Chandra Pt. 4: Being Joe

My name is Chandra. I am a space traveler. I trade bodies with humans to experience their lives first hand.

I am now Joe. One reason he interested me was that he has a beautiful body for a man of 45 years: 6′-3″, 200 lbs., jet-black hair (naturally), and piercing green eyes. Another reason he interested me was his family. He had a son in college, a daughter in high school, and a beautiful wife. I could see that exploration possibilities would be plentiful.

So, I met Joe, took him for a walk on the wild side, then switched bodies with him. The cool part about trading bodies is that we both retain earthly memories of the other’s life. I know Joe’s favorite food (salmon) and favorite television show (Seinfeld). He knows my routine and my life. When we switch again, I will not only remember the experiences I have had since we switched, but also the new memories he makes in his “new” situation.

After leaving Las Vegas and arriving in Los Angeles, I picked up my car and drove home. It was spring break at my son James’s college, so both of my children would be having dinner with Maria and I. I was looking forward to meeting them, as the memories of loved ones from the people I switch bodies with are often different than the reality I experience.

I soon arrived home. After parking in the garage, I walked up the stairs with my luggage and opened the door. There stood Maria, even more beautiful than Joe’s picture of her. She stood about 5′-9″, with thick soft black hair, layered and reaching to the middle of her back. Her dark blue eyes lit up her face with intensity. Her lips were full and inviting. Here breasts were full, but not the kind that stick out of a woman’s body like grapefruits nailed to a wall. Their size was impressive; they seemed to start from her shoulders, like they were built-in to her body.

Joe had experienced her as a woman who was boring in bed and a commitment he must endure. How could that be? This would be an interesting encounter.

“Hi, honey. How was your trip? , she asked. She started to kiss me on the cheek, but I met her lips with mine and kissed her deeply. “It must have been veryyyy good”,she exclaimed. “You haven’t kissed me like that in a long time”

“Yes. it went very well”, I said. “The conference was boring, but I met a lot of interesting people and experienced some new things.”

” You look really good. The trip seemed to refresh you.”

“Yes, I feel like a new person.”

“Well, dinner is on the table and the kids are home to meet the “new” you”, she joked and kissed me again.

We entered the dining room, where Allison, my 17 year old daughter, and James my 20 year old son, were sitting with hungry looks in their eyes.
“Come on Dad. We are starving!” groaned Allison. She shared the same intensity as her mother, but had the energy of a small nuclear reactor.

“Allison, the man just got back from a trip,” answered James, my 20 year old son. He was a sophomore at UCLA, studying to be an architect.

We all sat down to dinner and discussed the usual stuff. Allison asked if she could stay over at her friend Julia’s after the basketball game tomorrow. James talked about college life and about a girl he had just met. Maria talked about her work at a foundation that helps kids read, and about her dinner date at the end of the week with a good friend of hers. After we had eaten and watched a little television, Maria and I went upstairs to bed.

Joe had remembered Maria as being very boring and passive during sex. I was going to change that tonight.

When I kissed her after we had entered the bedroom, I pictured her making passionate love with me. She loved the feel of a man’s skin, the smell of sex, the power of two bodies intertwined, and orgasms of mind-blowing intensity. It is so interesting when I plant a vision in someone. After we parted, the look on her face started out as confused, but quickly changed to that of a person who saw that vision with crystal clarity.

We kissed again, but now her mouth opened and her tongue met mine. Maria moaned deeply as we explored each other’s mouths.
“When did you learn to kiss like that? She said.
“In another life, ” I replied. I bit and sucked around her neck, looking for that one place that would release a sigh of pleasure.

“Ooohhhh! Man that feels so great.” As I glanced up at her face, her features had softened and she was starting to “float”.

Then I worked my mouth down toward her bosom, undoing buttons on her blouse as I went. I mouthed her nipples through the fabric of her bra, and felt them strain against it as Maria became more and more aroused. She un-buttoned the rest of her blouse as I unsnapped her bra.

I cupped her breasts with my hands. I used the tip of my tongue, starting farther from her right nipple, and slowly circled it, moving closer to it with each pass. Her breasts ballooned even more as her chest began to flush with color. Her breathing was quickening as I finally reached her nipple and bit it lightly. I squeezed both breasts together and sucked the nipples where they met. Her mouth met me there and we kissed and licked them together.
By now her chest was heaving as I removed her skirt and kissed her mound through her panties. As I removed them, she pushed my face into her pussy. I began by licking her inner thighs, slowly moving toward her clit. “If you don’t fuck me now, I am going to explode,” she said between breaths.

“You are going to explode, but all over my face,” I said, as my tongue moved in and began to lap at the lips of her vagina.

“Ohhhhh, aahhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned. I moved to her clit now. “Yeah, that’s it, right there!” she called.

With the tip of my tongue, I lightly stroked her clit, going slow, and then fast, slow, then fast. I stuck my finger in her cunt and cupped it under to the place below her clit. Soon she was bucking against my face with every stroke. Then she let go, and shook wildly as her juices covered my face.

In a minute, she was ready to go again. She removed my shirt, then she unbuttoned my pants and slid down my boxers. “I can’t believe it! When did you get a dick like that?” as she gazed upon the 10-inch dick that I had increased from 7 to 10 inches before I borrowed Joe’s body. She shouted so loud I was sure that our kids must have heard her.

“I have been taking a supplement I found I one of my men’s magazines,” I replied, using the excuse Joe had thought of when he discovered his newfound treasure. Her look of shock quickly turned to lust as she yanked my pants down and practically tore off my boxers. As I crawled upon our bed, she moved on top and lowered herself onto my rod.

“Ohhh, Joe. This is amazing.” She moved slowly at first, but within a minute she was bouncing fast and hard. As I looked from below, her tits were bouncing too. I reached them with my mouth and sucked at them greedily again. Soon I felt her pussy tighten around my dick. “OOOOOOOOhh, I’m Cummmmmmmmmmming, I’m Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuming,” she shouted.

The view from below was just too much for me to hold back any longer. My balls tightened. Then I felt my semen shoot out of my balls and into her. We convulsed together, tonguing each other’s mouths as our orgasm’s rolled through us.

After a few minutes, Maria said, ” I’m not finished with you yet, boy. I want some more of this,” stroking my rod with her hand. With that she started to kiss and stroke my cock.

Now Maria had never given head to her husband Joe. She thought it was gross and disgusting. But my vision had made her an eager and expert cocksucker. Her tongue teased the head and slid up and down my shaft. My cock responded by growing to its thick, full 10-inch length. Her mouth swallowed the head as her hand slowly pumped the shaft at my balls. Soon she switched to mouthing my balls and I was the one who was now floating. She alternated between
my balls and my cock until I was hard as a rock, my cock pulsing with power.

When I pulled my cock out, Maria looke
d disappointed, but her expression changed as I coaxed her to all fours and entered her from behind. ” I want it hard, baby,” she cooed.

I slammed it into her full length all at once. ” Oh, shit that feels good,” she said. I pulled out slowly, and then plunged into her again. “Oooohhhh, yes!” she shouted. I repeated this until she came again. Then I pumped her hard and fast. She strained to meet my cock with every thrust. We went faster and faster, as she came again and again over the next 45 minutes.

Finally, I could feel my balls tighten. I was ready to blow. “I want to taste your cum, babe,” she said breathily between thrusts. “Here it cums,” I cried as the first spurts bathed her face in cum. I plunged my cock into her mouth as more spurts blasted into her mouth. She tasted and swallowed it all. “That was great. Do you have any more where that came from?” she said greedily.

With that she slurped my cock dry and revived it yet again. We both knew what was coming next. When I became hard again, I pulled out of her mouth, my cock coated with her saliva. I parted her cheeks and caressed her hole with the head of my cock. She moaned as my cock moved across it for a few of minutes.

“Stick me. I want to feel it now,” Maria said. I eased it into her ass. She had never taken it in the ass before, so she cried out at first as I slowly stuffed my cock into her. When I had taken her full length, I stopped and waited a few minutes, finding her clit with my fingers and stroking her there until she was floating again.

I pulled out nearly all the way, then slammed into her full length again. ” Aahhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhh,” she uttered with a deep, raspy voice that seemed to come from her pussy. I started slowly, pulling out 4 inches, then slamming into her each time.

“I’m cummmming,” she said as another orgasm washed over her. I pumped her for another hour. Ahhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh,” she continued to breathe from deep inside her.

Finally, I erupted into her ass as we both came at once. We both slumped onto the bed, with me on top of her. “Does that conference only come once a year?” she sighed as we cradled each other.

“It does,” I replied with a smile on my face. “But we will cum much, much more often.”

I could hardly wait for tomorrow.

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