new girl in class

Her hand tugged firmly as Uzumi leads sally down the long hallway. After classes are done for the day, the high school looks so empty
“Slow down, Uzi”, sally implores
“Teacher wants to see you.”
It has been her sole response to anything sally has said.
They round the corner, as Sally’s skirt rises to show a hint of her yellow cotton panties.
The door stands open, yet Uzumi knocks before they enter the teacher’s classroom. He is leaning against the front of his desk, legs crossed. “Come inside”, his voice is deep and Sally has told her friends that she masturbates in the shower thinking of teacher touching her.
“I’m grateful that you came, Sally. Uzumi, show her to our surprise.”
Uzi guides sally to the back of the classroom to present a pod resting on the tiled floor. Sally looks around, “what is this supposed to be, some joke?”
Uzumi walks to the front of the class to stand near teacher. “Open it, go on.” He implores as she kneels.. reaching down to touch the coffee can sized pod.
It bursts open, wild strands of fleshy tentacles reach upward.. they wrap around sally’s ankles and wrists. It spreads her legs and arms out as other tentacles burst upward tearing through the seat of Sally’s yellow panties.
The slimy flesh like strands penetrate her virgin ass which makes her scream out in pain. They stroke in and out of her asshole as another one reaches for her head, wrapping around her screaming mouth. The bulging tip slides down her throat, pumping a thick medicinal fluid into her from both ends.
The screaming turns to drooling as her eyes roll backward, a sick grin curls upon her lips.
A flood of piss falls to the floor beneath where she is being held, pumped full of alien fluids.
Her small tits burst through her top, growing in size, nipples swollen and pulsating.
The struggling is replaced with a limp acceptance.. the beast fucks her mouth and once virgin asshole.
Her pussy gushes waves of cum as Uzumi is instructed to walk over and drink from her friend.
She kneels beneath sally with her mouth open as teacher walks up behind her.. grabbing Sally’s massively swollen breasts, his excessive tongue curls around her left breast as her squeezes her right. Tongue flicking from one nipple to the other, a milky fluid squirts from Sally’s tits.
Teacher sucks it down as she continues to gush cum into Uzumi ‘s open mouth.
Uzumi humps one of the strands of tentacle like a dog on someone’s leg.
Teacher slowly sucks Sally’s tits dry then pulls away and lifts Uzumi up, bent over her rips her panties and pulls a 14 inch dick from his pants, it throbs wildly as he forced it into Uzumi’s slick pussy.
She screams out, exhilarated as she get fucked with the biggest dick she will ever see.
He continually pumps cum into her cunt, lifting her off the ground.. pulling her arms backward.. her body clumsily sliding further down his member.
Sally falls to the floor as the tentacles release her, sliding back into their pod.
She can’t move but stare blankly, glassy eyed and grinning.. trembling as Uzi gets pumped so full of alien cream It oozes out of her mouth.
Teacher lowers Uzi to the floor pulling out and laying his dick near sally’s mouth.. her tongue reaching out of her mouth to lick the head of his alien cock.
“One week. You will each find a friend to bring to me. We will use them and spread our race across this planet. The two 18 year old girls lay on the tile, spent as the teacher picks up the pod, leaving them for the night.

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