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Abel lifted the the satin over her hips,revealing pale,already parted mounted,a perfect,tiny,puckered starfish peeked at him.His pants fell in a puddle at his feet,his impressive,cut, 8-9″ pole stood at attention,he spread them open as wide as they would go&pressed the tip of the fat,bulbous,purple head at the center.The lass was coming around a bit,not enough to be a problem,though.She felt a huge pipe behind her.Abel bore down,at 1st no give,then the tip pierced the tight ring a little.Abel gripped his prize’s slender hips in a vice&and placed all his weight behind his shampoo bottle thick stick.As her sphincter began to surrender,the lass woke up,dazed,until she realized her virgin orfice had betrayed her,when the big head,suddenly shot forward&her sphincter clamped down just beyond the thick,corona ring.She tried to scream,but no sound came out.Tried to flee,however she was held in place.The lady did not bleed,because this was Oblivion&torture was the norm&her asshole never lost elasticity,it was always just as tight as the first breach.

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