Keeping it in the family – Part 2

Her throat had to have been numb from all she did so much of earlier, because she had absolutely no gag reflex at all. My cock went all the way down without stopping until it was all the way in when she would linger a bit massaging the shaft with her tongue and holding it there while moving her head from side to side madly.

I tried to stop her because I didn’t want to come yet. It seemed like we just started. She took my hands and put them on the back of her head and put her hands back tightly on my ass. I helped as she pushed her head all the way down to my balls. I held her there while she was moaning, slurping, and drooling all over my cock and balls. Her saliva and my pre-cum were running from her mouth, down her chin and my leg to my knees.

Stacie, stop I said. Baby, you’ve got to stop, I’m going to come, stop for now. Lets take a rest. She pulled her mouth off of my cock and squeezed the shaft from the bottom to the tip and a huge drop of pre-cum glistened as it came out of the opening of my cock.. She quickly licked it off and wiped her mouth with her arm. I could see now that she was pretty out of it. She said with her eyes half closed in a very sexy, soft voice, “Ummm, I love the way you taste”.

I couldn’t take waiting any more and pushed her back gently on her back on the bed. I lifted her by the waist and moved her up a bit and got up on the bed with my knees between her legs.
She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and said, Please fuck me now Daddy. I love you so much.
I lifted her ass with one hand and arm. She was so tiny and light. My cock was positioned right on her wet pussy and I tried to push in gently. She squealed a little and tried to pull me closer with her hands and arms. Her pussy was so tight I had trouble getting it in and then I pushed harder and it opened up and it slid all the way in up to the hilt.
She let out a big ahhhhhhhh and a rush of air escaped her lungs. I was in heaven.
I told her that and started fucking her with long strokes grinding my groin into her clit side to side as I got all the way in and held her ass now with both hands.
She is screaming Oh my God, Oh my God and I am fucking her as hard as I could banging into her with each stroke very hard and she keeps screaming and moaning and crying, Oh Daddy, Daddy I love you so much, please don’t stop. Every time I banged into her sweet body, she would move forward on the bed and little by little we ended up on the other side.
Stacie, Baby, I said, I’m going to come Baby, I’ve got to stop.
She said, Oh no, please don’t stop, please don’t stop. I said I cant come inside you Baby, its too dangerous. She says noooo, please come inside me, I want all of you, please don’t stop, I can take a pill in the morning.
I was already coming but when she said that, the heavy streams of my cum were shooting deep inside of her and filling her up and she screamed, coming at the same time. I kept fucking her until I was finished and pulled out slowly. She went Ohhhh as I pulled out.
I fell off to the side and she tried to pull me back on top of her.
I said lets take a rest for a while Baby. I had banged her from one side of the king size bed to the other and her head and shoulders were about hanging off the edge.
I got up on one side and pulled her back onto the bed.
We lay there a bit and she said, can we get in the hot tub now?

To be continued

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  1. MindyB

    Short, but steamy. Hot hot hot!!

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  2. moorcumbaby

    tell me more

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