My Cousin Natalie

Chapter Twenty Two: My Cousin Natalie

My next sexual encounter took place a few months after my first experience with Amber, when my mother and I took a weekend trip to visit her sister, Vanessa. Aunt Vanessa and her husband Mark lived in a city about two-hundred miles south of us. They had three children; Mark Jr., Shelly and Natalie. Mark Jr. recently graduated with honors from the state university. Shelly was in college and Natalie was a junior in high school. Uncle Mark was an account executive for a large insurance firm and spent a good deal of time on the road, which was the case this weekend.

When mom and I arrived at Aunt Vanessa’s early Saturday afternoon, Natalie and Aunt Vanessa were sitting on the front porch. As we came up the walk they both got up to greet us. Of course I took particular note of Natalie. She had pretty face with full lips, a nicely shaped nose and big blue eyes. Her blond hair was shoulder length and wavy. Natalie was dressed in shorts and a halter top. She was a big girl. Definitely a bit chubby; but not what would be considered unattractively overweight. Her thighs were big; but firm and well shaped. She was very well endowed in the breast department and to my way of thinking, she had an elegant bottom. Her large round half moons mounded up beautifully filling the seat of her shorts to perfection. I was already calculating how I might get a look that part of her anatomy up close and personal.

Mom and Aunt Vanessa hugged, started chatting a mile a minute and disappeared into the house. I expected Natalie to follow them, but she sat down on the porch swing and picked up a book that she had apparently been reading before we arrived. I saw that she had only a few pages to go. So I quietly sat down on the porch steps and waited for her to finish. I noted the title; it was Amanda Quick’s “Mistress.” When she turned the last page I asked, “How did you like it?”

Natalie jerked her head up, obviously startled at the sound of my voice and said, “It was good. I was so intent on finishing it; I didn’t notice that you stayed out here Bill. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“That’s OK,” I said as I got up from the steps and went to sit beside her on the swing. “I was the same way when I read that book. I think it’s Amanda Quick’s best.”

Natalie turned to me and with a look of amazement and exclaimed, “You’ve got to be kidding! I never would have dreamed that a boy your age would be interested in romance novels.”

Actually Natalie was right. I typically wasn’t interested in romance novels. But I was a voracious reader and discovered that Amanda Quick’s novels contained some very explicit sex scenes. When I read her books, I skimmed through them looking for those parts and then I would read them over and over again.

Then I said, “I like some of them. My favorite part of “Mistress” is when Lady Starlight in the statuary gallery looking at the sculptures of nude men and women having sex.”

Natalie chuckled a little and commented; “Now I get it. You like the dirty parts.”

“I wouldn’t call them dirty,” I said a little indignantly. “I think they’re artistic.”

Natalie said, “I was only teasing. To be honest, those are my favorite parts too. But it’s only fantasy. If there was a tall, dark and hansom Duke or Count around here; he’d be after my older sister the beauty queen, not me.” Then Natalie turned toward me and continued, “Bill you’re really lucky to be an only child. I have to compete with my sister the beauty queen and my brother the brain. I think I was an afterthought or more likely an accident. By the time I came along all the good genes were used up.”

I looked directly into Natalie’s eyes and said earnestly, “That’s not true. I think you’re very pretty. I like a lot of things about you. That’s why I stayed out here. I wanted to be with you.”

That’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me,” Natalie exclaimed. Then she leaned forward and kissed me. I was surprised at how exciting a cousin’s kiss could be. As I returned the kiss enthusiastically, I placed a hand on Natalie’s thigh and squeezed a little.

We continued to sit on the swing and talk. As we talked, I would occasionally place a hand on her thigh and massage it a little or run my fingers lightly up and down her arm or take some strands of her hair and wrap them around a finger. Natalie didn’t protest any of these actions. I was sure she was enjoying it as much as I.

We also discovered we had another common interest. We both liked 80’s music videos. Natalie had taped the MTV “80’s Top Twenty” and we decided to go up to her room to watch them.

As we went into the house Aunt Vanessa and mom were coming out of the kitchen. Aunt Vanessa said, “Natalie your Aunt Monica and I are going out to shop for a while. Then we’re going meet up with some old girlfriends for a little gab fest over dinner.”

Natalie said, “OK mom. We’re going to watch some music videos.”

“There’s food in the fridge if you two get hungry or you can order a pizza if you want,” Aunt Vanessa continued.

When we got to her room, Natalie rummaged through a pile of video tapes on a low shelf. While she was bending over, I was staring at her bottom hoping that I could figure a way to get her shorts and panties off for a good look at it. She found the tape she was looking for, put it in the VCR and came to sit beside me no the bed.

The first couple of videos were wild offerings by the likes of Quiet Riot and Alice Cooper. Then just the type of video I was hoping for came on. It was “True” by Spandau Ballet; a slow romantic selection that ran about five minutes. As the mood changed, I reached over, cupped Natalie’s chin, turned her face toward mine and began to kiss her. Her response was immediate; she opened her mouth against mine and we began passionately kissing as we fell back facing each other on the bed.

As we kissed, I began to massage her back then slipped my hand inside her shorts and began to fondle her ample bottom cheeks through the thin material of her panties. Natalie broke off our kiss, pulled my hand away and rolled onto her back. Then she said a little breathlessly, “No Bill!! We shouldn’t be doing this. I whish you could be my boyfriend; but you can’t because we’re cousins.”

I looked intently down at her and began to run a finger over her soft full lips and asked, “You’ve never heard of kissing cousins?” Then I leaned over her and lightly kissed her forehead, eyelids, and the tip of her nose and then moved back to her lips. Her response was immediate and passionate. As we kissed, I slipped my hand under her halter top and began to explore her large firm breasts; this time there was no resistance. When we broke off our kiss we were both breathing heavily and Natalie said, “Go lock the door; just in case.”

I got off the bed and on my way to the door switched off the TV and VCR. I wanted no distraction for the next activities I had in mind. When I turned back toward the bed Natalie had removed her halter top and her breasts were awaiting my attention. I got on the bed, bent over and began to lightly run my tongue over and around each large dark pink nipple while cupping her breasts in my hands. Then I began to gently nibble and suck Natalie’s nipples bringing them fully erect, as Natalie softly moaned. Then I moved back to her lips and we began to kiss again.

Then I slid one hand down inside the front of her shorts. Natalie brought her feet up to rest them on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide to assist my exploration here. I could feel the outline of her pussy through the thin silky material of her panties. I began to massage between her legs. Almost immediately I could feel her panties becoming moist and knew her pussy was wet and waiting for more personal attention. As I continued to massage between her legs, I renewed my attention to her breasts and I heard Natalie moaning ov
er and over again, “Oh my God.” Then she began to thrust her body upwards to meet my probing finge
rs and her panties were literally becoming soaked with her pussy juices. As much as I was enjoying myself, I knew that if I wasn’t careful I was going to bring Natalie off much too soon to suit my purpose and my throbbing organ was so hard that I was becoming very uncomfortable in my cramped position.

I got up from the bed and stood by the edge facing Natalie. I bent over her and began to pull her shorts down. She raised her body a little as I pulled them down over her hips. Then I slowly pulled her shorts over her lush thighs, down to her knees and off over her feet. I saw that she was still wearing her black sandals and I was glad she hadn’t taken them off. The thought of her completely nude, as she soon would be, with the exception of her shoes very exciting to me. As I dropped her shorts on the floor, Natalie’s hands were at the waistband of her panties and I said, “No stop, I want to do that.”

Then I said, my voice trembling with excitement, “Roll over.” Natalie rolled onto her stomach. The view was now literally breath taking. Natalie’s impressive bottom mounded up from just below the small of her back. Her large bottom cheeks were straining against the thin layer of material hiding them from my view. I placed my hands on the seat of her panties and began kneading her bottom cheeks. The feel was exquisite. Then I slid a hand back down between her legs to massage her pussy a little more. I just had to give myself some more time to anticipate slowly pulling her panties down to reveal her bottom. Then I finally placed the fingers of each hand in the waistband of Natalie’s panties. She rose off the bed; slightly elevating her hip to assist with what was to come next. I drew her panties down to slowly reveal her bottom and this sight was worth the wait. I continued to guide Natalie’s panties in their slow descent; down her shapely thighs, over her knees and finally off over her feet. I then dropped them to the floor to join her shorts in a discarded heap by the bed.

I got back on the bed beside Natalie and as I was running one hand slowly over her lush bottom cheeks I bent over and began to softly kiss her first at the small of her back and then all the way up her spine. I pushed her blond silky hair away from the back of her neck and began to kiss her there. At the same time I let a finger slip into the deep crevasse between her bottom cheeks and slid it slowly down to her anus. When I felt the puckered opening beneath my finger tip I began to lightly massage it. Natalie gave a little shudder and thrust her bottom up against my probing finger. I applied a little more pressure and my finger penetrated the tight elastic rim slipping inside. Natalie’s reaction pleased me. Rather than trying to push my hand away or protest. She raised her bottom causing my finger to sink in a little deeper. Then I ceased kissing Natalie’s neck so I could sit up and move down to give my full attention to matters below.

While continuing to move my finger within Natalie’s inviting bottom hole, which was becoming more accommodating to its presence by the second. I put my other hand between her legs. When she felt my hand there, Natalie spread her legs wide to offer me free access to her dripping pussy. I found her swollen clitoris and began to lightly massage it. Natalie was now breathing very heavily and thrusting wildly against both my probing fingers. When I judged that she was close to orgasm, I stopped and removed my fingers from her pussy and bottom hole. Natalie moaned out, “No please don’t stop now!! You’re driving me crazy!!”

I got up and stood by the edge of the bed and said, “There’s more I want to do. I want to make it really good for you Natalie. Turn over and move toward me until your bottom is just on the edge of the bed.” Alison complied; rolling onto her back and shifting her body across the bed. I bent down and began to suck on her rigid nipples while sliding a hand back between her legs. Then I knelt down between her legs, which now extended over the edge of the bed.

Anticipating my next moves, Natalie raised her legs back up over the edge of the bed with her knees bent and spread them wide apart. Her pussy was covered with a goodly amount of blond hair and I thought it very attractive. I spread the outer lips to reveal her swollen clitoris. I started to slowly brush my tongue over it. Then I brought my lips down and encircled it and began to suck softly drawing it into my mouth as my tongue continued to play over it. Now Natalie began to moan in ecstasy and I could feel her raised legs trembling. I continued to enjoy this activity for another minute or so until I had her little love button to standing at full alert.

I moved my mouth away from her pussy and grasped her legs at the back of her knees, pushing her legs back until her knees were brushing her erect nipples. This rotated her bottom up to a convenient position for me. I knew we were now fully in tune because as I removed my hands from behind her knees, Natalie immediately replaced them with hers holding her bottom hole in its accessible position. I moved back down and spread her bottom cheeks providing an unobstructed view of my new toy. I began to work my tongue around her puckered opening and when I slipped the tip inside Natalie moaned, “Oh God!” and pushed her bottom upward. I continued to work her there with my tongue getting her well lubricated with my saliva as I darted my tongue in and out in ever deeper thrusts. Then I moved a hand back up her pussy and slipped my index and fore fingers in to her hot moist love tunnel. Once well lubricated, they were ready for their intended function. Laying them one on top of the other forming a narrow wedge, I brought them down to replace my tongue. I applied some slight pressure and they began to move past the tight elastic rim of Natalie’s anus. She cried out a little on the initial penetration; but then as my fingers slowly sank inside, I could feel her relax and begin to enjoy the sensation. This accomplished, I was now ready to return my attention to her pussy.

I now began to get serious about bringing her off. As I sucked and teased her erect and literally throbbing clitoris, I was slowly rotating and moving my fingers ever deeper into her bottom. Natalie began to emit a series of short little cries as she alternately thrust against my fingers, which were now nearly fully embedded in her bottom hole. At the same time my mouth and tongue were working overtime. In all too short a time she had an explosive orgasm that seemed to rock her whole body as she screamed out in pleasure. I continued my ministrations at a slower pace through all of this and coaxed out a second orgasm before I judged that Natalie was nearly spent and I slowly withdrew from her.

All this time my arousal was also building to a fever pitch and my own rock hard organ was throbbing and eager to be released. I quickly stood up and as Natalie lay trembling on the bed with her legs still spread wide I began to frantically remove my clothes. In a shorter time than I would have thought possible, I was fully undressed and perched over Natalie with my stiff member between her legs and ready for action.

Feeling me get onto the bed, Natalie’s eyes flew open and she sat up. Then she moved back on the bed and looked up at me. “Bill no you can’t! Not that way. I’ve never done anything even close to this before and I wasn’t expecting to; at least any time soon. I’m not prepared. You know what I mean, the pill or anything. I want to do it; but we can’t.”

Then Natalie looked down at my stiffly erect member. There was a momentary look of indecision on Natalie’s face and I was beginning to hope that I could guess what she was thinking. Then she said, as her face began to redden a little, “Bill you might…..I mean you could do it in my… know…..the other place OK?” I was so excited by the thought that I could only nod.

Then Natalie got up from the bed and went over to the dresser. The sight of her as she walked across the room; comple
tely nude except for the black platform sandals
was thrilling. Her silky blond hair falling around her shoulders, the swell of her bottom just below the small of her back and the way her hips swayed as she walked were all very exciting to behold. She rummaged around the top of the dresser for a moment, returned to where I was standing and handed me a small container of petroleum jelly. “Here use this….you know put some in me…..there before…,” Natalie stammered, while deeply blushing.

Then she turned to the bed and took the two large pillows from the top. She placed the pillows one on top of the other on the edge of the bed. Then she lay over them, with her upper body across the bed. This arrangement elevated her bottom several inches making it very accessible for me. In this position her feet were just touching the floor. Natalie raised her head and looked back over her shoulder at me and asked, “I this OK?” Again I could only nod.

As I began to remove the lid from the little jar she had given me, Natalie lowered her head again and moved her legs a little apart. Then she placed her hands behind her back and spread her bottom cheeks. I put a liberal amount of the lubricating jelly on my index finger and bending down a little, began to apply it. I moved my finger slowly around Natalie’s crinkled little bottom hole. Due to the lubrication and its recent stretching it readily yielded and my finger easily slipped inside to continue its work.

When I removed my finger and sat the jar on the floor, Natalie took another grip on her bottom cheeks to spread them wider and I saw the muscles in the backs of her thighs tense a little as she anticipated what was going to happen very soon.

I moved into position behind Natalie and grasping my stiff rod by the shaft I guided it’s head between Natalie’s parted bottom cheeks to her little puckered opening. As I began to apply some pressure I could feel the tight opening begin to give just a little. But in spite of the lubrication and previous exercise the resistance was still considerable. I applied a little more pressure and Natalie cried out a little. Then I made a quick decision. I knew that if I took too long gaining initial entry, it might become too uncomfortable for Natalie, so I made one quick hard thrust. Natalie cried out again; but the head of my organ slipped neatly inside. Now Natalie’s little bottom rim was tightly clamped around my shaft. Natalie was still moaning a little but the worst was over. I pushed in just a little more and I could feel Natalie move her bottom around a little trying to become accustom to this new invader.

Natalie’s bottom was now being filled by something considerably larger than my fingers. I slowly and steadily pressed forward until the full length of my hard throbbing rod was fully inserted. As the front of my legs came to rest against the backs of her large shapely thighs Natalie released her bottom cheeks and let her hands drop down to her sides. Sensing that I was fully in she said, “Wait just a little. Give me some time to get used to it.”

I was more than happy to oblige. I whished I could make this last forever. Having my rod firmly planted between her bottom cheeks was heaven. I began to massage Natalie’s bottom cheeks; occasionally spreading them to better enjoy the view. Then Natalie rose up on her toes; elevating herself just a little above the pillows. She slipped a hand under her stomach and moved it back between her legs. I felt one of her fingers brush against my balls which had to now be hanging partially over her pussy. I now realized that she was going to massage her clitoris during our forthcoming session. Natalie settled back on the pillows and shifted her legs further apart and
I could sense that she was ready. I began to slowly withdraw a little and then, just as slowly, push back in. I continued in this manner, gradually increasing the length of my stroke. While I was doing this, I spread her bottom cheeks wide to observe the action. Her tight elastic opening was clamped so firmly around my shaft; that it was pulling out slightly as I drew out and dimpling in as my shaft slid in.

I could tell that this movement within her sensitive bottom in combination with her own manipulations; were having a very stimulating effect. Natalie began to breathe a little more heavily. At the end of one of my inward strokes I bent over and placed my hands on Natalie’s sides. As I expected she sensed what I wanted. She rose up on the elbow of her free arm and I slid my hands around to cup her breasts; the nipples were fully erect. As I was massaging her breasts, Natalie whispered, “It’s OK now. Do it faster and more….you know in and out harder.” Then she said even more softly, “I want to watch you doing it.”

As I rose up, Natalie lay back down but turned her head to look back at me. I knew I couldn’t last for long. I was nearly ready to explode. But I planned to hold back for as long as possible. I pulled my shaft nearly all the way out, grasped Natalie at the top of her thighs for leverage and began to really thrust in. Very quickly I got a rhythm going; full strokes with my pelvis banging against her bottom on each inward thrust. If I could have only kept it up longer but it was impossible. In all too short a time, my load exploded into Natalie’s bottom hole. Through all this, I was trying to keep in mind Natalie’s needs. Once I was spent, I continued pile driving into her hungry bottom hole and about a minute later she came too.

Afterward, as we lay side by side on the bed Natalie said, “My God, how did you learn to do all those things? I know you look older, but you’re only fifteen. How many girls have you done things with? When did you start?”

I told Natalie about my first encounters with Jennifer and Teresa. Then I told her what had happened with Carla and Heather. Natalie had considerable interest in this. “So seeing them getting spanked really turned you on? Then when you spanked Carla and Heather they got turned on. I guess I’ve never even thought of something like that. If my dad ever took enough notice of anything I did to deserve a spanking, I can’t remember it. I would let you spank me some time if you wanted too; but not now. You’ve done enough to me down there for one day. Don’t get me wrong; I wanted you to do it. It’s just that it being the first time; well you know what I mean. I could have done what Heather did for you and I was going to at first; but I wanted…..the other thing. I don’t know why. I was afraid, but I wanted to try it.”

“I wanted to do it that way with you,” I said. “But I liked doing everything. I got really excited when you first kissed me. I think you’re really sexy. I wished we lived closer. I’m going to miss you so much.”

“Bill you keep forgetting. We’re cousins. After what happened just now, I’m glad we don’t live close. It would be too tempting and would eventually lead to trouble. As much as I liked what we did, it was wrong and especially wrong because we’re related. I don’t regret it because I needed to feel wanted and desirable and you were the first person to make me feel like that. I needed that as much if not more than the sex; but there’s no future for us that way. We fulfilled each other’s needs for the moment and no one got hurt. Let’s just leave it that way for now. We’ll have to see how we feel by the next time we see each other again.”

I knew Natalie was right in what she said and I respected her for it. I would have liked to do more with her before I left; but I didn’t push for it. Besides she had left the door open a little for future encounters and I didn’t want to mess that up. After all she had said that I could spank her sometime and I wasn’t about to let her forget that.

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