Trying to steal the Queen’s Jewels

Alina decided to visit another planet to pull off a massive heist. She went for the Gargoylians. She heard the Queen of this planet had a massive room, full of jewels and gold. She did all of her research, made maps of how she was going to do it and figured out the timing so it would go perfectly. She didn’t count on the strict security nobody else knew about except for those two guards.

She left her home planet on an invisible ship; she finally landed and went into the room. She didn’t realize she had set off the alarm. As she was stuffing the jewels and gold into her bag, one of the guards grabbed her by her arm and turned her around. They were bigger than she expected. They were tall and slug like, but with legs; they also had under bites and a couple of teeth sticking out.

They dragged her to the Queen with her arms behind her back and a gag in her mouth so she wouldn’t raise alarms of a break in. They walked into the Queen’s chambers, still dragging her. “Your Majesty, we caught this beautiful Elfian trying to steal your jewels and gold. What would you like us to do with her?”
“Strip her naked. Get her on all four legs, and prepare me a meal on her. I want to enjoy her for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”
“Yes, Your Majesty. We’ll go do that now,” they said as they bowed to her.

Dragging her down the hall to the Queen’s red room, she was so scared she started kicking and struggling. So one of them just picked her up and put her over his shoulder. They finally got to the red room, then stripped her naked and put her in the position the Queen wanted her to be in. They slightly spread her legs and gently placed the Queen’s breakfast chips in between her arse cheeks. The Queen didn’t normally eat much for breakfast, so Alina was lucky in that sense. One of the Gargoylians paged the Queen, “She’s ready for you, Your Majesty.” Then hung up.

They left her in her room, told her that if she moved she would be in more trouble than before. The queen then walked into the room. She took slow, quiet steps towards Alina keeping her in suspense. When she finally reached Alina, she took her nails and lightly traced her body. This made Alina close her eyes and let out a slight moan. The Queen stood behind Alina and stuck her tongue out, it must’ve been about ten inches in length. She traced her arse cheeks with her hot, wet tongue. This made Alina’s vagina start to tingle and get moist. The Queen then grabbed her arse cheeks and started eating the food out of her crack. She left some crumbs in there so she could slide her tongue up and down Alina’s arse crack, making sure she got everything. After she was done, she left the room and told Alina she could nap until it was lunch time.

Alina woke up, startled, to four Gargoylians grabbing at her; the Queen was hungry enough for her lunch. They made Alina lay on her stomach and then put her arms above her head, and put her head to the side. They closed her legs and started to put the food on her back, the back of her legs, and again between her arse cheeks. This made Alina wet, knowing what was coming.

The Queen then entered the room and ordered her guards to leave; they bowed and did so. Without saying anything, or giving Alina any warning, she started to lick the food off of Alina’s back, nibbling every so often. Alina closed her eyes, and she felt that familiar tingle in her vagina and the wetness starting up again. The Queen then moved to her legs; she started from her ankles, grabbed her legs and slowly made her way up with her tongue. She then flicked her vagina lightly with her tongue. This made Alina let out an even bigger moan. The Queen sat on top of Alina’s legs and stuck her tongue between her arse cheeks again, this time slowly eating the food, knowing this would turn Alina on. Even though the Queen had eaten all of the food, she grabbed Alina by the waist and brought her arse up to her mouth. She started to slowly poke and prod inside Alina’s tight virgin arsehole. Alina was on the verge of an orgasm when the Queen put her down and walked off. Alina couldn’t sleep this time because she was anticipating what would happen next, but she eventually drifted off.

Alina was woken up by the Queen this time; the food was already placed on her and the Queen was already eating. Again, she left her arse last. The Queen ate all of the food and then quickly propped Alina up on all fours. She leaned down and started to lick Alina’s, by then, soaking wet, hot pussy. She found Alina’s tight virgin hole and then realized how good it would be to fuck the shit out of her. At the thought of this, the Queen’s cock started growing. Alina had no idea what she was in for. The Queen then moved to her arsehole and started licking it and gently tongue fucking it, Alina was in heaven. Then the Queen stuck a finger deep in her arsehole and started to stick her tongue in Alina’s tight pussy. Alina started bucking her hips against the Queen’s face and had a massive orgasm. Collapsing after this, the Queen took Alina over her shoulder and took her to her bedroom. She threw Alina on the bed, spread her legs and put her face into her vagina, sticking her tongue in her tight hole, loosening her up some more for her monster cock. The Queen thought Alina was ready. She spread Alina’s legs, lifted her arse up and slowly slid her rock hard cock into the tiny girl. She started fucking her slowly, allowing Alina to loosen up and get used to her size. That didn’t take very long. Once she was all the way in she started hammering away at Alina. Giving her a ground shaking orgasm, one after the other. Then the Queen finally started to come. She shot wave after wave into Alina. This made Alina have another orgasm.

The Queen then collapsed onto Alina, she was slowly becoming flaccid, slipping out of Alina, leaving her hot sticky come inside her. The Queen propped herself up onto her elbows, looked deep into Alina’s eyes, and told her that she wanted her to stay and be her wife. Alina nodded her head and kissed her. The Queen then rolled onto her back, and Alina took it as a cue to start going down on the Queen, and making her then flaccid cock hard again for a nice hard fuck.

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