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Fucked too hard

My husband and I travel a lot and it had been a particular busy week. I noticed he had been a bit moody lately and asked several times what was the matter with no answer, except "Nothing." I suggested we go out for dinner and maybe a stroll in
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Paying The Bet Part I

The room she entered was almost pitch dark. There was a single
bright light, hanging low over a card table, in the center
of the room. Cigarette and cigar smoke slowly swirled around
the light. Voices could be softly heard but Tina couldn't<
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Figging punishment

The Figging Punishment
Naked, lying on the attic floor, video camera in front of me, hands behind my back, ankles spread wide apart, ass and pussy fully exposed, pointing ever so nicely to who ever was witnessing my humiliation. I was so embarras
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Abi's Nerd

Abi was standing at her locker, unloading her science text books onto the top steel shelf, stacked with other dog-eared textbooks that she didn't need for tonight's hardcore revision session.
A tap on her shoulder made her inhale sharply, and sh
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Mistress Missy 1

Mistress Missy walked into her dungeon, inspecting her slaves. The Mistress was a beautiful woman. She was 6' 2", Dark (almost Black) brown hair witch she sometimes died purple. Mistress was tan with size C tits and a large but firm ass. She looked a
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