Keeping it in the family – Part one

I met her when she was Eighteen. Even then one could see there were wonderous things to come. Stacie was my wife’s daughter. She was at our house a lot and sometimes stayed there even though she lived with her real father. She is tall, with ultra-long legs and well defined waist that tapers into wider hips that were made for one thing only. Her hair is very dark brunette, long with flowing ringlets of curls and blue eyes. She looks a lot like a certain actress, except much sexier, and a whole lot younger. It was easy to see she was runway model material in the making.

Stacie was always with us on camping trips, on the boat with her little bikinis, music festivals, long drives, overnighters in the sparkling city to the north, and sleeping at our house, just feet away from where I lay with my wife. After seeing her, any man would have a hard time forgetting the potential pleasure she carries with her. I tried to keep myself from thinking about her and fantasizing for years, but was unable to.

She would come in the front door and say “Helloooooo, Papi”, and look at me sideways, up and down, with a sexy smile, even though she was young enough to be my own daughter. Her breasts were well developed as was the roundness of her perfect ass. So well defined and tight, with her painted on jeans and strapless tank top. She didn’t like wearing a bra. That was always plain to see as her nipples stood out like black cherries.

This happened a year ago. Stacie is twenty now and looking hotter than ever.
My cock gets hard thinking about her while I write this. Nothing new. That happens every time I think about her since the night we spent together. True paradise. Like a dream. But it wasn’t a dream. It was almost too good to be true but it happened. Just thinking about her makes the pre-cum ooz out of my cock as I remember Stacie and how she loved the taste of it.

She had just got a new German car for her birthday, from her father, her first car. They own the restaurant down the street. She was working there at the time helping out wherever needed. All the older guys were after her, dreaming about that long, thick, wavy dark hair and that sleek, fine body. Like I said she looks like a runway model but does not think of herself that way.

I was out by myself one evening in my convertible sport car. I had a thirty-two ounce jug full of gin, tonic and lime. I always have something going. Stacie loved that hot car. She had never been in it till that night. In the past she would say things like “I want your pickup, it is so cool”, or I love your car. I have a full complement of cars and all the other toys that anybody could want.
It was about eleven at night and as I was driving by the restaurant, I saw Stacie getting into, or getting something out of her car. I of course pulled in to see how she was doing. I said something like “Hey Babe, whats going on”? She giggled and started jumping up and down a little and said “Oh, please take me for a ride, its such a nice night for having the top down”.

I said I would do anything she wanted me to and she got in. She had already been drinking a little. Most girls barely old enough to drive don’t drink, but Stacie always liked to get high on whatever was there, and I knew that, but wasn’t supposed to.

She saw the drink and I said you can have some of that if you want to. She said what is it and I said it’s a gin and tonic. She said I love gin and took a big drink and continued to hold the cup as we got onto the interstate to drive to the next exit and make a circle.
We got off the exit and got onto the back road next to the golf course, a long straight road. She said let me see how fast it will go. I switched off the active handling so the back wheels could spin on there own and floored it and went through maybe third gear and had to shut it down because we were going way too fast for that road. She was screaming and laughing.

I took the cup from her to get a drink and the cup was empty and I said “Uh-Oh”. She said its okay we can get more at the restaurant. At that time, we were passing the road to my house, which is a long dead end county road. My driveway runs off of that road and the house is about a thousand feet down the driveway. Nobody can see the house from the road.

My wife and daughter no longer were away, and I was there alone for the week.
I said “Lets just stop at the house and get a refill”, and she said okay, is it okay to go there now? What if somebody comes down there? I told her nobody ever came down there at night, ever.

We pulled to the side door with the totally glass wall. It was maybe March or April, just cool enough outside to need a light wrap or jacket.

She said I always loved this house, it’s so nice. I put some music on and went to make the drink we talked about. I said, “Since we’re here, would you rather have something different, I have a new bottle of tequila I just got”?

She looked at me with a fake innocent look and said “I remember when Lisa found what you had stashed in the cabinet. It totally freaked her out. Do you have anymore of that”? I was pretty surprised but not shocked. I said, “Why don’t we have a couple shots and then we’ll talk about that”? She said “okay”.

We were at the table doing shots. She could hold it very well, as well as I was.
I thought of something Lisa told me that Stacie did at Mardi Gras in town here, where they have as big a celebration as they do in New Orleans. I said, “I was watching TV the other night on the open channel and they were showing Mardi Gras. I saw you lift your top and show your breasts but they blurred it out and I didn’t get to see them, guess I missed out.
She said, “No, tell me I wasn’t on TV, please”. I said, “You were there but nobody could see much. I looked at her and hesitated before I said, “I can’t believe I wasn’t there for that, I would’ve loved to see you”.

She said, “It’s no big deal, do you really want to see my tits”? I said, “I have been wanting to see them for a long time”. She said, “Okay, but not now, not here in your house, after all, I am your step daughter. I kind of think of you like you are my uncle. I am too paranoid, I’m afraid somebody will come down the driveway”. I said, “Okay, but you owe me one”

So we are downing shots and she says “so what about that stuff you had”? I cooked most of it, do you want some or that? She said, “I’ve never done that before but I want to”. Okay I said and I walked over to the high cabinet over the TV where I had it stashed. I had to get on my toes to reach behind the speaker where it was hidden. As I did, Stacie poked the top of my butt with her finger and said, “you’ve been working out”. I said I hadn’t, I just work all the time.

I am tall, six foot two inches, well-muscled, very lean and very tan from days spent on my boat. I have worked all my life and my body is hard. I was about 38 when this took place. She said, “you are so hot for your age. You look like you are 25. I always thought you were incredibly hot”. I said that I knew. All the girls tell me that, young and old alike.

She looked so cute and sexy in the soft light with her mouth waiting. My cock was growing harder and harder as I watched her. I couldn’t believe how much she could hold.
She got a little glow and said “Ummm, I like that”. I said I know, I do too. She wanted more and there was plenty left. She took some more, and this time I told her to give it to me and pointed to my mouth. She signaled when she was ready and I put my lips to her luscious mouth. I inhaled as she exhaled slowly into my mouth with her luscious lips pressed tight against By then I was fully hard and it was showing big time through my black slacks, down my leg, thick and long. I let my tongue flick her lip and felt that she had her tongue ready to accept it. When I got all of her air, we pulled away slowly.

She had one hand on each of my thighs as we were sitting face to fa
ce in separate chairs. I moved her hand down towards my now throbbing cock, wanting to b
e set free. She felt it come in contact with her fingers and pulled away gently and moaned softly, ummm, and looked straight into my eyes. Her eyes were bright blue and she said to me “you have such pretty eyes”. I said, “How do you feel Baby”? She said I feel so warm and relaxed and my whole body is tingling”.

I asked her what she wanted to do next. She thought for a second and said, “Do you still have the hot tub going on, that would feel so nice”? I said I did, but didn’t have anything for her to wear since Lisa and Alice took all their swim stuff with them. She asked if I had any boxers that she could use. I said absolutely, and we walked up the hall to my bedroom.

The hot tub is right outside of the bedroom door on the deck. My cock strained down the leg of my pants as I watched her walk that sexy walk, up the hall. By now she was talking with her long southern drawl, saying funny things and staggering just a little. She was very loose and relaxed. I on the other hand was feeling the tension in my pants.

The feel of sexual anticipation was so thick in the atmosphere you could cut it with a knife. She was ready for me and I knew it. She had been flipping her hair around and looking at my crotch and licking her lips. I am about to come now as I visualize my cum on the side of her mouth that was to happen later.

She went into the bathroom and closed the door with my boxers in her hand. I went back downstairs to get the stem just in case she wanted more, and some cold soda to drink.
As I walked back up the hall I could see her standing there. She had taken her jewelry off, pulled up her shirt and tied it in a knot right below her tits and rolled the top of the boxers up so the crotch of the boxers was tight against her sweet cunt. She stood there with her long beautiful legs with one hand on her hip and said, “Now its your turn”.
I said, “I don’t think you will need that shirt in the hot tub”, and she said “no, I guess I won’t and unbuttoned the 2 buttons and untied it revealing what I was waiting for underneath. I think I gasped as she dropped the shirt to the floor.

Her wide shoulders accentuated the shape of her body and were perfectly proportioned for supporting the size of her breasts. Her nipples were standing straight out on platters about the size of silver dollars begging to be kissed. Her tits were about the size of grapefruits and they stood right out in front. Firm young tits like I have never seen. Her body tapered quickly down to her tiny waist, and then widened again at the top of her hips. She had a pierced belly button with a small jewel of some sort that brought attention to the fine shape of her waist Such a beautiful tight young body.

My cock was as rock-hard now and she was staring at my crotch as I pulled off my shirt, and undid my belt. I let my pants fall to the floor and my cock sprung straight out. I had no underwear on.

She said “Oh my Gooooooooodddddd, you are so huge”. I told her it was for her and nobody else. She said I really can’t believe we are doing this. This is almost like being with my own father. I said, only you and I will know. Just relax and have fun.

I told her that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and put my hands around her waist and slid them upward caressing her firm breasts. She moaned and I said I want to kiss them. She put her head back as I took one nipple and then the other into my mouth sucking them gently, then harder and letting them pop out of my mouth while still sucking on them. She was breathing very hard now and moaning and said “Ohh, ummm, I have never felt like this before”.

We were standing right at the edge of the bed, I eased her down gently to the sideboard. She still had the boxers on, but seemed anxious to get out of them as she sat there with her eyes wide open looking straight up at me. I laid her back and kissed her fully on the mouth.

Our tongues furiously entangled in each others mouth while we each fell into full abandonment. She sucked on my tongue and reached for my cock with her hand. I moved down to her tits and started sucking on each one going back and forth to the other. I had the nipple way back on the roof of my mouth and my tongue wrapped around the entire nipple area sucking them like a baby going for milk and rubbing her clit through the boxer shorts. She was totally insane by now and I was in another world altogether. She came two or three times screaming and squealing the whole time as I rubbed her clit between my fingers and sucked on her tits. I pulled the boxers off and moved down to lick her pussy. Stacie was moaning with her eyes closed and tossing about softly as I stayed with her. I acted naturally without any thought, fully lost in the moment.
She was so wet and sweet. Her juices were flowing out heavily and I licked and sucked up every bit that I could. There is nothing like a young pussy I realized, again.
As I tried to suck her clit and put my tongue in her cunt she was bucking and twisting. She started screaming loud that it was too much, I can’t stand it, please, please fuck me now. Fuck me hard.

I tried to keep eating on her sweetness and she pulled me up and grabbed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth again and tried to pull me on top of her.
Please fuck me Daddy, I love you so much, I want you inside of me, please please fuck me she said.

I whispered in her ear while she held me on top of her sweating sweet little body trying to get my cock in her. I told her, Baby, I can’t fuck you, it would be like fucking my daughter. Please don’t make me do that. I love you, you know I love you but we shouldn’t. She kept trying to move my cock to her pussy as I stood up from the edge of the bed slowly.

Her beautiful dark hair was loose and hanging down around her beautiful face, her lips were swollen and red. She was definitely incredibly hot, and very high.
She put her hands, one on each side of my ass as she brought me toward her mouth. She opened her soft, velvet mouth took my cock pretty deep in and it surprised me some. She was eating it like a child eats an ice cream cone squeezing the shaft and sucking the head in and out of her mouth and saliva was running down her chin and the shaft of my cock. She went ummm and started to suck my cock with deeper and deeper movements. My cock was bumping off the back of her throat and I could see she wanted the whole thing but thought it was too much for her. She kept on going deeper and deeper and I noticed she was not gagging as my cock slid tightly down her throat all the way to the hilt. She kept sucking the whole length of my cock all the way in as deep as my cock was long, and back out. She finished each stroke by letting the head come just out of her mouth while keeping her lips tightly against it. She kept a good suck on it the entire time. Then she brought it back in, and sucked it in to the base of my cock completely to my balls keeping tight suction on it the entire time still. I was totally insane by then.

It seemed as if she were trying to suck the come right out of my balls and felt like that as well. I fought to hold back letting my wad blow.

Her throat had to have been numb from all she did so much of earlier, because she had absolutely no gag reflex at all. My cock went all the way down without stopping until it was all the way in when she would linger a bit massaging the shaft with her tongue and holding it there while moving her head from side to side madly.

I tried to stop her because I didn’t want to come yet. It seemed like we just started. She took my hands and put them on the back of her head and put her hands back tightly on my ass. I helped as she pushed her head all the way down to my balls. I held her there while she was moaning, slurping, and drooling all over my cock and balls. Her saliva and my pre-cum were running from her mouth, down her chin and my leg to my knees.

Stacie, stop I said. Baby, you’ve got to stop, I’m going to come,
stop for now. Lets take a rest. She pulled her mouth off of my cock and squeezed
the shaft from the bottom to the tip and a huge drop of pre-cum glistened as it came out of the opening of my cock.. She quickly licked it off and wiped her mouth with her arm. I could see now that she was pretty out of it. She said with her eyes half closed in a very sexy, soft voice, “Ummm, I love the way you taste”.

I couldn’t take waiting any more and pushed her back gently on her back on the bed. I lifted her by the waist and moved her up a bit and got up on the bed with my knees between her legs.
She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and said, Please fuck me now Daddy. I love you so much.
I lifted her ass with one hand and arm. She was so tiny and light. My cock was positioned right on her wet pussy and I tried to push in gently. She squealed a little and tried to pull me closer with her hands and arms. Her pussy was so tight I had trouble getting it in and then I pushed harder and it opened up and it slid all the way in up to the hilt.
She let out a big ahhhhhhhh and a rush of air escaped her lungs. I was in heaven.
I told her that and started fucking her with long strokes grinding my groin into her clit side to side as I got all the way in and held her ass now with both hands.
She is screaming Oh my God, Oh my God and I am fucking her as hard as I could banging into her with each stroke very hard and she keeps screaming and moaning and crying, Oh Daddy, Daddy I love you so much, please don’t stop. Every time I banged into her sweet body, she would move forward on the bed and little by little we ended up on the other side.
Stacie, Baby, I said, I’m going to come Baby, I’ve got to stop.
She said, Oh no, please don’t stop, please don’t stop. I said I cant come inside you Baby, its too dangerous. She says noooo, please come inside me, I want all of you, please don’t stop, I can take a pill in the morning.
I was already coming but when she said that, the heavy streams of my cum were shooting deep inside of her and filling her up and she screamed, coming at the same time. I kept fucking her until I was finished and pulled out slowly. She went Ohhhh as I pulled out.
I fell off to the side and she tried to pull me back on top of her.
I said lets take a rest for a while Baby. I had banged her from one side of the king size bed to the other and her head and shoulders were about hanging off the edge.
I got up on one side and pulled her back onto the bed.
We lay there a bit and she said, can we get in the hot tub now?

To be continued

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    Absolutely one of the hottest escapades I have ever read. Guaranteed to get you primed!

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