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Donas stood looking over the darkened city. Watching the lights from his penthouse sanctuary. In front of him was a wall of windows with steel blinds. Behind him lay a room done in smooth, cold black marble and red crushed velvet furnishings. Moira had displeased him at his earlier gathering. Shamelessly allowing his guests to touch her as they pleased. He would have to punish her severely for her disobedience. He reached up and ran a well-manicured hand through his two-inch light brown hair. As he dropped his hand to his side he sensed her behind him. The barest rustle of silk on marble had alerted him. He already knew what she would be wearing. The gown he had bought her when she first submitted to him.
A cream colored confection of the sheerest silk. Sleeveless with a slight train that trailed behind her. Completed by the silver fastenings spilling down the front of it. It complimented her caramel complexion perfectly. Her deep red hair and large brown eye’s were all the adornment she needed aside from her collar and cuffs. To Donas she was absolutely breathtaking. As many times as he had told her this she still did not find herself beautiful. He turned when he heard her stop at the stairs to the windows. Donas knew she had been watching him, yet she demurely lowered her eyes as he turned.

“Do you want to say anything Moira? You are aware of the reason I summoned you aren’t you?”
Moira dropped to her knee’s with her forehead touching the floor. In a sultry soft voice that always reminded Donas of dark chocolate she spoke.

“I believe it is about your earlier meeting Master”

“Correct slut… you disgraced me tonight …I saw you” Donas growled through clenched teeth.

Moira felt her body jerk with a sensual shock at the sound of his steely voice calling her a slut.

“ I was only doing what I thought you would wish… Master.”

Donas was through with Moira’s thinly veiled lies. He grabbed her by her hair and yanked her up to face him. Glaring into her eye’s watching them fill with fright.

“ What I would wish! How dare you presume such a thing. I want no other touching you without my consent. You are mine and mine alone. That should be evident by the marks and collar you bare. “

Moira began breathing in small-frightened gasps. Her chest heaving against his, her large eye’s seeming even larger. Donas knew the fear was because of him and he relished it. He twisted his hand in her hair harder and was rewarded with a small cry of pain from Moira.

“M…Master please.” She pleaded more afraid of Donas than she had ever been before.

Donas smacked her across the face with the back of his hand. Jerking her face to the side and causing tears to spring from her eyes. He released his hold on her hair and smacked her again knocking her to the floor.

“You were not given permission to speak… pet” He spat the endearment as if it were an obscenity. He towered over Moira, as she lay sobbing and shaking on the floor. He could feel his body responding to her tears and helplessness. It was not the time for that…. Not yet. She still had many lessons to learn before the night was done.

In a voice husky with desire he addressed her. “Why do you make me hurt you? I have done everything for you all I ask is that you submit to me. To your feet Moira and tell me you love me.”

Slowly she rose to her feet. Keeping her hands tightly locked at her sides to resist the urge to touch where Donas had hit her. She kept her head and eye’s lowered not wanting to risk the chance of angering him further.

“I love you my lord and I am sorry for my transgression.” Ever so slowly she raised her head to look at him. Her stance rigid she came as close as she would ever allow herself to looking him in the eyes.
Donas stood studying her.. How she had managed to distance herself from him without him even noticing she had moved. The crystalline tears flowing down her cheeks, the way her body shivered like a leaf in a thunderstorm. He knew she was filled with mixed emotions. She loved what he was doing to her… she needed it. Yet at the same time Moira was frighten the combination of the two was keeping her in a heightened state of arousal.

“Go to my study Moira and retrieve the key on my desk… then bring it to me… I will be waiting for you in the play room and be quick about it. You know how I hate tardiness.”

Yes she knew all to well how he hated tardiness. She could still feel the bruises on his back from the last time he felt she had taken to long. Quickly she turned and glided towards his office. Donas stood watching her for a moment then turned and made his way to the playroom.

When Moira reached the door to Donas’s study she turned to she if he had followed her. Finding herself alone she entered and closed the door behind her. She leaned back against the door and placed a hand on her chest. She felt her heart beating wildly and her chest heaving.

“ I wonder how he found out. He wasn’t even in the room. Did one of them tell him? I must stop this and get back to him. He will be wondering what has taken me so long.”

Moira ran to his desk and picked up the key lying there. After one last glance around she left his study and ran to the playroom.
Donas stood at the far end of the playroom idly swishing a riding crop through the air. Thinking about everything he and Moira had been through up to this point. He had always planned for her to see this next part of his penthouse in her own time. But now she had pushed him too far. Moira would learn her lesson tonight and for all time. Donas was snatched out of his thoughts when he heard Moira approach.

“I thought I told you not to be tardy Moira” Donas kept his voice cold and distant.
Visibly shaken Moira replied. “Master I…I tried not to be tardy… forgive me please.”

“I suppose I shall have to since you are already in enough trouble. Come here.”

Swiftly Moira crossed the room and stood before him with her head lowered. She held her shivering in check and silently hoped that he would soften as he looked upon her. Donas raised a hand to stroke her hair and she flinched expecting him to hit her again.

“Don’t be frightened Moira. You must learn that I am your master and care for you. I am only punishing you to make that clear to you.”
Once again her reached out, this time she stayed still and calm. Donas ran a hand through her hair and pulled her close to him. He tilted her face up and looked into her eyes. Then brought his lips down to cover her’s. Moira sank against him and felt her knee’s weakening. Angered he flung her away from him, shaking his head.

“No I will not allow you to soften my resolve. Go fetch the blindfold pet.”

Moira crossed to a cabinet that was mounted on the south wall of the playroom and removed the blindfold Donas often used on her. Then she returned to stand before him holding out the blindfold and the key she had taken from his study.

He took both from her and slipped the blindfold over her eyes. He did not want her seeing where he was about to take her until he was ready.

“Now pet on your knee’s I have some questions for you.”

Moira sank to her knees in front of him her head down.

His voice thick with emotion he looked down at her. “ Do you love me pet? I mean truly love me? Do you trust me with all of your being? You would never leave me would you Moira?”

Moira shook at the passion she heard raging in his voice. “Master I love and trust you more than life it self. To leave you would mean tearing my own heart out.&

He reached down and stroked her hair again letting his hand linger briefly.
“Good Moira I am going to test the
limits of your devotion tonight. You do remember the safe word don’t you pet.”

Moira nodded and replied. “Yes Master”

“Good, now to your feet”

Moira rose to her feet and stood waiting his next command. As she did Donas turned and slid aside the picture behind him. Revealing a door, with the key from his study he unlocked it. Turning back to Moira he took her by the arm and led her through it. The room into which he had led her was resembled a medieval dungeon. Moira let out a gasp feeling cold stone against her bare feet.

“I haven’t even touched you pet yet you gasp. I know the floor is a bit cold. It had better be it took a lot to find someone to build this room.” A slight chuckle permeated Donas’s voice as he spoke.

Donas pulled her farther into the room and then stopped her. Moira’s breathing grew ragged with anticipation and fear. She couldn’t even begin to picture what he was going to do to her. She felt Donas move around to the front of her and begin undoing the fastenings that held her dress on. He kneeled to undo the last remaining fastenings then rose and slipped the gown from her shoulders. Slowly he circled her trailing his nails over her flesh. He grinned, pleased with his work when he came to the fading bruises on her back. He took her arm again and led her to a chair. Donas pushed Moira down into the chair. As her exposed flesh came into contact with it she arched involuntarily.

“Now, now pet do try to control yourself. I thought you liked the touch of cold steel.” Donas chuckled again and began locking her wrists and ankles to the chair. He rose to his feet and stood back to study Moira for a moment. Pleased he returned to her side and removed her blindfold. Moira shook her hair out of her face and looked around her. She began to shake openly as she surveyed the room around her.

“What do you think of my little secret pet? The toys in here look like fun don’t they?” Donas examined her with a grin splitting his handsome face.

“ Some of them master… but others look a bit primitive and frightening. Like things used to torture enemies.” Her voice shook with concealed longing. She badly wanted him to finish this and punish her. But, she knew better than to let him know that.

Donas leaned down and ran a hand up her thigh savoring the feel of her muscles twitching under his hand. When he reached her center he drew his fingers over her already glistening core. With a sly grin he looked into her eyes and placed his fingers on her lips.

“Open up pet. Taste how excited the fear of what is to come has made you”

With a small sigh Moira opened her mouth and flicked her tongue over his fingers. Cleaning them of her essence. Unable to pull her eyes from his she saw them flicker with malicious delight. When she had finished Donas drew away from her quickly and flicked the riding crop he was still holding over her painfully erect nipples. The sudden unexpected pain caused Moira to cry out and arch against her bonds. He repeated the action a few more times.

“You little whore. You are getting much to excited. I shall have to do something about that right now.”
Donas turned his back on her and walked over to a chest in the corner of the room. After some searching he walked back towards Moira. In his hand were three clips with small teeth on them. Also attached to the clips was a small wire running to a box, which Donas held in his other hand. When he stood in front of her again he placed two of the clips on each of her nipples. Tightening them until the teeth were biting into her flesh. Moira knew better than to say anything but she could not stop small sounds of pain from escaping her. Once he was satisfied with the placement of the first two clips he stepped back to study the pain on Moira’s face.

“Can you guess where this next one goes pet? I bet you can and your dreading it I can see it in your eyes.” Donas’s voice had taken on a cold, calculating quality. Leaning down he placed the third clip on the tiny, throbbing nodule at her core. Sensing Moira about to cry out again Donas quickly clamped a hand over her mouth. Her already pink flesh was quickly becoming inflamed from the teeth piercing it.
“Oh no, pet we can’t have that you haven’t even seen what the box does yet.” With that Donas stood leaving the box lying on Moira’s thigh.

He crossed the room to a wall of televisions as he turned them on every room in the penthouse flickered into being . Moira let out a shocked squeak finally understanding how he had known what she had done.

“ That’s right you little cunt. I’ve watched everything you’ve ever done since you’ve been here. I’ve heard every word you’ve said as well. All of the thing’s we’ve done I have on tape. I could show it to whom ever I wanted and you would never know.“
Donas crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall. Watching the gears in Moira’s head work. Seeing her realize how badly he could humiliate her if the urge struck him to do so. He picked up a remote ,and put his hand on the back of a chair. Then he walked back over to Moira, picked the box up off her thigh, and sat beside her.

“Now pet we are going to watch a movie staring you. Co-starring my business partners Sorren and Gregor. When we get to the parts I don’t like you shall see what this box does. “

Donas leaned back and pressed a button on the remote. All but the middle four television blinked out. The main room then appeared on the remaining screens. Moira saw herself enter carrying a tray of glasses. She then saw Sorren and Gregor enter through the main door. She heard herself offer them drink’s and saw them make their way towards her. In her chair Moira cringed inwardly she knew what was about to take place on the tape. On the screen Sorren moved behind her and twisted his hand in her hair causing her to arch back against him. Just then Donas pushed the button on the box he was holding. Causing an electric shock to go through the clips. Moira cried out loudly and jerked in the chair, her ankles and wrists pressing painfully against her bonds. Donas released the button and she slumped into the chair. He brushed her hair out of her face and continued the tape. Moira saw Gregor walk around to the front of her and undo her dress exposing her breasts. She saw him fondle them and squeeze her nipples. She remembered the pain he had caused. Donas growled and pressed the button again, holding it down longer this time causing Moira to scream and beg him to stop.

Slowly Donas turned to her and smiled. In a soft almost contrite voice he spoke. “Stop, now pet… we haven’t even begun yet. You still have so many more screams left in that beautiful body of yours and I mean to hear every one of them.”

With that said he turned back to the screen. Sorren had moved a hand around to twist her other nipple and Gregor’s hand was under the bottom of her dress. Moira heard him tell Sorren that she was hot and dripping. Then she saw no more because her head jerked back sharply from Donas angrily holding down the button. She could tell he had somehow turned up the voltage on it. Donas watched her body strain and ripple with pain. Enjoyed the sight of her flailing and trying to escape. The sounds of her screams and whimpers were music to his ear. He held the button down a few moments more then released it. When he did Moira’s body slumped in the chair like a child’s discarded baby doll. Donas noticed the shackles holding her wrists and ankles were beginning to cut into her so he decided to do something about that. He leaned over her glistening body and fastened a belt around her waist fully securing her to the chair s
o she could no longer flail so violently. Through this Moira sat with her head han
ging limply on her chest, moaning as waves of pain washed through her. Donas picked up the riding crop and flicked it over her breasts causing Moira to jerk sharply and pick her head up.

“No, no you little cunt I told you we weren’t done yet.” In clipped tones full of malicious passion Donas berated Moira. He wrapped a hand in her hair and forced her head up to look at him. “Are you having fun yet pet? I know I am.” Donas released Moira’s hair and sat once again.

On the screen Sorren and Gregor had pushed her to her knees in front of them. Her dress open, with tears of pain streaming down her face Moira waited. She saw Sorren start to her on the tape and heard Donas announced at that moment. Donas held down the button, as on the screen Moira clasped her dress shut and ran from the room eye’s wide. Moira’s body tried to jerk and arch upwards but the strap around her waist held her firmly in place. All she could do was toss her head back and forth wildly while shivering and shuddering against wave after wave of pain. Donas held down the button, and grinned as animalistic growl of pain rippled through Moira’s body. Donas stood looking down at her sweating, twitching form. He released the button, removed the clips, and left Moira trembling in the chair as he went and set up her next punishment.

Moira breathed in large shuddering gasps, trying to get her body and mind under control again. She heard Donas moving around behind her yet did not even want to think about what was next. Donas maneuvered a large wooden X frame to a place in front of some mirrors. Finally being satisfied with it’s position he walked over to the wall on his left , took down two whips , a leash and walked back to Moira.

“You look tired pet. Would you like me to stop and let you go to bed? No, I think not… much to do pet.. much to do.” Donas patted her hair and chuckled with a sinister gleam in his eyes.

“Master please I don’t think I can take much more. I’ve learned my lesson I swear.” Moira pleaded with tear soaked eyes.

Donas leaned down clipped the leash to Moira’s collar and un-shackled her. Straightening up he tugged on the leash pulling her out of the chair on the floor. Causing a fresh shock of pain to go through her body.

“To your hands and knee’s pet. You’re so pretty when you crawl. Look at that beautiful skin of yours let’s see if we can make it even prettier with a few red welts shall we?” Donas pulled one of the whips from his belt, a small leather thing with several braided lashes. He slowly drew it across her back causing her to shiver and pull away.

Moira rose to her hands and knees looking up at Donas awaiting his next command, shivering in pain and repressed passion. She hurt so much but slowly as she had known it would the pain was turning to a different kind of ache. Donas tugged on the leash again and Moira began crawling towards him. He let her pass him a bit and began walking beside her. Languidly he raised his arm and brought the whip down on her back. Moira reared up crying out loudly from the sudden shock to her already overloaded senses. He raised his arm and dropped the lash across her back several more times. Each time flicking his wrist hard to make the tips of the lash strike her with more of a sting. Moira began crawling faster hoping to avoid the lash. Donas brought the whip upwards from the floor striking her breasts and stomach. Moira had to clench her teeth to keep from yelling out once more. Donas noticed the muscles in her jaw bunch and chuckled.

“ Ahh so that’s how you want to play is it? We shall see just how long you keep up that resolve. To your feet Moira I tire of these games. It’s time we began your real punishment.”

Moira shakily rose to her feet her hand moved as if to wrap around her stomach and she noticed the look of fury in Donas’s eyes. Slowly she dropped her hand and lowered her head. Donas jerked on the leash then began pulling her towards the X-frame.

He was so enraged, enraged yet turned on to an extreme he had never felt before. He wanted to take her and use her so badly yet he would not allow that of himself. She had to learn, he was going to make very sure that Moira remembered this lesson for a very long time.

Moira stepped up to the frame, raised her hands above her head and pressed herself tightly against the frame. Donas stepped behind her pressing himself forcibly against her. Driving Moira even closer to the rough wooden frame. At the same time allowing her to feel the throbbing bulge in his pants. Slowly Donas slid his hands up Moira’s body till he came to her wrists. He shackled her wrists to the frame then began sliding his hands down her body to her ankles. Which he also shackled to the frame, leaving her spread-eagled and completely exposed.

Despite desperate attempts to close her legs Moira found it to be futile. She had never felt so naked and helpless before. The feeling of her Masters eyes on her was almost tangible. Her skin still tingled where Donas had pressed himself against her. Stepping back Donas aimed a few strong blows at Moira’s backside with the flat of his hand. Jerking and crying out from the anticipated blow Moira once again tried to soften Donas with her words.

“ Master please… I believe I have learned my lesson well. Let me down from here so I may service you. I can tell that you need me now master, it’s a bit obvious.”

Meant to soften Donas’s conviction the words only added fuel to the fire blazing in his eyes.
“ How dare you be so impudent. You have not learned a damn thing yet you fucking whore. But you will, oh yes you will. Forget the safe word pet.. you lost that privilege.”

Donas pulled the other whip from his belt and draped it over Moira’s right shoulder. In the mirror Moira saw the cruel looking thing that was now laying on her skin. Like the other it had many lashes to it. Yet it had two very large differences from the first, some lashes were braided while others were knotted.

“Kiss it pet and ask for your punishment.”

Shakily Moira looked to the thing on her shoulder and laid her lips upon it. Moira looked back at the mirror and in a quivering voice she spoke.

“Please give me the punishment that I deserve and please make it swift.”

Donas grinned wickedly and stepped back a decent distance from Moira. He swung the whip back and forth through the air a bit. Letting it crack, enjoying the way Moira jumped at the sound. Then just as she began to think she could take no more waiting and would scream he struck. Moira had been anticipating so long that the actual blow took her breath away. She could only utter small squeaks and gasp’s of pain.

“ And that’s why you don’t anticipate pet, you never know when I shall strike. And Strike I shall pet time and time again till I am satisfied.” With that Donas stepped back and swung the whip through the air again.

Try as she might Moira could not stop her muscles from clenching. Seeing this Donas placed several fast, viscous blows to her upper and lower thighs. Moira let out a long low shriek of pain and pressed herself tighter against the frame. The rough wood pricking her skin even more keeping her mind centered on something besides the flames engulfing her. Donas slid a hand down to his fly and lowered it quickly. While with the other he brought the lash down between Moira’s shoulder blades. Pausing in between each, to make sure she felt each separate hit…of which there were twelve in all.

Hearing the sound of her masters zipper Moira thought it was all going to be over soon, that he would cure the terrible ache deep in her core. She soon found out she was wrong. With one hand flailing hi
s turgid member Donas used his other to whip Moira. Primarily working on her back, thighs, and
ass Donas struck and struck again. Until he could feel the heat coming from her scarlet flesh.

Donas dropped the whip to his side for a moment and pressed himself up against Moira. Again driving her body into the frame, his zipper scratching her enflamed flesh. His rigid member pressing between her thighs, teasing her liquid heat. Donas dragged his nails harshly down Moira’s back causing her to try and squeeze even tighter to the frame, wanting to pass through it and escape.

Donas grabbed a handful of Moira’s hair, jerking her hair back he hissed into her ear. “See in the mirror… how beautiful you are when your screaming in pain. It’s almost too much for me to take. The best part is knowing that your screams and tears are for me. Knowing that deep inside you enjoy being used like this. You want nothing more than for me to humiliate and harm you. You’re my little fuck toy aren’t you?”

Between gasps Moira replied. “Y.. y… yes M.. master”

Donas jerked back on Moira’s hair harshly. “No say it…say you’re my little fuck toy. Look at yourself when you say it.”

Moira raised her eyes ,looking at herself in the mirror she spoke. “I’m you’re little fuck toy master.”
“Good girl pet”

Extracting himself from Moira, Donas stepped back again. Running the lashes of the whip through his hand he surveyed his handy work. With a grin on his face he brought the whip up from the floor. Hitting Moira in her unprotected core a cry of pure pleasure and pain was torn from her lips. Again he brought the whip up at the last second snapping his wrist so the tips of the lashes bit into her soft, moist flesh. Six, seven ,eight, nine Moira lost count of how many times her master struck her in this fashion. All she knew is that her body was shuddering mightily, she was on the verge of climax.

“One last time pet.. then I shall take what I want from you.”

Donas brought the lash up again this time angling it so it would strike the nodule of flesh now sticking out of Moira’s overheated core. Moira let out an almost inhuman cry of pleasure as her body began convulsing even fiercer. Two, three times Donas did this before shedding his pants completely and stepping up to the frame. Roughly he kneaded her stripped ass. Taking some of her essence he rubbed it into the small virgin opening between the soft globes of her ass. Moira’s climax had taken so much from her she at first didn’t realize what he was doing.

“Master no …you can’t …I …I’ve never…. not that.” Moira pleaded through the after affects of her climax.

Again Donas grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked. “Shut up slut, I have kept myself long enough from this. I will be denied no longer, tonight I take the one last vestige of virginity you have.”

With that said Donas forcibly slid the first three inches of himself into Moira’s tight nether region. Grunting with exertion Donas gave a huge push and succeeded in burying himself to the hilt in her bowels. Moira bit into the frame before her to keep from shrieking in agony. She felt his hair roughly scratching her ass. He was in, she was hurting, but from the look on his face in the mirror he was in heaven.

“Mmmm even tighter that I had expected. You weren’t lying when you said you had never had it in your ass before. I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this.”

Donas pulled his almost his full length out, then rammed it back into her. He kept up this relentless pounding rhythm while cruelly twisting Moira’s nipples. Harder and faster he drove himself into her, biting at her neck and shoulder making her hips work with his. Moira looked up into the mirror her face was twisted with lust. Lust for sex, lust for torment. Donas swatted at the soft, bruised flesh of Moira’s ass as he drove into her, as if trying to force all his anger and frustration into her body.

Moira heard herself moaning, and crying out, animal sounds of pleasure and pain, and pleasure in pain, cries of torment and ecstasy beautifully mixed. She worked her hips back into Donas as much as the bonds would allow. Clenching her muscles tightly when he plowed in and releasing when he pulled out. She was in overload and no longer cared what happened. As long as her master kept supplying such amazing sensations. Just when she began to think she could not withstand much more. Donas gave a howl of sheer lust that came from the deepest pit of his being. He plunged his rigid staff as deeply as he could into Moira. She could feel his thick, fiery essence fill her and overflow down the backs of her thighs.

Biting her neck savagely one last time Donas stumbled backwards into the chair Moira was once trapped in. Breathing deeply, and hard he surveyed Moira’s bruised quivering form.

“ I love you pet, you were so strong. From now on all play and punishment will be to this level of severity. However, displease me again like you did and it will be worse much worse. How about we go clean up”

Donas rose to his feet and strode to Moira, undoing the shackles holding her wrists and ankles he let her fall into his arms. Moira was relived when he picked her up and began carrying her out of the playroom. She did not think she could have walked on her own. He carried her down the hall to his bedroom then through to the shower. Setting her down inside it he turned on the water then climbed in behind her. They began soaping and caressing each other. Moira looked into her master’s eyes seeing the love in them brought tears to her eyes. She knew that no matter what happened she would always be with him.

“Never forget pet that we belong to each other”

With that they climbed from the shower, drying themselves intertwined they made their way to the bed and laid down in each others arms. Donas looked down at Moira, and felt his heart ache. He knew he had never been complete before her.

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