Do you cyber

her (12:51:57 AM): hmmm…
her (12:52:49 AM): he knocked on the door of her apartment. she came to the door wearing only a sheer white gown. her hair all mussed up, looking very sexy and playful indeed
her (12:53:28 AM): she grabbed him by the hand and pulled him inside, startled but excited, he didn’t object.
her (12:54:03 AM): she wrapped her arms around him in a warm embrace, pushed her almost naked body up to his, and started kissing him passionately
her (12:56:47 AM): he felt the heat of her warm body and he succumbed to her advances. He began kissing her back passionately, drinking in her scent and warmth..
him (12:58:51 AM): “i wonder if she knows where apt 12 is” he thought wordlessly to himself, “cause his boss is gonna be pissed if that pizza isn’t there in 40 minutes or less.”
him (12:59:21 AM): oh, fuck it, he decided as her tongue wrapped around his, pulling it into her warm mouth
him (1:00:28 AM): he ground his crotch against hers, feeling the heat travel up from their bodies, taking the winter chill away. far, far away
her (1:02:20 AM): his strong hands gently caressed her voluptuous but firm body. the heat from her seemed to draw him into another world, and gently picked her up and carried her to the livingroom floor. They lay in front of the crackling fire lost in one another’s arms..
him (1:04:20 AM): he kissed her again, pushing his mouth hard against her until she relented. his hand slid down her warm belly to the heat below. he looked into her startled eyes and paused until she relented. “please” she moaned low against her teeth.
her (1:08:31 AM): she felt the tension starting to build in him as well, so she slowly caressed his body as she made her way down to his rock hard manhood. She placed her hand on his cock and slowly but firmly started rubbing back and forth…until it felt like he was going to burst right out of his pants. she started to undo his zipper, teasing his lips with her tounge, and gently pulled his cock out and felt it bulging in her hands. she rubbed it and heard him utter a low cry..
him (1:09:28 AM): pardon my french but fuck you’re bad – you’re a masterful tease – i can be in xxxxxx <20 minutes
her (1:09:59 AM): LOL..I used to write stories like that to my boyfriends when I was younger
him (1:10:11 AM): so is that a yes or a no?
her (1:10:20 AM): can’t….sorry hun
her (1:16:02 AM): she caressed his lips with her warm tongue while massaging his cock, and slowly began moving her way down. his neck, his chest, his stomach. then made her way down to his rock hard cock. She placed the firm tool in her mouth, and slowly rolled her tongue around the base, moving up and down gently, while caressing his cock, she got it unbelievably wet, and worked it around in her mouth for a few more minutes. In shock, he let out a moan of pure pleasure. as he played with her soft breasts. He then began undressing her, and turning her over on her back, slipped his hard cock into her pulsing hot pussy. He almost came instantly, she was so tight and ready. but he stopped himself, and pushed on. In and out, at a medium pace, he pushed on, while she firmly caressed his hot body,
her (1:18:20 AM): kissing him passionately. She began getting extremely excited, and within minutes came all over his rock hard cock, gushing hot juice all over his cock..getting excited by her climaxing, he let go, and orgasmed himself into another time and place.
her (1:19:29 AM): Shaking and covered in sweat, they both lay in each others arms for a few moments, trying to come down to earth. It was the best sex he had had in a long time. and he was sad it was over so soon..
him (1:21:01 AM): too soon, he thought, too soon. he leaned over her & kissed her gently on the mouth. and then less gently, and less again as his passion awakened anew.
him (1:21:32 AM): leaning in against her he kissed his way around her ears & neck…down, down, slowly down to her taut, excited breasts
him (1:22:01 AM): around & around the nipples – his hot breath teasing them, but not quite making contact.
him (1:22:27 AM): he leaned down and intently flicked his tongue against her left nipple – one light, quick teasing stroke
him (1:22:55 AM): the another. and another. switching targets he swirled his tongue around the other nipple.
him (1:23:16 AM): she began to awaken again, surprised at herself, her wantonness, her wetness
him (1:23:51 AM): he pulled at her right nipple gently with his teeth while rubbing slowly against her left breast with his hand
him (1:24:07 AM): caressing the sides, the nipple, the areola
him (1:24:36 AM): pulling teasing. she moaned and he smiled wickedly, lustfully then switched his mouth & hand.
him (1:25:16 AM): she began to warm again, lifting towards a peak. she relaxed while rising
him (1:26:42 AM): up against his hand cupped against her steaming cunt
her (1:28:27 AM): giving into his advances, feeling the warmth of his breath, she aggressively, but softly, began kissing his hot lips again. She mounted his hard again cock, her pussy wet and pulsing, and slowly slid up and down caressing his chest all the while. she reached around and gently played with his tight balls, her hands warm to the touch.
him (1:29:16 AM): he thrust hard against her, holding on better for his earlier release & enjoyed the passion as she rode him hard
him (1:30:05 AM): then timing an upstroke he pulled her legs out from under her & spun her around, putting her on her hands & knees, her face pushed into the pillow
her (1:32:11 AM): moaning, she gave into his aggressiveness, and guided his hard, pulsing cock into her hot wet pussy..he thrust in and out, holding her firm ass tightly, as she moaned loudly into the pillow, exciting him profusely..
him (1:32:55 AM): he pushed deeper & deeper, trying to find his depth without hurting her.
him (1:33:14 AM): she pushed her wet, hot opening back against him…insisting
him (1:34:00 AM): he reached his hand round and pulled hard on her erect nipple… too hard, too hard… all she could do was moan & thrust against him
him (1:35:19 AM): he arched against her – pushing too deep & causing her pain deep, deep inside
him (1:35:49 AM): as he massaged her ass cheeks, slowly, insistently moving his fingers to their target
him (1:36:17 AM): she pushed back against his cock… deeper, harder, damn it felt good
him (1:36:32 AM): then suddenly he slipped a finger into her virgin ass
him (1:36:54 AM): she pulled away, not sure what to make of the mix of pleasure & pain…
her (1:42:44 AM): moaning still, because of his thrusting cock in her wet pussy, she decides to go for a little adventure, as she is so excited, she feels she may cum any minute. She reaches up and plays with his balls, all the while moaning with pleasure. He decided to try again, carefully, and comes to realize, she may let him this times. He caresses her ass and tries his best to lube and be gentle. he pushes his finger slowly. gently, into her ass, as she lets out a pleasurable moan, he stays near the surface and feeling her dripping with pussy juice, decides to test the waters for access with his hard cock..she allows him in slowly, and gently, while she plays with her pussy…
him (1:44:46 AM): he pushes in slowly, feeling her ass relax a little as the bulging head of his cock enters. he’s never been this hard, ever, and has to concentrate just to hold on
him (1:45:18 AM): slowly he eases in, slipping a second & third finger into her dripping, sopping pussy as he pushes
him (1:46:15 AM): halfway in now he pauses & she stuns him by pushing back, sinking him to the hilt in her stretched ass as his fingers slip deeply into her pussy and rub the soft, hot walls
him (1:47:29 AM): he knows he’s so close now & closes his eyes, his teeth clenched in the effort not to explode as she pushes rapidly, deeply against his hard cock, fucking him openly for all she’s
him (1:47:57 AM): she explodes suddenly, screaming & writhing pushing him electrically over the edge -
him (1:48:35 AM): he pushes hard
against both openings & spasms, dumping his load deep inside her ass as her pussy convulses against his probing hand
her (1:51:54 AM): Shaking like a leaf, she takes it all in, spent to the max..she is mesmerized by his skill and gentleness, and collapses on the bed, the moans still softly escaping her lips..he presses his exhausted body up against hers, and kisses her softly on the lips..running his fingers through her hair. Gazing into his eyes, she is lost..he is the best she has ever experienced, and his loving manner, as well as gentle aggressiveness amazes her..she makes a mental note to definatley see him again, as she lays in his arms trying to catch her breath..

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