Keeping it in the family – Part 4

Stacie was calling my cellphone. I saw her name come up as it rang. I was at the cabin at the lake, near the marina. She asked if I was going to take the boat out that day. I told her I probably would but the weather might not hold. Storms roll in and out even on a sunny day. She wanted to come up and hang out.
She asked if I minded if she brought a friend along. I had to think a bit, hoping she wasn’t talking about a guy. I asked her which of her girlfriends it was to get that question answered. She said I didn’t know her, but her name was Nicole. She said she had her dog with her.

Well, I like dogs anyway, and new girls, and there would be plenty of other times for Stacie and I to be alone. I asked, don’t you have to work at the restaurant tonight? She said she wasn’t sure and that she might get someone to cover for her. So I said, of course, theres plenty to eat and drink here. Just come on up. They showed up about 1:00 that afternoon. By then the clouds had started to come in and the wind was picking up.
Stacie came in and said Hi. She said this is my friend Nicole and introduced us. I said Hey, nice to meet you, that’s a nice dog. She said Hi, its nice to meet you too, this is Ben. Do you mind if he comes in? He’s very well behaved. I said sure, of course.. C’mon in and hang out for awhile. The dog wagged his tail and started sniffing around.

I was kind of surprised when I saw Nicole. First, she was so tiny. Barely 5 feet tall and maybe 90 pounds. But it was her outfit that I found unusual.
So here is this little girl with dark almost black hair, shoulder length, very thick and full, surrounding her face, dark eyes and full pouty lips. She was nicely made up, and nicely put together. Her skin was white and smooth.
She was wearing black western style cowboy boots, a little black denim skirt cut well above her knees, black tights and a tight, soft, pink sweater with short sleeves that ended right above her navel. The outfit didn’t make much sense. I couldn’t help noticing she wasn’t wearing a bra.
Her firm tits stood out with the nipples erect. They were about like good size Vidalia onions. She looked very young, but I knew she was older than she looked. She was incredibly hot and had full my attention right away.

I said, I’m not sure if it’s going to rain or not. It doesn’t look too good right now. Stacie said, no, it doesn’t look like a good time to get the boat out right now. Do you have anything to drink? Sure, I said. You know where everything is, there’s cold stuff in the frig. Stacie opened a bottle of red wine and asked Nicole if she wanted some. Nicole looked over at me and I said its alright, go ahead. You’ll like it.
Okay she said and smiled a soft smile. She was very quiet, and almost seemed shy for having on such an eye-catching outfit.

A little time passed and the weather continued to get worse, with more clouds and some sprinkles of rain. I asked Stacie if she was going to have to work tonight or not.
She said, I think we’ll go back in and come back tonight after my shift. I might as well work since the weather sucks. I said Okay I will be here, whatever you think.
We talked a bit of small talk. They both took the dog for a walk and came back after awhile. Stacie said, its about time to get going, are you ready, looking at Nicole? Nicole looked over at me again for some reason and I looked into her dark eyes.

Nicole looked at Stacie and said, if you’re planning on coming back later, do you care if I just stay here? I’m really tired after the dog show this morning. And I won’t have anything to do while you’re working. Stacie said, no I don’t mind, if its alright with you, looking at me curiously. Sure I said. I could use the company and Ben here seems pretty comfortable. The dog was now sound asleep on a rug in the corner.

Alright, Stacie said, I’ll see you both later. I’ll call when I’m ready to head back this way. Okay Babe I said, See you later. Nicole said Bye and sat back on the couch. I was fixing myself a drink as I watched Stacie drive off. I asked Nicole if she would like anything.
She said okay, just make me whatever you’re having please. I looked at the dog, asleep.
It started raining lightly. We could here it on the metal roof of the cabin, a soft rain.
I handed her the drink and said, I don’t usually ask this question, but if you don’t mind, how old are you? She smiled and said, I’m older than I look, don’t worry. Okay I said.

The cabin was very quiet and the sound of the rain on the roof was almost hypnotic. I said, I’m about to fall asleep. I was thinking about taking a nap. I’m sleepy too Nicole said, but I don’t want to nap. What do you want to do Sweetheart I asked? Would you like me to put on some music? I don’t know she said, maybe just have another glass of wine and listen to the rain is all. But I would like to get these boots off, they’re kind of new, and starting to hurt.

Do you want me to pull them off for you, I asked? Oh, she said, that’s nice of you.
I said, I really like your outfit. It looks good on you, very sexy.
She said, I usually wear this when I show my dog, it gets the judges to notice me more.

I can see why, I said. Should I help you with your boots now? Sure, if you don’t mind, she said. I paused a bit and said, before I do that, would you just turn around for me so I can see the back too?

Ummm, she hesitated, okay sure, why not, and she got up, then slowly, seductively spun around, putting her arms up in the air. When she did that her pink sweater raised up to just below her tits fully exposing her navel and tight flat stomach. For the first time, I got a good look at that fine, round, tight ass. I knew then that somehow I was going to fuck her and there was going to be no way to stop it.

She sat back down, drank all of what was in her glass, slid forward some on the couch and held up one leg. As she did that she dropped her face a bit, raised her eyes and looked up at me, with an innocent look, as if she were looking over eyeglasses. She smiled a cute little smile, and said, will you take my boots off now.

To be continued…

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