professed not to want to have a lot to do with sex, these Sx’Nons were turning out to be a bit of a surprise. They’d raped the hell out of his little female body until he’d actually grown to the point where he was actually starting to like it, where he couldn’t wait to have another cock stuffed inside whatever hole they wanted to fill.

Wait, he thought. That was it. That was what was different. Gingerly, he touched his hands to his chest and to his surprise, instead of the womanly breasts that he had come to expect, all he found was what he had had before. They had changed him back.

In a way, Illballya almost missed the change. They’d conditioned him to love getting a cock in his pussy. He felt between his legs. Yep, that was gone, too, but at least he had his old cock back. At least, he could pee standing up again.

But, while being transformed back to his old body might have seemed like a good thing, to Illballya, he knew that the change didn’t have to be for the better. These Sx’Nons really had it in for him. If they had changed him back, then what else did they have in store for him?

The door to his room opened and a Sx’Non entered the room. She was hot looking, Illballya thought. He’d seen her around a few times when he had been female and he had thought that if they ever gave him a chance, he would have liked to get into some hot lesbian sex with her. The problem was they never gave him the chance.

Another female entered, and then another, then a male and finally, a female.

His cock was getting hard again. Man, Illballya thought, it had been a long time since he had had that feeling.

The man stepped forward. He seemed to be the spokesman for the group. “We’ve got some mighty fine looking women here,” the man said to Illballya. “Now, tell me, would you like to have your cock sucked?”

Illballya didn’t want to admit it, but he did want his cock sucked.

“Come on, man,” the spokesman said. “It’s a simple enough question. Would you like to have your cock sucked?”

Illballya nodded and then he muttered a low, “Yes.”

“Good. We’ve got some good looking ladies for you, so look around you and tell me which person you want to have suck your cock.”

There had to be a catch Illballya thought but the man was right. The ladies in the room were all very good looking and his cock was very hard. But which one?

“Come on, make your decision,” the man chided him. “Who do you want?”

The captain looked around him and then he started to realize what he wanted and he realized what it was that the Sx’Nons had in store for him, but it couldn’t be that. It couldn’t be.

“We haven’t got all day,” the man said. “Choose.”

Illballya lifted a finger and then he pointed at the man. “I want you,” he said, still not believing what he was about to say. “I want you to suck my cock.”

The women filed out of the room and then the man moved in closer. He knelt in front of the captain’s body and he wrapped his hand around the captain’s cock. “There now, that wasn’t so hard now, was it?”

“Why are you doing this to me?” the captain asked.

“Us?” the man asked as he stroked the captain’s cock. “We’re not doing anything. We gave you a choice and you chose, and now it’s time for you to get what you chose.”

Illballya groaned as the other man slipped his mouth down over his shaft and then he groaned again. It felt so good to have him doing that, and then the thought came to his mind. He wondered what it would be like to suck cock and as soon as he thought it, he knew he had to do it. He knew he had to suck on a cock.

The man lifted his mouth off of Illballya’s cock. “Tell me you like that,” he ordered. “Tell me you like that when I suck your cock.”

Illballya groaned but what could he do. “I like it when you suck my cock.”

“I’ll bet you do,” the man said. “So tell me then. Do you want to suck a cock, too? Do you want to suck on a cock?”

“Oh yeah,” the man moaned. “That’s what I want. I want to suck on a cock.”

“What would you do to be able to suck on a cock?”

“Anything,” Illballya moaned. “I would do anything.”

“That’s right. You’re just a cock sucking little whore, aren’t you? You’d do anything for some cock. Now say it! I’m a cock sucking whore.”

“I’m a cock sucking whore,” the captain repeated.

“Say it again.”

“I’m a cock sucking whore.”

The man stood and then he lowered his pants and then his underwear. His cock was standing straight out. “Well, I guess you’ve earned this,” he told the captain. “Go ahead and suck on it.”

There was still a part of the captain that was repulsed by the idea of sucking on another man’s cock but he just could not help himself. He grabbed the man’s cock and then he sank his mouth down on that cock, even as he moaned with pleasure at the feel of it in his mouth.

“You like that, huh?” the man taunted him. “Well, just keep on sucking and pretty soon, you’ll get your reward.”

Illballya was pretty sure what his reward was going to be and in spite of himself, he just sucked that cock even harder.

The man pulled his cock back from the captain’s eager mouth. “Well, I guess you have proven yourself worthy,” he said. The man laid down on the bed next to the captain. “So here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to straddle my body and suck on my cock and while you’re sucking on me, I’m going to suck on you and we’ll see if we can’t make each other cum. What do you say to that?”

The captain couldn’t help himself. He just nodded enthusiastically even as he perched himself atop of the other man’s body and even as he was sliding his mouth down on the other man’s cock, he felt his own cock sliding into the other man’s mouth. He didn’t want to like it but in spite of himself, he did.

Captain Illballya was too busy sucking on the one man’s cock to notice when the other man came into the room but he sure as hell noticed him when the man put his hand on the captain’s ass.

The captain pulled his mouth up off of the first man’s cock and he craned his neck around to get a look at the man behind him. One hand was stroking the captain’s butt even as the other pulled on a massive cock, and try as he might to fight it, the captain knew right where that cock was going to end up, and he wanted it, too. He wanted that cock in his ass.

Back his mouth went onto the cock underneath him and then he was sucking it hard, almost as hard as the man underneath him was sucking his cock. Oh fuck, he thought, that man is going to make me cum. I’m going to cum so hard.

And then he felt it, the surge of cum as it roiled up out of the cock underneath him, filling his mouth with cum. Mmm, that tasted so good, and that just made him suck him harder. He wanted it all and then he moaned again as the man filled his mouth with even more cum.

It was then that the man behind him chose to press his cock into the captain’s ass. He didn’t get all of himself inside of that tight, virgin ass, but he got enough of him in there to get the captain’s attention and the captain gasped even as the cock below him ricochetted another burst of cum off the roof of his mouth.

The capatin moaned again as the man behind him shoved even more of his cock into the captain’s ass. That cock was so big and it felt so good, and then the captain moaned again. He could really get use to having the feel of a cock in his ass.

Illballya shoved his mouth down on the cock below him even as that cock shot even more cum into the captain’s hungry mouth and the captain couldn’t help it. He took it all. He took it all and he wanted more.

Even as the cock below him was starting to lose steam, Illballya pulled his mouth off that cock a
nd he seized it and jacked it hard. He looked over his shoulder at the man behind him even as he pulled on that cock. “Come on,” he pleaded, “fuck me. Fuck me harder. Come on and
stick that big, fat cock deep inside my ass. I love it. I need it. Fuck my ass. Fuck me good.”

And then the captain went back to pulling on the cock beneath him even as he continued to take another cock in his ass and even as another man was sucking his cock.

Illballya moaned. That mouth on his cock was incredible. He was going to cum.

He looked back at the man behind him. “Come on,” he moaned. “Do it. Fuck me. Fuck me harder.”

The cock in his hand was hard again and the captain attacked it with gusto. He’d just found out how good sperm tasted and he couldn’t wait until got his mouth full of some more real soon and then his cock was shooting.

He filled up the mouth of the man underneath him with just one burst and then he was shooting again, and even as he was shooting, he was getting it from both ends, from cum shooting up out of the cock in his mouth and from that cock expelling cum into his ass.

As the cum finally stopped flowing, Illballya had to admit that this was what he liked now and he liked it a lot.

to be continued …

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  1. maggot

    cant wait to read the next one. its a great series

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  2. blkfilipina 4DD 9inch

    I just ready both part 1 and 2 and it even turn me on so hot. the captian needs to get really hotter and nasty. big cum all over her tits and ass even let the ladies give her a good eatting and enema. or golden show while eating pussy.

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