“So you want to be a porn star, huh?” I asked the babe who had just placed her bottom on the wooden chair next to the desk where I was sitting. She flipped one leg over the other, and her skirt hiked up to expose a long expanse of lickable thigh.

“I’ve been thinking about it,” she replied, smiling at me.

“Well, you came to the right place, right here in the old San Fernando Valley. We grind out porn flicks by the gross.”

I scanned the babe from her tossed blonde hair and pert face to the soft cleavage that bubbled above her low-cut neckline, then on down to her killer legs and stiletto heels. I cleared my throat and started to feel my manhood swelling. “How old are you anyway?” I asked.

“Just turned twenty.”

“Going to college?”

“Shit no,” she said. “I gave up on that after two years. I’m waiting tables, but I want to make more money. I hear porn actresses do pretty well.”

“The hot ones do.”

“Am I hot enough?” she asked, smiling and fluttering her lashes.

“That’s what we’re going to find out right now,” I said and stood up. “Go ahead and suck my cock.”

The babe blinked but didn’t blush. “Just like that? I mean, we’re not making a movie yet, are we?”

“This is an audition,” I explained and waited for her to unzip my pants.

“B-but…you’re not an actor. You’re the head of the company. I mean, it seems sort of…irregular.” She squinched her features and batted her brown eyes up at me.

“Good-bye,” I said and sat back down behind the desk.

“Hey, wait a minute!”

“Either you suck cock or you don’t. My time is valuable. I have other girls to see.”

“Well, since you put it that way…” The babe leaned forward, and I stood up again. She unzipped my fly. “I just figured you were above this sort of thing.”

“I’m a hands-on CEO,” I said and placed my hands on her tousled head as she lifted my pecker out of my pants.

“Oh, it’s a big one even when it’s soft,” she observed as she held my hose by a thumb and forefinger, curving toward her face. The plum-colored head was already starting to expand.

“I’m a big man in this business,” I assured her. “Now suck!”

She tilted my stiffening dick up and stuck out her rosy tongue. She began licking round and round my bobbly knob and across the slit. I started to breathe a little harder, and my cock fattened more. She took my bulb into her mouth and looked up at me with those wide brown eyes which were nice. As she sucked my cock, I gazed down at her soft full tits, which were even nicer.

“Stop and pull your top up,” I directed. “Take it off.”

Her mouth released my cock with a popping sound, and it hung forward, not quite a full woodie but getting there. She twisted and brought her top up, pulling it off over her bouncy blond waves.

“The bra, too,” I said, eyeing the lacey black harness that held her bounty.

She reached behind her, unhooked the bra, and took it away. Her boobs bounced but didn’t fall much, and her protruding pink nipples were just made for sucking. My cock instantly became a flagpole with no flag but a sizable knob at the end of it.

“You got nice titties, girl,” I said.

“Thanks. They’re real.”

Not being the kind to take anybody else’s word for things, I tested her treasures with my hands, cupping and squeezing. She told the truth. I rolled her beauties all around, wobbled them to and fro, then tugged her stiff nipples with my fingertips, making them even stiffer and pinker. I could see she was getting a little flushed by that time. As for me, my boner was throbbing, so I pushed her head down.

“Suck it good, baby,” I said. “Your future may depend on it.”

The girl’s warm mouth engulfed my happy cock-head, bathing it in her saliva. Her lips were snug around my shaft. My knob rode her restless tongue as she bobbed her blond head down and up, down and up, taking more and more of me with each lunge. I watched her titties quiver.

“Shit!” I exclaimed because it felt so fucking good. The girl sucked cock as well as any porn slut I had ever seen.

“Enough,” I finally said because my steam was rising fast and I didn’t want to gush into her mouth just yet. “Stand up and take your skirt off.”

The skirt in question was a mini. She stood and let it drop, then kicked it aside. She wore a white thong, and that was all.

“Lie down there.” I indicated the couch next to the wall whose soft leather cushions had cuddled countless female asses over the years. “Oh, wait. First you have to sign a consent form and show me your ID.” I knew how the game went.

As I stood with my dick sticking out of my pants, still rigid as a cattle prod, she rummaged in the purse she had placed on the floor. I liked the way her titties swooped and hung quivering. After showing me a driver’s license that said one Stephanie Clark was born in 1985, she signed a blank form I had pulled from the desk, and we were ready to get down to business.

“Onto the couch,” I directed brusquely and added, “Time is money.” I thought that sounded official.

The babe’s cheeky buttocks wiggled nicely as she walked across the room. She stopped before getting down onto the couch and looked at me questioningly over her shoulder as she hooked the side of her thong with a thumb.

“No!” I exclaimed, my voice getting husky while I gazed at her fine ass. “Leave it on and just stand there. Yes.”

I yanked off my sneakers and jumped from one foot to the other to kick my jeans away, which kept my stiff dong bobbing. I whipped off my t-shirt but left my socks on. Dropping to my knees on the slightly worn carpet right behind the beauteous Stephanie, I took hold of her hips and began licking her bare buttocks with the tiny white thong wedged between them.

“Bend over,” I directed, and she did so, bracing herself on the couch.

My cock throbbed with lust as I licked and nibbled at the girl’s lusciously curved, soft, cream-colored ass. I hooked her thong with my middle finger, pulled it out of her crack, and stretched it to the side. I used my thumbs to spread her buttocks.

“Oh!” she exclaimed but didn’t straighten up or try to move away.

I began to lick her ass crack lovingly, swabbing my wet tongue up and down her satiny rear divide. That is, it was satiny except for the puckered dimple deep in the cleft and the plush velvety lips just beyond. I licked it all, enjoying the subtle flavors while the babe moaned and murmured, her buttocks quivering against my cheeks. As I ate her ass, I reached forward underneath to tug at her dangling tits.

I turned her and helped lower her onto the couch, her butt-cheeks sinking into the soft leather. I whipped off her stretchy little thong along with her high heels and took the narrowest part of her snapper-wrapper between my teeth, letting it dangle there as I spread her legs wide apart. She gazed up at me, eyes wide with wonderment at the way a porn CEO operated, I guess. I suppose she also wondered why I had been dressed in sneakers and jeans instead of a three-piece suit but, hell, this was Hollywood. Or at least Van Nuys, which was close.

Stephanie had a little tuft of light-brown hair growing right above her split, but otherwise she was shaved clean. Her soft slit beckoned me and I opened it with the tips of my fingers. Wow, was she juicy! After snapping her thong from my mouth and sailing it away, I bent and sank my tongue into the pink pudding of her snatch. She whimpered and writhed, running her fingers into my bushy hair. I nibbled at her cunt-lips and stretched them out, snapping them back. I sucked her firm little clit.

“Oh, God!” she exclaimed. “Ooh fuck!”

I slurped noisily, swallowing her tasty love juice, then turned my head to the side to lick he
r thighs up and down as I held her legs high and wide apart. Snuggling back into her hot center, I fastened my mouth to the well of her cunt and pumped my tongue in and out as I sucked
up her goodness. I licked lower to take yet another taste of her asshole before lifting my head and boarding the sex boat.

My cock sank deep into Stephanie’s warm, tight hold and I began to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. Well, for me there wasn’t. But we’ll get to that later.

I bent and kissed the hot babe as my prick pumped rapidly in her cunny, making a wet sucky sound. She squirmed and moaned, shaking her titties. We kissed, and I fucked her mouth with my tongue as my cock fucked her pussy. I twisted my neck and managed to gobble her tits as I continued fucking her. My lips tugged at the rigid rosy nipples that sprouted from her bobbly mounds, and she petted my head.

I straightened up on my knees, which were planted wide apart, her thighs slanted across them. I concentrated on ramming the hell out of her, pumping my pecker in her hot quim as fast as I could make it go. Her titties bounced and quivered.

She gasped, squealed, then went limp, and I knew she had climaxed. I tossed her onto her tummy, ass-cheeks trembling. I reinserted my dick into her snatch, this time from the rear, and resumed banging her. I give it to her in long steady strokes, my front smacking her bouncy buttocks. Looking down, I watched the juice ooze out of her hole each time my plunger sank in, and she dribbled onto the leather. I eyed the babe’s tight little asshole and began to think, why not. The paper she had signed gave me the right, I assumed, since most all porn babes took it up the butt.

I spat into her crack, and the glob nestled right in her dimple. I placed the tip of my middle finger there and began to rotate it gently, pressing in.

“No!” she cried.

“Easy, babe, you’ll love it,” I said soothingly. “Anyway, that’s where the big money is. So relax and let me break you in.”

She whimpered but didn’t resist, so I stuck my finger all the way up her ass and twisted it around. She cried out, but I think that was more from pleasure than from pain, if any. I worked a second finger in and continued stirring her pussy with my cock while I frigged her asshole with my finger, gradually widening and relaxing the forbidden aperture. When I felt the time is right, I transferred my slippery dick from her pussy to her ass, twisted the shank, and popped the knob right into the hot babe’s rear.

That made her yelp, but she didn’t order me to stop so I began stroking my cock in and out of her butt-hole. She bellowed like a farm animal while taking it like a soldier. In fact, she started to move with me, and her bellows turned to moans of obvious delight as I thrust myself deeper and deeper into her ass.

“Oooo-eeee!” I couldn’t keep from exclaiming as my blissful dick thrilled in the grip of her young virginal anus, and I keep stroking in and out, in and out.

“Oooh, I LOVE it up my butt!” Stephanie screamed. “Fuck my ass! Oooh, fuck it HARDERRR!”

I rode her rump like a bronc-buster, briskly stroking my thick and super-rigid tool in her tight little chute. I reached underneath to play with her clit, but her fingers were already there, doing the job herself. So I just happily fucked away, pounding her ass with everything I had.

I think she came that way. At least, she hollered then sighed deeply. My cock was ready to explode, and I could think only of her mouth so I pulled out of her ass and scrambled forward, feeding my rod to her. I thrilled as she began sucking. Tremors of intense pleasure shook me as I spurted into the lady’s mouth, over her tongue and down her gulping throat.

She was making a face and when I finally pulled out, and she said, “Blaaah! That tasted like shit.”

I couldn’t help laughing, but then she laughed too, and I guess we were all right. Hell, I was in fuck heaven! But that didn’t last.

“So I get the job, right?” Stephanie inquired a few moments later as we were dressing.

“Well, I can’t say.” Might as well be up-front with her now, I decided, but that was a wrong choice.

She blinked. “Why not? Didn’t I do good?”

“You were the greatest, babe, but you see…it isn’t up to me to make the decision.”


“I’m just the handyman around here. I came to replace some light bulbs. There’s my ladder standing up in the corner. It’s after working hours, and I was having a little fun sitting at the boss’s desk when you came in, so I thought what the fuck! Know what I mean?” I couldn’t keep from laughing because I thought it was so damned funny.

Well, that was then and this is now. You see, Stephanie wouldn’t take it lying down. She had taken a fucking but wouldn’t take a screwing, if you know what I mean. But the thing is, how did I know the cops would listen to a complaint from a babe who wanted to do porn? Porn is kind of illegal, isn’t it? Well, I guess not, or I wouldn’t be looking out through these fucking bars right now.

So, as my lawyer, do you think I’ve got a chance to beat the rap? Hey, where are you going? Come back! I’ve gotta face the goddamned judge in the morning. Hey!

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  1. pankywanker

    your a dumbass, but I liked it….the end is kinda stupid, I don’t like funny porn, I like serious stuff, but other wise It made me hot ass hell.

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    Hmm… as your lawyer, I suggest you give me those papers she signed. I just need to do some… editing… for your case. Cya!

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  3. DrAgOnEsS

    Mmmm…. Funny story… I loved it…

    Well written… Have you written more???

    You SHould!!!


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