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Linda sat on the expensive couch trying not to spill her rum and coke. She shouldn’t have been drinking it. She was the 16 year old babysitter and the couch was expensive. The kids were asleep and the parents weren’t going to be home for a few more hours. She was missing the big party but didn’t mind since she needed the money for marijuana when she arrived late. They doidn’t have cable, so Linda searched for tapes. Behind the Disney shelf, to her suprise (and intrest) found a whole slew of homade porn. She watched Mrs. Jacobs and Mr. Jacobs fuck their brains out and was having fun masturbating too. Just when she started to come, Mr. Jacobs came threw the door and she spilled the drink on the sofa. She pulled up her panties and tried to turn off the TV, but it wouldn’t and just as Mr. Jacobs came in, she burst into tears. “MR. J. I’m so sorry! I know it’s wrong and I’ll pay for the couch!” As she uttered the words she realised they were alone. “It’s alright, Linda.” he said as he sat down next to her. He put her arm around her shoulder and looked at the TV. “Don’t worry, my wife stayed at the party, she won’t be home for a long time. We’ll clean it up together. What are you watching? Oh I see, Let’s watch together.” But Linda felt uncomfortable. She’d done wrong but had also felt his stare before and was worried what it would lead to. “Well if you’re here I guess I can leave,I don’t need to be paid, bye.” But Mr. J. got to the door first. “No, come sit.” He lead her back to the couch and sat her on his lap. “Good girl. You like my movie? Don’t I look good? have you ever been fucked? Want to be fucked like that, huh? On camera?” She felt his dick spring into action under her ass. She was scarred and struggled to leave, but he held his hand over her mouth and wrapped his arm around her waist. She couldn’t move. She bit his finger and her smacked her in the head. His cock sprang hgher, harder. He began to rock her on his lap. She hated this but it felt so inviting. She could imagine his rock hard cock slipping from hiss pants into her cunt, her ass, god she was so wet! The tape stopped and remembered what was going on. She struggled but he whispered in her ear: “I’ll tell my wife, your parent and everyone in the neighbourhood what you were doing if you don’t stop. Good, good girl. Now,…” H slid his hand up her shirt and cupped her cold and firm young breasts. Her nipples hardened. She was helpless but so horny. “What are you worth?”
“What am I worth?” she gasped. “For what?”
“Don’t play a fool,” he said “You need the money…I’ve got $102 on me. Work for it.” She was excited, she wannted the money and a cock, but not his, she was disgusted. “No,” She said. “I’ll never”. He was furious he grabbed her by the hair and threw her on the floor. There was a big thud. Luckily, little Billy was sleeping in the attic. He sat on her face, she was in terrible pain. “You’ll work for it you whore! I’ll fuck you bon-dry till you’re in tears bitch! You gonna shut-up?” she was so scared, she nodded. “Good.”
He dragged her to the bedroom and locked the door. He ordered her on the bed and tied her down. She couldn’t move at all. He stood above her and whipped out his massive cock. He told her the things he’d do to her and she cried. But the more she cried, the more her jacked off on her. Her clothes and skin were covered in cum. He lay down on top ofher and ripped off her jeans. He stoked her flooding pussy and ripped off the panties. She knew what was coming and she had no choice. Still in tears, she was wetter than ever. He forced his way in her. She bled and started to scream. To stop her he shoved himself further and covered her mouth. He shoved and pushed and broke her in. She widened and cried, widened and was more wet. But soon she wimpered, and moaned. She screamed of pleasure as tears ran down her cheeks. He came again and again. He wore her ragged and she orgasmed twice. Whe he was done, he loosened her bonds. But she wsas so taken tha she couldn’t move. “Want more huh?” She noddened. He flipped he over and pulled er over the edge of the bed and cupped her breasts under her bra. And so his cock broke her ass till she bled and she cried agian. She came, again. By the time he was done she was beggin for more. She was just kneeling down when Mrs. Jacobs walke in. She smiled and reached behind the glass clost door. She place the camer above the cabinet and grabbed Linda’s hair without a word. She had her on the bed and ate out her cunt. Linda was ecstaic. Mr. J. placed his cock in the sweet young girl’s mouth and Linda waved at the camera.

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