Peggy's Story (Part 4)

Chapter Thirty Four: Peggy’s Story (Part 4)

That first evening after Joe finished spanking Sherri and she went up to her room he said, “Now that the unpleasantness is over, we can enjoy the rest of the evening. Brenda put the paddle back I’m sure it won’t be needed now.”

Joe went back to the recliner and sat down. Then he said, “Peggy come over here. I want to cuddle you a little. I’ll bet you smell sweet after your bath.”

I was very aware that I had no choice other than to do as Joe said. So I got up and went over and got in his lap. Joe put his arm around me pulling me close and snuggled me against his chest. I was embarrassed because Brenda was still in the room; but I was too fearful of reprisal to resist. Joe began to stroke my hair and said, “I love the feel of a girl’s hair it’s always so soft and yours smells very sweet Peggy.” He cupped my chin, raised my face toward his and kissed me. I responded, trying my best to please him in spite of what I considered to be a very awkward situation. Joe began to nuzzle my neck and said softly, “Unbutton your blouse.”

I undid the buttons of my blouse and Joe pushed it open. He lifted each of my breasts from the cups of my bra. He took one in his hand and began to massage the nipple with his thumb and I felt my body beginning to respond; even though I knew Brenda was watching everything. Joe was now sucking on my nipples and before I knew it my breath was beginning to come in short gasps and I began to move my bottom a little on his lap. As he continued to hold me and work over my breasts Joe said, “Brenda come over here.” This was a reality check for me. I was getting so aroused that I had almost forgotten about Brenda. I heard her get up from the couch and I closed my eyes because I was too embarrassed to look at her.

Joe said, “Take her shorts and panties off.”

I started to push away from Joe’s embrace and he said, “Peggy don’t.”

That was all it took. As I relaxed in his arms I felt my shorts and panties being slipped down over my hips, down my legs and off. Then Joe said, “Feel her pussy Brenda. I’ll bet it’s already wet.”

When I felt Brenda’s hand between my legs I knew better than to resist. In fact, I spread them a little as her finger slid into my pussy. Brenda began to move her finger slowly around and I involuntarily responded as she touched my clitoris. Brenda removed her hand and said, “You’re right she’s already dripping.”

Then I felt Joe shift a little in the chair and I opened my eyes. Brenda was standing close beside the chair and Joe was putting his hand down the front of her shorts. He said, “looks like our little show did something for you too Brenda. That sweet little pussy of yours is wet too. I think we should all go upstairs and take care of some business.”

The next thing I knew, Joe was carrying me up the steps with Brenda following close behind. We entered a large bedroom and Joe sat me on the edge of the bed. He slipped my blouse off and unfastened my bra. During this time Brenda had stripped. Joe turned away from me and motioned for Brenda to come to him. As Brenda approached, I couldn’t help admiring her sexy body. Her tits were small but very sexy. They stood out perkily and her little pink nipples were already hard and standing out in stark contrast to her creamy white skin. The bush of dark hair between her legs accented the prominent lips of her pussy. When she got to the bed Joe bent down and began to suck on her nipples and moved a hand down between her legs. I saw that he slipped a finger into her pussy and I knew he was beginning to stroke her love button. Then Joe had Brenda sit on the bed beside me and then he got undressed. I could see that he was already fully erect and his cock looked even bigger than I remembered from my earlier experience at the deserted shack.

Joe said, “You two girls make a beautiful pair and as you can see, quite an inspiration. I can’t wait to get started on the work at hand. I know each one of you has a wet little pussy that needs to be satisfied. So the question is, how do we work things out? I’ll have to give it some thought.”

Joe pushed me back into a reclining position across the bed and began to suck on my nipples again as his hand moved in between my legs. As before, it seemed as if my body took control and I began to respond almost immediately. Then I felt Joe grasp my legs and push them back toward my chest. The next sensation I felt was his tongue moving around my butt hole. I couldn’t help giving out a little moan of pleasure, even though I was still a bit embarrassed by Brenda’s presence in the room. Then I felt a finger probing me there and I think I cried out a bit as it slipped inside. By now Joe had moved his tongue back to my clitoris and I felt another wave of pleasure wash over me.

I had almost reached a climax when Joe stopped. Then I heard him say, “Peggy can’t have all the fun Brenda. I’ll bet she’d be willing to do something nice for you.”

I felt a movement on the bed and Brenda straddled me, bringing her pussy down to my mouth. Then she said, “Eat my pussy Peggy.”

I was so shocked I couldn’t think of what to do or say. When I didn’t do anything, Brenda moved her pussy lower till it was touching my lips. At this point I came to my senses and turned my head away. Without warning, Brenda grabbed a handful of my hair and roughly yanked my head back around. I let out a scream of pain as she continued to pull my hair. I tentatively brought my tongue out to touch her pussy and she relaxed her grip a little.

Joe said, “Come on now Peggy, be nice. Don’t go spoiling everything. It wouldn’t be in your best interest. You’re a smart girl. I’m sure you know what to do and I suggest you get started.”

Although I was a little repulsed by the idea, I slid my tongue into Brenda’s pussy and began to move it slowly around. When I came in contact with her erect clitoris she said, “Yes there, that’s good. Now suck it too.”

After I began doing what Brenda wanted, I felt Joe working on my pussy again and rotating his finger in my butt. Before long, my level of arousal began to build. Then Brenda began thrusting her pussy against my mouth and I increased my effort, just to get it over. I began swirling my tongue around her swollen clit as I continued to suck on it. Suddenly Brenda cried out as I brought her off. As she moved to the side, Brenda said, “You did OK for the first time Peggy. I guess you’re a quick learner.”

Then Brenda bent over me and began to suck on my nipples. Initially the idea of another girl doing that to me seemed strange and even a bit perverted; but I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the sensual stimulation of what Brenda and Joe were doing to my body. By now I thought that Joe was probing my bottom more deeply and I involuntarily began to thrust my butt downward because I was enjoying this sensation. Just as I was nearing a climax again Joe said, “I think Peggy’s hot little ass is ready for something else now.”

In the next moment I was being turned onto my stomach and I felt Brenda straddle me again. This time she was sitting on the small of my back. Joe said, “Spread her cute little butt cheeks for me Brenda.”

I felt Brenda’s hands on my bottom as she parted my butt cheeks. Then I felt some sort of oily liquid being applied around and into my bottom opening. Then Brenda said, “Looks like it will be a tight fit Joe.”

All at once my brain clicked into gear and I realized what Joe must have in mind. A finger was one thing, but remembering all too well how big he was, I knew that his huge cock would never fit in me there. I screamed out, “No!!” and almost threw Brenda off my back as I started to get up off the bed. I felt a couple of sharp swats land on my butt and Joe said, “Lay still damn it! Don’t make me use my belt on you Peggy.”

I cried out, “No please, it’s too big. You can’t do that!” and I made another effort to get
up. This plea was in vain and almost instantly I felt Joe pushing his hard cock against my bu
tt hole. I tried puckering my bottom opening to keep it out. Then I felt my butt hole yielding to Joe’s stiff shaft and within a short time it was inside and moving deeper. Brenda said as I continued to struggle a little, “You’re going to get fucked in the ass Peggy. So you might as well relax. It will make things go easier.”

I started to sob because it felt like I was being split in two. A short time later Brenda said, “It’s all the way in now Peggy. Your ass took it without any trouble at all. So stop the blubbering and get used to it. In the next few moments I felt Joe’s cock begin to move out and then thrust back into my butt. After a while he began driving his cock in and out of my butt with quick hard strokes. After a while, the pain eased considerably and to my surprise I found that I was beginning to get turned on again. By the time I felt Joe shoot his load of cum into my butt I was almost on the point of an orgasm again.

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