Getting dressed for the party, Molly was aware once again of the vague discontent that afflicted her marriage. She looked over at her husband Keith, who was just pulling up his tighty-whities. He was a slim and handsome man who was also a loving helpmate. In short, he had everything Molly needed. Well, not actually in “short” because his penis, even in its present flaccid state, was lengthy, and when erect it was fully capable of launching Molly to fuck heaven. So why wasn’t she thrilled and happy and looking forward to every minute she spent with hubby Keith?

She asked her reflection in the mirror, and the answer came back: No excitement, that’s what. No fucking excitement. Everything that happened was the perfectly expected thing. They got home from their respective jobs, she a third grade schoolteacher and he a systems analyst for an electronics firm, and, nine times out of ten, their evening routine was exactly the same: Making dinner together while sipping a beer or a diet Coke…eating while watching the TV news…cleaning up…more TV…going to bed…and screwing if Keith felt like it.

Oh, sure, there was a little oral play. He would suck her tits. Molly had delightful tits, full but still quite firm (she was only 26) and nipples that could be tugged way out. Then Keith would go downtown for a little bit. (Underline the “little bit”.) After that, she would do her oral thing to make sure his cock was just as long and stiff as she needed it, and he would screw her. Bang. Sometimes she climaxed softly. More often, she didn’t climax at all. The thing is, they always did it the same way and in the same position, with her on her back and him on top. She wished that just once he would flip her over and mount her like the bitch in heat that she was. She had even asked him to do it that way, but he had just laughed and climbed on top again. Ho-hum.

The party was to be at a swing music club, and Molly had decided to dress in the style of the times when swing reigned supreme–a wide skirt, fancy blouse that showed some cleavage with a push-up bra, along with stockings, garter belt, and full briefs. The panties that she chose were white nylon, and they cunningly embraced the curves of her cheeky ass. She intended to do the Lindy and let her skirt twirl, showing off her hot legs and more.

Molly was a secret show-off. Even Keith, conservative though he was about most things, liked to show her off to his friends and co-workers. All of the latter would be there tonight. He had asked Molly to wear leopard-print, high-cut panties, obviously knowing that his wife would flash the crowd, though probably just a quick flash, once or twice, was all he had in mind. Molly, however, had other ideas, and had opted for the plain white panties which were more appropriate to the party, she thought, and also sexier in their way because girls next door were always more interesting than femme fatales. Molly was smart enough to know that. At bottom, however (no pun intended), she mainly wanted to assert herself. She was always testing, trying…

Wearing just her silky pants and a garter belt attached to sheer, sand-colored hose, Molly looked at her bare titties in the mirror and had to admit they were a nice set. She tweaked her nipples to make them stick out even more.

“Babe, we’re gonna be late,” Keith warned as he buttoned his shirt, scarcely glancing at her.

“Yeah-yeah,” Molly replied and finished dressing, after which she applied the final touches to her makeup. She had a creamy complexion, pert features and lustrous brown hair that was moderately long, which she had gathered into a saucy ponytail. Very Fifties.

The party was in honor of a guy at Keith’s office who was moving up to a better job. Bob by name, he was divorced and came alone. He also was good-looking in a studly way, Molly thought. In fact, she liked him. He seemed to have the pizzazz that Keith lacked. No wonder it was he who had gotten the promotion. Ho-hum.

Though starting off dirt-dull, as office workers’ parties usually do, things began to liven up after everybody had a couple of drinks in them. Everybody but Keith, that is. One was his limit. Always. Molly decided to have a third. What the hell, tomorrow was Saturday, and she could sleep it off. The club’s small band was heating up, and so was Molly. Keith watched her warily…but proudly, too. She noted that. So what the hell…!

Bob had noted her interest in him and had made his way to her. Soon they were kind of off by themselves, chatting, and he was touching her. It was all so innocent at first, but then his hand (accidentally?) brushed her titties, and her nipples immediately stiffened. He chuckled and snuggled close, daring Keith to do anything about it, Molly thought. Of course, Keith wouldn’t. She didn’t even know where he was at the moment. She had last seen him talking to the old fart who headed up his department, but she guessed Keith probably had his eye on her, wherever he was.

While holding his drink in one hand, Bob snaked his other arm around her, and Molly leaned into him, letting him feel her hard nipples and the cushy breasts that backed them up. And speaking of hard…good gosh, Bob was hard as a rock, his dick straining upward against his clothes and poking against her. That gave Molly a naughty satisfaction. Finally, she was getting some excitement in her dull life!

Bob began to stroke her bottom in an almost casual way through her skirt and panties. She wished he would have the nerve to reach up under her skirt and stroke her on her panty seat, but there were people all around. Already they were no doubt a spectacle.

“Hey, you sweet hottie,” Bob whispered into her ear, “how about if we put on a show that will shock the locals? I’m pretty good at the Lindy. I can even do a mean toss. Are you up for it?”

“You’d better believe it,” Molly whispered back, and suddenly she slid her parted lips to his mouth and kissed him. She was ready to give him her tongue, but Bob beat her to it, slithering his oral love-maker between her lips and stroking her tongue with it. Molly began getting wet.

The band had energetically launched into one of the hot new swing tunes. “Let’s do it!” Bob said, placing his glass on the bar, and he swung Molly into the center of the small group on the floor who were dancing sedately. Soon all the others backed off to watch, knowing when they were out-classed, and there was Molly following Bob’s strong lead and putting on a real exhibition. Her ponytail was bobbing, and talk about twirling her skirt! The crowd clapped, and some of the guys whistled when Bob gracefully jerked her into a quick reverse, letting her skirt whip high around her waist. Stockings, bare thighs, and panties were all on display, not to mention Molly’s quivering, lushly curved ass-cheeks with the silky briefs wrapped around them.

In the midst of the hot dance, Molly glimpsed her husband, who had moved close to the action and was standing alone. She noted that his previously proud look had turned to one of disapproval, and she thought fleetingly that she had better tone it down. But no, she didn’t want to, and when Bob positioned himself to toss her into the air, she let him do it. Legs pointing straight up and skirt dropping around her head, she kicked and squealed before landing gracefully on her feet again.

Red-faced and heart pounding, Molly was having the time of her life, all the more so because Keith was upset. She WANTED to upset him, damn it! Again she let Bob toss her, this time over his back, and once more she displayed her voluptuous bottom in those white nylon panties along with her scissoring naked thighs above tightly gartered stockings.

When the dance ended, Bob kissed her, this time quickly because Keith was looking at them, and he said, “Hey, you’re really hot! We gotta do this again.” He moved away to follow
the scent of another quarry, and Molly’s old familiar void returned. She
got herself another drink.

Suddenly Keith was beside her. “Come on,” he growled, “we’re out of here.”

“But I’m just getting warmed up,” Molly pleaded, secretly enjoying her strait-laced husband’s discomfort.

He gave her ponytail a yank, which was something he had never done before. “I mean it!” He said between gritted teeth.

Molly stared at him. Wow, something was going on here, she decided. She quickly finished her drink and went with him. She WANTED to go with him now because he was showing a new…and promising…side to his usually all-too-predictable personality. Molly had finally gotten his dander up!

In the car he scolded her for making “a spectacle” of herself and “getting it on” with Bob. Molly laughed at him and decided to goad him even more. “When I get it ON with someone, you will fucking know it,” she declared. “Bob and I were just having a good time. But you don’t know what a good time is, do you, Mister Tight Ass!”

Oh-oh, Molly thought, maybe I have gone too far, because Keith abruptly wheeled the car off the freeway and onto a dirt road. He pulled over to the side and cut the engine. He and his sassy wife were all alone in the stillness of a warm summer evening, under a full moon and a canopy of stars, though still in sight of the freeway. He hopped out of the car and quickly rounded it to the passenger side.

“Get out!” he demanded. “I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

“No!” Molly replied, but that amounted to nothing as Keith grasped her by the arm and hauled her out of the car. With a deft twist, he propelled her face-downward onto the car’s low hood.

“God damn you!” she cried, “What are you doooing?” Molly was shocked, afraid, and sexually stimulated, all at the same time. A heady mix that, and her heart was hammering. She squirmed, but Keith held one of her arms, pressed against the middle of her back. Only her hips were free to bob about, shaking the skirt that covered them, its hem dancing at the middle of her thighs.

Keith was fired up. He wasn’t about to take his wife’s bitchy ways any longer. Grasping the edge of her skirt, he whipped it up to the small of her back, and there was Molly’s lush bottom all exposed, except for the thin white panties that reflected the moonlight, shimmering as she squirmed and writhed. It was her bottom that had offended Keith when she had displayed it so wantonly on the dance floor with that smart-ass Bob who had gotten the promotion Keith felt HE was entitled to. Molly’s bottom needed to be punished!

Keith raised his free hand and brought it down smartly across his wife’s sassy ass. “Oow!” she cried, and her buttocks bounced in her panties. Keith’s cock hardened quickly, rising to poke uncomfortably against the prison of his snug underpants. He spanked Molly again, making her ass-cheeks wobble even more. She yelped, and Keith enjoyed that. He also enjoyed the cushy feel of his wife’s bottom as his hand came down smartly on it, with only her thin silky underwear in the way.

Suddenly Keith did something totally out of character. His risen, elongated dick was giving him hell in his tight clothes and, without hardly thinking, he just reached down, wrenched his zipper over the hump at the front of his pants, and let his long, hard pecker leap free. Looking over her shoulder, Molly could scarcely believe what he saw. There was her strait-laced husband, fully clothed, standing on a public roadside (albeit a deserted one in the middle of the night), with his cock sticking out and upward from his fly. His rosy knob was an angry red in the limited light, and a thin stream of pre-cum glistened as it dangled from the slit at its tip. Molly wanted to lick that pre-cum off and capture her husband’s bulging cock-head in her mouth for a good sucking. It wouldn’t be a ritual or a duty any more–she really wanted to do it. But Keith didn’t give her the chance. As soon as he had liberated his dick, he went back to whaling away at her ass, swatting first one cheek and then the other, making them dance in her panties.

Soon he could no longer tolerate even that flimsy barrier between himself and his wife’s bottom, so he grasped the elastic at the top of her panty-briefs and forcefully yanked them down. “Ooooooh! Molly cried, not so much complaining as giving vent to the giddy exhilaration that was running through her. ANYTHING could happen, she thought. But for the moment, Keith merely tossed her panties into the bushes at the side of the road and resumed spanking her, now on her totally bare behind, which was framed by a white garter belt.

“Oow…oow…oow…” Molly bawled as the blows rained down on her defenseless rear. Keith was not spanking her all that hard. In fact, the swats were more stimulating than hurtful. Her pussy had become a swamp, and his cock was throbbing high. Suddenly he stopped the punishment. Molly was panting and giving little excited moans. What was going to happen next? Something HAD to happen, and somehow Molly knew it would be something that had never happened before.

Keith grasped her hips at both flanks, his hands spanning her garter straps, and he boosted her reddening bottom into the air. A wave of compassion and liberated love had suddenly swept over him and he bowed to his wife’s bottom, licking her rear cheeks all over, soothing the burning sensation that afflicted them–but not soothing the hotness in her cunt one little bit. In fact, Molly’s cunt was on fire with longing for her husband’s big, hard rod.

He didn’t give her his rod just yet. He had a different present for her first–two different presents, in fact, though he wasn’t planning this out. He would never have planned such things, but suddenly he had surrendered to emotion, which was not like the old Keith at all. As he licked his wife’s quivery, cushy ass-cheeks, he worked closer and closer to her crack until finally his face was in it, and he was slathering his tongue up and down, across Molly’s asshole and her delicious twat. He had licked her clitoris before, but he had never gone at her from behind, licking everything!

Molly thrilled wildly as her husband sank his loving tongue into the soft, wet opening of her vagina and, as he pumped it in and out, orally fucking her, she rotated and bumped her elevated ass, her buttocks shaking against his cheeks and the tip of his nose tickling her asshole. After while his tongue traversed the short bridge between the two apertures and he licked her asshole fiendishly, drooling his saliva into it. Next she felt his finger–no, two fingers–entering her cunt and pumping in and out. Oh God, this was too much! But Molly loved it.

However, Keith had just gotten started. All barriers, physical and mental, were down, and he was a new man with a new wife. Molly was thrilled that she had herself a new husband–one who excited her to the tips of her toes. However, it wasn’t her toes that Keith was going after this time. It was Molly’s unexplored and totally delightful rear end. He raised his head, gripped his stalwart rod, and directed the head of it to her aroused pussy whose lust-engorged lips had parted to receive his cock. The moisture on her pink pussy-flesh gleamed in the bright moonlight.

Keith’s prick parted Molly’s soft, wet labia and, as he rotated it with his hand, his swollen knob was snugly surrounded by her welcoming warmth. Inch by thrilling inch, he pushed deeper into her slick love-channel until finally his cock was throbbing way up inside her and she felt the zipper of his trousers scratch her crotch. He had never even dropped his pants but was fucking her through his fly, like he might fuck a whore in an alley, draped over the hood of his car as she was.

Molly didn’t mind. She didn’t mind anything. This was wonderful! She began to bob and rotate her hips as Keith started to withdraw and thrust, withdraw and thrust, pumping his long, thick prick in and out of her sn
ug and sensuously oozing hole. His pants-front slammed against her jiggly butto
cks. She squealed and pumped with him. He watched her ponytail bobbing and grabbed hold of it, giving little tugs.

“Ooh, Christ…ooh, yesss…ooh, FUCK meee!” Molly cried, and Keith continued to drive his hard cock into her–forcefully, briskly, slamming against her bobbing ass. She was flopping on the car’s hood like a fish on a boat-deck while the moonlight illuminated the scene and cars passed on the freeway, not two hundred yards from where they fucked.

Abruptly Molly gasped, then let out a piercing squeal, and Keith knew she was cumming. He couldn’t mistake the spasmodic clutching of her vaginal muscles which all but strangled his passion pole…pleasurably. Then he pulled his cock free and changed positions so that he could offer it to Molly’s mouth and resume finger action in her snatch at the same time. This was just one of the things Keith had thought of doing but had never been loose enough to try until tonight.

Molly eagerly grasped his big rosy dick which was coated with her sexual juices, and with a sound that was something like “ahnnnngh” she took his juicy and very tasty cock-head into her mouth, chomping and slurping and sucking on it noisily while her gushing saliva drooled out and swung from her chin in a glistening strand. All the while, Keith’s fingers pumped in and out of her cunt from the rear, his thumb punishing her clitoris at the same time.

Molly came again, with her husband’s cock in her mouth and three of his fingers inside her love-hole, stroking her g-spot while his thumb pushed her passion button. Her mouth and throat tightened on him, and he was afraid he would shoot. But he couldn’t let himself go yet. He had to do one more thing before this night was over–something he had always thought about but never dared try. It was now or never. Perhaps Molly would hate him…but she hated him anyway, didn’t she?

He withdrew his cock a bit so that just the head of it was soaking in her mouth, and he withdrew his fingers from her pussy. They were slick with her slippery juices, and he placed them against her anus. He could feel his wife stiffen, but he wasn’t about to stop. Twisting and pushing, his middle finger broke through her sphincter. “Gaahgggh,” Molly said, or something that sounded like that, against the cock that still stuffed her mouth, and her eyes went wide. But she didn’t try to stop Keith from what he was doing.

His middle finger circled in her hot, tight asshole, then began pumping in and out, in and out, until she was taking two knuckles and finally his entire digit. He circled it as he stroked it in and out, and Molly’s asshole widened. It was wide enough to handle two slippery fingers, and Keith gave them to her. Finally she had to tear her mouth from his throbbing sex organ to gasp and moan out her pleasure–yes, PLEASURE at the fact that he was finger-fucking her ass!

Keith quickly did what he had really wanted to do all along, pulling his fingers from her anus with a sucking pop and positioning his prick where his hand had been. He knew it wouldn’t be wise to delay the entry, so he immediately pushed, and his saliva-slick phallus bulled its way where his fingers had been.

“OOOWWWWWWW!” Molly bellowed as his entire fat cock-head popped into her ass. He pushed, sinking deeper into her asshole, and he began immediately to stroke, fucking his thick prick in and out of his wife’s clutching but slippery anus.

“OOH, GOD! OH, SHIT! OOH, JEE-ZUSSS…!” Molly cried as her husband ass-fucked her, pulling on her ponytail. It hurt but felt so deliciously good at the same time that she thrust her bottom back against him, and she came almost immediately, gasping and crying out. Keith kept fucking her asshole and when a car swept past them on the road, a gang of teenagers hooting, she came again.

Oh my God, they saw us! Molly thought, but that just excited her more. She had cum four times already and, when Keith reached underneath to pinch her clit hard, she had an unbelievable (for her) fifth climax. This finally tripped Keith’s switch, and his whole body jerked as his big dick expanded, shooting spurt after spurt of thick, warm jism up from his balls and deep into Molly’s ass.

After he pulled out, he fell forward atop her, and their mouths locked in a soulful kiss of thrashing tongues and shared saliva that gradually subsided to a simple joining of their mouths and a nestling of his tongue against hers.

“Ooh, honey, I love you…love you…love you,” Molly moaned as soon as her mouth was free. “You satisfied me SOOH GOOOD!”

“And I love you, baby,” Keith whispered passionately, “even more than I ever did before.”

So anger had broken down complacency and boredom to produce a totally new experience…and a re-birth of passionate love. How will the relationship evolve from here…?

(As always, comments from readers are more than welcome. Ladies, what do you say?)

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