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I guess you could say that she was a poor college student who needed some cash. Being that her parents forbade her to work while in school, she had to find some way to make money, even if it was something she’d never done before. One day while complaining to a friend of hers over the phone, he told her about this website that sometimes helped people out when they low on funds. Carl, her friend, never told her anything other than that it sometimes paid money for stupid little dares. Kori Jay figured she would check the site out and when she went to the site, all she needed was a webcam…”I’ve got that” she smiled and emailed the webmaster for details.
For a couple days now she and the “anonymous” webmaster guy have been emailing each other and sharing streams from their webcams. the webmaster, we’ll call Jason, told Kori that he would pay her 20 bucks for each secret she told him. Jason asked questions like “are you a virgin”, “Yes, I am…its not the right time for me yet” “You’re a 20 year old college student, what’s your worst fear…uh, as in, getting raped, etc” Kori Jay thought a moment…”hmmm…I dont know” “Would you be willing to have sex with a stranger or sex with a friend for 250 bucks” Kori Jay thought it was a joke so she just laughed and said “probably an acquaintance, somebody I dont know too well, but somebody who I have actually met, ya know?” Before they ended their conversation, Jason told her that his partner Troy was going to visit her at her apartment sometime tomorrow night to talk more about helping her out with the money situation. Kori Jay had no idea what was in store for her, she figured it would all be fun and games, he told her to keep her webcam on and to hook up her speakers.
at around 6:45pm the next day, Troy showed up at the apartment with a bag of goodies. Toned with a six-pack, standing at 5’10”, Troy was a handsome 25 year old guy. Kori Jay, standing at 5’6″, invited him in and they went to her bedroom where the webcam was on and her speakers were turned up. At first she didnt sense a good vibe from Troy, but just shrugged it off as if it were nothing.
Troy started asking her questions about sex and if she would do it for money. She laughed and said probably not.
“Hey, lets play Jason says” came a voice from the computer speakers, obviously Jason. the other two nodded their heads and thought it would be fun. First the game started out innocently enough, then they started laughing and having a great ol’ time. “Troy, Jason says take out the rope from your bag and tie Kori Jay’s hands together above her head and secure them like that somehow” Troy didnt tie them too tight, but enough so Kori couldnt free herself and then he found a way to secure her hands and arms above her head. He had brought in a rope and pulley type instrument that helped him with his achievment. “Troy, Jason says take that knife over there and slowly cut open Kori Jay’s shirt” At first, Kori was bewildered, she had this blank look on her face and didnt know what to think of any of it. “Oh Kor, in case you havent figured it out yet, Troy is going to have his way with you and in return we will give you the $” Troy touched the side of her face as he felt her breasts with the other “Dont cry Kori, you know you want this. We asked you questions leading up to this moment and you never said stop…if you would have said stop we wouldnt have gone any further” with a sly smile Troy ripped off her bra and started eating her chest roughly, making her cry even more. “Kori…dont struggle, the less you struggle the faster we will finish and give you your money” interuppted Jason. Troy put tape over her mouth so she couldnt scream then proceeded to slowly unbutton her pants, slowly pulling them down her sexy toned legs and exposing her g-string panties…He stopped and kissed her belly button, licked gently around it and making his way to her lucious fruit….the forbidden fruit. Troy gently pulled down Kori’s panties, fingering her slightly, just enough to make her shiver. Slowly rising, he tossed his shirt aside and unbuttoned his pants. “fuck her against the wall man! keep her arms tied though” Smiling at the computer, Troy did just that, undid the knot that kept her arms raised above her, put them around his neck and proceeded to the nearest wall, pinning her naked shivering body in between him and the wall. He took off the piece of tape that was on her mouth and then proceeded to savagely kiss her, muffling her cries. He picked her up and told her to wrap her legs around him, she did just that. He groped her firm round ass, but all the while be so gentle as not to hurt her. Between kisses he breathlessly told her not to worry and not to cry, he would protect her. Kori moaned with both pleasure and fright, she didnt know what to do, she couldnt move, she was pinned against the wall with her tied hands wrapped around Troy’s neck. He bagan whispering sexy things in her ear, making her forget the position she was in and moan breathlessly. Troy’s 7″ dick was quite hard now, it was practically screaming for Kori’s pussy. she could feel the tip of it, a strange sensation…he was teasing her. Kori began to moan in ecstacy! with her head back she didnt know what she was doing, she began to give in to Troy, a total stranger…a dark handsome stranger! “welp, I gotta jet, so fuck ya later Kori” Jason laughed, “have loads of fun Troy and dont forget to give that bitch the money after you fuck her” With that, he signed off…Now they were all alone.
Kissing her neck and groping her ass while teasing her pussy with his cock he asked breathlessly “oh…goooodddd…do you want…me to stop?” but before she could say anything, Troy buried his cock deep inside of her, making her squirm and cry in pain and pleasure at the same time. He couldnt help it, she was so beautiful, so helpless, so in need of guidance, he just had to. Moaning and grunting, he fucked her faster and harder, she bouncing up and down on his cock, wishing he would stop, but wishing he wouldnt all the more. With a free hand he untied her wrists, its not like she could go anywhere, besides, Troy was 100 pounds heavier. She finally gave in and came for the first time in her life, wanting him even more. Kissing him hard and wrapping her legs around him even tighter as she cums a second time moments later. Her body shakes and quivers and she tosses her head back as she has her first orgasm!
Troy stops then pushes Kori Jay onto the bed, thinking that its all over she tries to stand up but only to be pushed down again. Troy slides on top of her, kissing her tenderly, first her belly button, her stomach, each breast, her neck then eagerly her mouth. He slides off of her, forcefully turns her on her hands and knees so he can fuck her doggy style. He sees the scared look in her eye so he leans down and kisses her gently…”shhhh, Im right here” and with that, takes her hips and positions her pussy on his double rock solid cock, the veins pumping, then eases his way into her unshaven pussy. She moans with unexpected pleasure, the feeling from being entered from behind is orgasmic all in its own. Rubbing and caressing her breasts with each stroke, Troy got faster and all she could do was enjoy it. She came twice before he finally came and collapsed on top of her. Kissing her he got up off of her and gathered his things. He gave her the money and left, shutting her bed room door behind him. She panicked, she wanted more so she got on a long shirt and ran after him but he appeared to be gone!
Kori went into the kitchen and stood at the counter, wondering. Before she turned around she felt pressure and couldnt move, she didnt know what to do then she was suddenly swung around and before she could see or do anything a tongue was deep inside of her mouth and a finger was forcing its way into her hot pussy! Troy stopped kissing her, looked into her eyes and said he wasnt going anywhere until they fucked every where in her apartment. She smiled as he started finger
fucking her.

~More to come later about the kitchen episode~

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