Conservative Office Lady Catches Me by Mistake

I work in a company of 25 people and we all know each other relatively well. Several of had been at the company 5 years and went out for a drink to celebrate as we had started at the same time. There were 6 of us. There were 4 women and 1 man and me (I’m male).

We arrived at the local bar about 5:30 and joked about everything under that sun until about 7:00pm. At 7:00 we decided to play darts in teams of 2 for a while. We continued joking and one of the girls started picking fun at one of the most conservative people in the company, a mother of 4.

She poked fun noting that everyone, male or female had to have wild sex every so often to take the edge off. The mother of 4 is really hot in my eyes and has a body that never quits. I have fantasized about her many times dreaming of catching her when her husband was traveling and getting wild but she has never given me a hint of hope she might stray.

Anyway, the other girls started poking fun at the guys saying how lucky we were to work with such nice ladies and then Tanya asked how often everyone needed to take that edge off. Ron immediately said “5 or 6 times a day” and laughed. The girls laughed with him but I watched Cindi, the mother of 4.

No one really answered except to say that sex was a normal human element of a healthy relationship. Cindi never said a word about it. As we were leaving I started thinking Cindi, the conservative one, must either be really neglected sexually or really well taken care of not to show herself at all in that way.

On Monday I decided to try and find out. I spent a lot of time with her working on a project and her conservative attire simply made me want her more. Thinking of making it with her finally got me to the point where I needed release. I excused myself to go to the washroom.

Without realizing it, I was hard as a rock and Cindi noticed as I got up from my chair. I turned away and left for the bathroom to relieve myself. Cindi ran out behind me and caught up to me in the hall, calling my name but I could not turn to meet her eyes.

She approached me and told me she was sorry for making me uncomfortable. When I pretended not to understand she asked me to have lunch with her as a friend had cancelled on her last minute. I agreed and went to the bathroom. After getting my meat going and my balls churning I heard someone open the bathroom door and quickly put my cock back in my pants and left.

Cindi asked if we could stop at her house, which was on the way, to get a letter she needed mailed from her house. I agreed and when she opened the door, she told me it would just take a minute. I went into her bathroom and started to jerk off as now it was all I could think about.

Shockingly she entered the bathroom from another door and caught me red handed. We both gasped and I wanted to die. I tried putting my cock away and she approached me saying how sorry she was. I told her it was my fault and without thinking about it looked at her great tits and stroked myself again.

She noticed and I asked her to leave for a minute. Cindi said “Why, so you can finish?” I blushed and she grabbed my cock and asked if this was one of the times I needed to take the edge off. I nodded. She asked me if I had been thinking of anyone in particular and when I told her she was in my thoughts she tore my underwear off and sucked me in her throat. I groaned loudly, not expecting to be handled so expertly by this conservative woman.

She fingered herself when sucking me and I finally picked her up and carried her to the bed in the next room. We started tearing each others clothes off and she played with her clit. There was a lot of hair around her pussy, as I had dreamed, and licked her clit slowly until she begged me to make her cum. I stuck one finger in and licked slowly until she went wild in orgasm and rubbed her juices on my face.

Then I raised up and planted my thickness inside her as we both moaned loudly. I pumped her quickly as she rubbed my balls with one hand and her clit with the other. I chewed on her nipples and she screamed in another orgasm.

I asked her if she had anything she wanted to do and screamed “Just make sure you cum down my throat. I started hammering her pussy wildly as I was close myself and got that familiar churning in my balls. On one extra deep stroke I pulled back too far and accidentally rammed my cock all the way up her ass. She grabbed me but was in so much pain she couldn’t speak.

I looked down and saw her still rubbing her clit and started to stroke my cock in and out of her ass, slowly. She finally caught her breath and told me she had never thought to have anal sex and I realized she was getting into the rhythm of my strokes. I picked up my pace and bit her nipples and yelled at her to finger her clit. She did.

I knew I was going to cum and told her “Cindi, my cum is going either up your ass or down your throat, now.” She screamed in orgasm and said something I couldn’t make out before I whipped my cock out stood over her and shot my cum at her face and tits. She tried to swallow as much as she could and was mad she didn’t get all my cum down her throat.

I told her I was sorry and she would need to make me cum again and I promised I would cum in her mouth but she was too great a lay and I forgot in the heat of the moment. She told me we could never do this again as she was married and mother. I told her I understood but wanted to try again now. She said enough was enough but didn’t move.

I asked her if she had ever been spanked and she said “No, now let me get dressed.” I picked her up and bent her over my knees and spanked her 3 times and then stuck my finger in her pussy before realizing how hot she still was. I bent her over and fucked her doggie style while pulling her hair and making her promise to shave her pussy for me. As soon as she promised I stuck my cock in her ass again and we came quickly. This time I came in her ass. She was mad as hell.

We agreed we would only get together to satisfy our physical needs as she was married and we did not speak of it again until 4 weeks later when I asked “How are you doing?” at work one day and she simply said “I’m ready to go to the post office.”

It is a great story how she swallowed my cock in a sweet 69 position after I verified she shaved for me. The great part of the story is how she had never heard of nipple clamps before and is scared of pain but almost passed out when her fluid gushed onto my tongue as I fingered her asshole and pussy as I licked her clit. We never would have done that if it weren’t for her fascination of her own shaved pussy making her clit rub her panties and forcing her to cum almost every day when she walked through the office.

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