The Affair

My name is Greg and I live in California. My wife’s sister, Amy, was coming into town to visit with me and my wife. She was staying for a week. Amy had made plans to meet up with and old college sorority sister of her’s that lived near by. Amy made plans to meet her on Thursday night and invited my wife and I along. We meet up with Amy’s friend Melissa, who brought out her boss Kara, who was in town on business. The girls each had their husbands with them. We were at a lounge type bar. Melissa seemed nice but her boss Kara was fucking hot. Both of their husbands were really dull and didn’t seem interested in any of us. The kept to themselves all night.
As we consumed a few drinks, the topic of work came up. It turns out that Melissa and Kara were head hunters in the business field. They told me they were desperately seeking to place a few people in this new company contract they had just secured. It turns out that the job they were looking to place is exactly my specialty. Needless to say, Melissa and Kara became instantly interested in me. Melissa was busy with catching up with my sister-in-law and talking to my wife, but Kara was putting on the full court press. We exchanged phone numbers and e-mail’s. She was trying very hard to entice me to let her place me in her new contract.
They night finally ended and my wife, her sister and I went home. The next day I received a e-mail from Kara. She wrote that she had a great time last night and really wanted to take me out to dinner to talk about the job opportunity. We wrote back and forth a few time s, and finally I agreed to meet her on next Thursday night when she was back in town so she could try to sell me on the job. I told my wife about it and she told me to go for it and see what they would offer.
Thursday night finally came around. I went to the restaurant to meet up with Kara. I was surprised that she had wanted to meet in a hotel restaurant, with all the cool restaurants in town. I was already getting a bad feeling about the job. If she was taking me to a cheap restaurant, how great could the job be. I arrived first and headed over to the bar. I ordered a drink and sat down.
After a few minutes I felt a hand cover my eyes and say “guess who?” I turned around as the hands left my eyes. Standing in front of me was Kara. She was wearing an evening gown! It stuck to her like cling wrap. It showed off every curve on her body. She looked fucking hot. It was a black dress very low cut exposing her heaving breasts. I was speechless. She casually turned around and I could see that it was a backless dress. Her naked back looked so sexy. She gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek. saying “I’m so glad you came out to meet with me.”
I finally got my senses back and hugged her back. She sat down next to me and ordered a drink. We sat there talking for about an hour. We each had downed 3 drinks during the hour, her company was buying and I was going to take advantage. I was surprised that she was drinking as heavily as I was. Finally she looked at me and said “well I guess I should get down to business.” I said ok lets get to it. She looked away and grabbed her drink slamming down the last half of it. I just looked at her. She finally said “I have to be honest, there is no job.” I was caught off guard and just stared at her. She continued, ” I felt a real connection to you when we met” I just listened. ” She said ” Honestly, I was hoping we could be fuck buddies.” My mouth dropped. I didn’t know what to say. This totally hot woman was asking me to be her fuck buddy. She must have noticed my frozen state and continued “I know you are married, I am also married but my husband has not touched me in months, I will be in California every month on business and I would love to be able to meet up with you for sex with no strings attached.” I could not believe what she was saying.
My dick on the other hand heard her loud and clear. I just leaned over and kissed her. We were making out right at the bar. My hand began groping her up and down. She pulled away and said “I have a room upstairs” and grabbed me by the hand. I jumped up and followed her out to the hotel elevators. When we entered the elevator, she pushed the twelfth floor. We began passionately making out. I was fondling her breasts and squeezing her ass over her dress. She felt amazing. The elevator door finally opened and she led me to her room.
Once inside, she stepped back and unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor. She was buck naked. she had no bra on or panties. Her body was beautiful. She pulled me over to the bed and she sat down. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. She took it into her mouth and began giving me head. I was feeling slightly guilty until she put my cock into her mouth. My wife hadn’t sucked my cock in over a year. I had forgotten how great a blow job felt. I just watched as my cock went in and out of her mouth. After sucking on my cock for a long while, she laid back on the bed and pulled me onto her as she ripped off my shirt.
As I was on top of her making out passionately, my dick was swelling. She grabbed my ass and tried to pull my cock to her pussy, I resisted saying “I don’t have a condom.” She pulled me harder, My cock was touching her pussy now, ” I’m on the pill!” On hearing this I gave in and allowed her to pull my cock into her pussy. She was so wet and tight. I was sucking on her tits as my cock slid in and out of her wet pussy. I was trying to hold out from Cumming, when she began screaming as she orgasmed. I felt her pussy squeeze my cock as she was cumming. It was too much for me and I unleashed my cum into her pussy. I flooded her pussy with my cum. I collapsed on top of her and we just held each other.
Kara whispered into my ear “I am here all weekend. Visit me again before I have to go home and do anything you want to me.” I looked into her eyes and said “oh, definitely.” We laid next to each other touching and fondling each others bodies. Kara began stroking my dick. It sprang back to life. She told me that she wanted to make sure I came back before she went home and took my cock into her mouth.
Kara sucked on my cock for a half hour, playing with my balls and deep throating me. I was so fucking horny again. She took me out of her mouth and got on her knees. I sat up and got behind her. I pressed my cock into her pussy and was fucking her doggie style. She stopped and pulled out my cock, she sat up and leaned back to kiss me. She then whispers ” Fuck my ass,” she was still on her knees, she dropped her shoulders to the bed exposing her awesome ass. I grabbed my cock and began rubbing the tip around her asshole. I pressed the tip inside her, she was tight. As I entered her ass she moaned with pain and pleasure. After a few moments I was deep inside her ass. As I slid in and out she was moaning louder and louder. She finally screamed again as she was cumming, her ass squeezed tight as she orgasmed. It was too much for me I came deep inside her ass. I collapsed onto her and we lay in a heap on the bed. My cock slowly was squeezed out of her ass due to her quivering pussy. She looked over at the clock, it was 9:30. She told me I’d better go home to my wife. “I don’t want her getting suspicious.” I kissed her on the lips, got up, dressed and left. While I was on the train going home I thought about the sex I had just had with Kara. My wife never let me have anal and has not sucked my dick in over a year. I will definitely be seeing Kara again!

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