Keepin' Up with the Howards'

“I can’t believe you were able to make it on such sort notice, Amy. I can’t thank you enough,” Mrs. Howard said for the sixth time in the last five minutes. “I know you probably had plans but the fact that you came, proves what a respectable young woman you are.”

Amy sighed. She had had plans but her stupid fucking boyfriend had decided to take off to Chicago for the weekend and left her sitting here with nothing to do but wait for him to get back. Her mother had wanted her to sit through another one of her grandfather’s stories about his life back on the farm, so when Mrs. Howard had called in a high state of panic, Amy had jumped at the chance.

“I just hope that your mother is alright,” Amy answered with a concerned look.

Mrs. Howard nodded. She was a slim woman with auburn hair and brown eyes. In her youth she could have been hot. She did have a kicking body and fair C-cup tits. She wasn’t too impressive around the face, but Amy knew from experience that her body was taunt and rock hard. Mrs. Howard took her mother’s exercise class.

“I hope so too,” she said, and for a second some sadness flashed in her eyes. Then it was gone. “Mr. Howard should be home around midnight, and then you’re free to go. He had to work late on some case or another. Now, Tina’s asleep, and I put Mark down earlier. Why am I telling you this? You know the routine. Thanks, Amy.”

The flustered housewife climbed into her station wagon and disappeared down the street. Amy returned to the house to sit in boredom. The Howards’ didn’t even have a television set. Mrs. Howard home schooled the children and was a stay-at-home mom who rarely left the house except for grocery shopping and exercise class. Mr. Howard was a tax attorney who worked long hours in the city. They were the picture of the American dream–two brilliant children, a loving husband and wife. It almost made you sick.

Amy checked the children. Both Tina and Mark were blissfully asleep, leaving Amy in the big house all alone. She needed a distraction. She crept into the Howards’ bedroom, looking for something to amuse herself. She flopped down on the bed and laid there staring up at the ceiling. She was cursing her boyfriend for ditching her.

Glancing to her side, she wondered what would a normal suburban couple keep in their nightstand. Amy opened it and gasp in surprise. Two adult magazines and a 12″ vibrator. She was shocked. This polite American family was not as they appeared. Still, she had to admit, it was pretty amazing. She flipped through the magazine and found herself turned on by the various positions of couples fucking. She felt the moisture begin to collect between her legs.

Absently, she unclasped her bra and slipped it off under her top. Her nipples were already hardened and she was getting more and more turned on. She reached under her cut-off blue jean skirt and pushed her thong aside and slid a finger over her swollen and hard clit. She shivered in response as she continued to focus on the couple having sex. She ran her finger over her clit again, and this time she moaned. She was so wet that the crotch of her thong was soaked with her own juices. She gently caressed her nipples.

Outside, it had begun to storm and the lightning was flashing like crazy in the bedroom. On one bright flash, she looked up and saw a figure in the doorway. She had to muffle a scream as she recognized Mr. Howard. He had his throbbing cock out and he was stroking it as he watched her.

“Mr. Howard–“

“Don’t stop,” he commanded. His voice was like iron. “Keep touching your clit.”

She sat up. “I didn’t mean–“

“I said, don’t stop.”


“Amy, lay back down and spread your legs wide. Better yet, take off that fucking shirt and let me see your tits. Now.”

Something about his voice chilled her, and she obeyed, yanking off her top and spreading her legs wide.

“Now, stroke your clit,” he commanded.

She did, and was surprised to discover that she was even more excited with him watching her.

She continued to touch herself. Using her other hand she touched her nipples until they were hard. She began to groan and knew she was close to cumming right there on the floral print bedspread.

“Mr. Howard–“

He stepped into the room with lightning fast speed, and before she knew what happened, he had slapped her hand away and buried his face into her shaved pussy. His tongue replaced her fingers and he was lapped at her clit faster and more powerful than she would have given him credit for. He eased a finger inside her and moved it just a bit to hear her sharp intake of breath. He sucked on her clit softly and then with more force.

“I–I–cumming–” she screamed as the thunder drowned her out. Her pussy convulsed and a flood of gooey cum washed over Mr. Howard’s face as he continued to tongue fuck her with as much force as he had before.

Finally he drew back, his upper lip glistened with her cum. Amy immediately wanted to run away, and had sat up and was on her way out of the room when an iron like grip took her arm and dragged her back to the bed, where he sat on the edge with his massive 8″ cock staring at her hungrily.

He forced her down on her knees and ripped the shirt she had been trying to put on out of her hands. Taking her head between his palms, he brought her mouth to the tip of his penis.

“Blow me,” he commanded.

She wrapped her lips around the tip and began to lick and suck on it, but when she made it clear she wasn’t going any farther, he forcibly pushed her head down on his throbbing cock. Then he began to move her head back and forth up and down her cock not caring if she was choking or not. Her tongue slid up and down the massive rod and pretty soon she felt the tell-tale twinge of the vein lining the bottom of his cock. He released her head.

“On the bed,” he said, his voice raw.

She obeyed and felt him spread her legs so wide that it almost hurt, she squeezed her eyes shut, and felt the full 8″ pound into her. She groaned at the intense feeling of being completely filled with cock. The feeling of his Italian slacks against her thighs, the roughness of his workshirt and tie against her big breasts. Everything was so intense, as he continued to fuck her with everything inside him. He would pull out all the way, and then he thrust all the way in again, to the hilt. Noisily, his balls slapped against her soaking pussy as their juices mingled and began to run out of her pussy to soak the floral bedspread.

He kept pounding in and out of her. He was going so deep. Deeper than any other boy she’d ever fucked. He was so thick and stretching–no, tearing her apart from the inside…but it have felt so good before. She cried out as her pussy took on a new urgency in having him inside her. She needed him. She clenched and yet he kept driving. Her cries were so loud, it was wonder she didn’t wake the children. Finally, he heaved a mighty groan and then he just stopped. Her pussy was covered in his hot cum. He coated her inside and out, and lay panting on top of her.

After a few moments, he stood up and undressed himself. Amy tried to find the strength to move and managed to scoot a little.

“Don’t move,” he commanded. He finished undressing and then pulled her skirt and cum soaked thong off of her and threw it on the floor by the bed. He lay down beside her and pulled a sheet over them both. Wordlessly, they fell into a deep sleep.

Amy was awakened by the feel of fingers on her clit. The pleasure was intense even though she had just had the most amazing orgasm of her life. The pressure of the fingers was replaced by a very wet tongue and she lurched upright and discovered Mrs. Howard, completely naked and kneeling between her thighs tongue fucking her. < br />
“W-Wh-What are you–“

Mrs. Howard looked up with annoyance. She nodded to her sleeping husband. “Ssh!”

Amy la
y back and gave in to the feeling of having the older woman’s tongue between the folds of her wet pussy. But soon after the old woman sucked and nipped and then inserted her skillful tongue inside Amy’s gaping pussy, Amy began to cum. She came so hard that she drew blood while biting her lip. She writhed and the movement of the bed caused Mr. Howard to stir. As he woke up, he saw his wife eating out the babysitter, and immediately his huge cock woke up as well. As Mrs. Howard came up for air, her husband had moved around her, and without warning he pulled Amy from underneath his wife. Taking the hint, Mrs. Howard lay on her back, exposing her pussy to Amy in a wordless invitation.

Amy took her cue and knelt between Mrs. Howard’s legs and began to lick her clit. As she put her tongue to the sensitive spot, Mr. Howard rammed into her ass without warning, causing her cry out and tears to come to her eyes. With a kind and understanding smile, Mrs. Howard nodded at her and then guided her head back down to the task at hand. Amy was unsure of what to do having never eaten a pussy before, but soon nature took its course and she was swirling her tongue around Mrs. Howard’s pussy causing the older woman to cry out in shock and pleasure. The pain too had receded from her brutal anal fuck, and now she was moving with his thrusts and about to cum again.

Their cries mingled as all three had a triple orgasm. A few hours later, after fucking as many ways as they could, Mr. Howard drove Amy home. He had to pull over on the way because as he fingered Amy, his massive erection wouldn’t allow him to drive, so Amy got the intense pleasure of bouncing up and down on his cock in a Jaguar. By the time she got home, Amy could barely walk, but she was glowing.

“How was the Howards’?” her mother asked, as she stumbled through the door.


“No problems?” she asked.

Only if she called multiple orgasms problems. “No, none.”

“That’s good. Ritchie called. He said he was sorry and that he wanted to take out tonight.”

“Oh, if he calls again tell him, that I’m sorry too. And that I’m babysitting for the Howards’ tonight.” And every night, she added silently.

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