He said he would like to try it

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I take a deep breath and look at the scene before me. You are tied up on your hands and knees, a support underneath your hips, knees spread, face resting down on the sheets. Beside you was an unopened box. The atmosphere is tense, a mix of excitement, anticipation and dread. You have never felt so vulnerable, and I plan to make the most of it.

I climb on the bed and moved towards your head and you push yourself up on your arms to see what I am doing. I wiggle down the bed until my cunt is beneath your head, and, licking my lips in anticipation, I firmly guide your head down. This was familiar territory, and you relax as your tongue seeks me out. I release my grip on your hair and use my arms to thrust up into your face, moving your tongue where I want it. Moving it from my moist hole, then deliciously up to my clit, licking, sucking, nibbling. I moan and grind my cunt up into your face, revelling in the delicious sensations you are provoking.

I can feel my orgasm building, and the desire to feel you inside me is almost too strong to resist. Reluctantly I pull away, the roles are reversed today. I will have to wait. You almost whimper as I pull away, before I grab your hair again to kiss you roughly, your face covered in my juices. Tasting myself on you, entwining tongues, biting your lip to make you take a sharp intake of breath.

I grin and moved further down the bed, enjoying your helplessness. Your back is so sensitive. I trail my hand down your spine, watching the goose bumps appear. I touch and caress your middle back, your lower back, with you squirming beneath my hands. Then I boldly take one finger and trail it down your spine to your tail bone. I repeat it again, this time finishing lower, as my finger trails down your arse, across your puckered hole, and you contract your buttocks in shock. I repeat again, this time caressing down your spine, past your arse and reach under you to feel your tight balls and twitching hard cock. You gasp. I grasp your cock firmly and glide my hand softly up and down, can feel your pre-cum making my hand move smoothly, wetly up and down. Then I release, and start again. This time you are not so shocked when I trail my finger between your arse cheeks and I linger to circle round your puckered hole before continuing. This time, when I reach round to grasp your cock, I simultaneously bend down and lick your arse. You jolt and moan deep in your throat, causing my cunt to twinge in reply. As I smoothly slide my hand up and down your twitching cock, I explore your arse with my tongue, swirling and licking and enjoying the reactions I am provoking.

Sensing I need to stop soon before you come, I pull back and reach out for the box lying by your side. Your breathing in ragged, and I know you are so turned on that you will be receptive to this new experiment, even though you are not sure at all. I take the strap-on out of the box, and delight in moving to the head of the bed so you can watch me slip into the straps and adjust them to make the cock stand out proudly from my groin. I look down and fondle it, amazed by the sight of my new found addition, and making sure it is positioned for my pleasure too. You are both mesmerized and trembling, a mixture of fear and anticipation making the adrenaline course through your body.

You try and say something, a mixture of ‘be gentle’ and ‘I’m not sure’ but I just smile and kiss you again, knowing how I can turn you on just by my tongue, my nibbling.

I move behind you, and return to trailing my hands across your back, then again work lower until again I am caressing your buttocks and straying to touch your puckered hole. I get the lube on my fingers and gently begin to focus my attentions on your arse. Without further warning I slip the end of my finger in your arse, and feel you tense. Keeping that hand still, I reach round and massage your glistening cock, until you start to move with my rhythm, moving back on my invading finger. I stare in fascination, and add another finger, hearing you wince, but then being overcome with desire from my insistent grip on your cock.

After a few minutes, I decide it’s now or never, I remove my fingers and make sure the strap-on is covered with lube before positioning at your puckered arse. Slowly, carefully I push it in until the head disappears. Your breathing changes, and you start to say ‘I don’t know if I can do this…’ Your voice trails off and I stay still, letting you get accustomed to the feel of the invasion. As your breathing slows to normal, I start to move forward. The thrusting technique is foreign to me, and I feel clumsy at first. Btu then I feel the pressure of the strap-on against my clit and smile a secret smile. I try a slow, steady rhythm, enjoying the feeling of power, enjoying the pressure on my clit, enjoying you getting turned on beneath me. I get faster, deeper, and you start to move your arse out to meet me. As much as I am enjoying this I am not sure if the sensations alone are enough to make me come, but I can read your signs that you are getting close. I let you set the pace, and continue until you start to moan and whimper and shout my name as you come on the sheets. I wait until you stop moving, then withdraw and quickly undo your ties so we can lay together, my strap-on still rudely pointing to the ceiling, you laying exhausted and dazed beside me, trying to make sense of what has just happened and how you feel about your first anal experience.

Your face break into a huge grin, and you roll over to hug me, to smother me “God, I love you….You next” you say…..


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  1. Jeff

    Awesome wish you were doing me

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