For Greg Pt. 2

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For Greg, continued…

After admiring the view for what seemed like forever, it was really only 10 minutes, but when you are bent over, tired and very sore, time is measured different. He calls me to him and I walk with my head down. He knows that I do not feel like I have been absolved of my guilt and he really likes striking that backside. He orders me to turn around. He pulls a black scarf from his pocket. I did not bring one, so he must have brought some surprises of his own. He blindfolds me.

I feel him maneuver me toward the edge of the bed and he bends me over it. I listen for either the belt or the paddle, I know not yet which one fancies him at the moment. All of a sudden there is a loud crack and I jump up to grab my backside. Damn, that paddle hurt. He just makes a tsk tsk sound as he says, “That will cost you, dear one,” as he bends me back over the bed. I am determined to stay there for the next one, knowing it is the paddle and it is going to really hurt. I had never been spanked to tears before and this one started the crying after just one spank. I gather myself and await the next one. It hits as I manage to stay down, but tears start flowing and he has just started. He tells me that I know I need this. I know, I have always longed for it, knowing that he was the one I should have told instead of worrying about me being diffferent. He continued to spank me with the paddle, but after about 20, he could see that I was bruising beneath the red of my ass. He then tells me to climb upon the stack of pillows on the bed. He wants my ass raised as he still has the belt. I do not think I can take another spanking session.

All of a sudden I feels a cool washcloth placed on my tenderized ass. I know that he understands I am in a lot of pain and we both know that I am almost done. He wanted to show me that it hurts him to spank me, too. After the cloth turns warm, he discards it and starts massaging my backside with a cooling lotion. I know my cunt is dripping wet, but what I forgot about was that butt plug. He starts playing with it and I start moaning and wiggling my hips a little. He stops. I want more, but he is up and off the bed. He does not want me to think that I am forgiven as of yet. I start sobbing more knowing that he has yet to forgive me.

I am laying there quietly as I hear him say that we need to get the punishment over with. I steady myself as the belt stripes my ass and fire again erupts through my backside. I scream into the bed, hoping it will be muffled. He strikes several more times, even on my upper thighs, just to make things uniform. He says there will be five more and I think that it is almost over as each bites into my sore, red ass. He places the belt at the top of the bed, saying he may want that close at hand later.

I start to rise. He says, “No, stay where you are!” Confused I lay back in position. My ass on display for him as he inspects his work. He says in a very soft but firm voice.

“I have never forgotten you, I knew, from the stories we read together, what you liked and am very sorry for not just taking you to task back then. I have also known your one little secret. Your one little fear… and my dear, since you seem to be wanting to be forgiven, there is only one thing left for you to do. Will you comply?”

I answer that I do not understand. How does he know what I fear? He states that every story we read, I would change tone and shiver when someone was being struck with a cane.

“I am going to whip you 6 times with a cane!”

I start to really wimper and think, I did not bring a cane. Then I hear his bag unzip. I begin to really cry into the blindfold. I have always liked looking at spanking pictures on the net, but the cane marks are so red and look so bad. I have always been fearful of them. I can hear the cane he removed from the bag whipping through the air. I know he is strong and this is going to really hurt. I know I can jump up and leave the room, but I have already taken so much. I want to be forgiven, I want him to know that I can trust him to take me to the edge and not drop me. He tells me to put my arms straight out in front of me and to count each stroke.

I am crying before it even starts, I hear the whoosh and a searing pain in my backside. “One,” I manage to get out of my lips followed by a scream into the bed, when I hear the whoosh again, my body jolts as the second hits just below the last one, I mutter, “two,” and then again a whoosh and pain as the word three escapes my lips. The fourth is just a little higher on my backside and I start to thrash sideways a little and I say “four” The fifth is placed right where the thighs and buttocks meet and I scream, “5,” into the mattress.

Then he says this is the last one for now, so I am going to make it a good one. You do not have to count it, but brace yourself. It comes fast and furious and bites into my ass. I just scream into the bed and then roll off the pillows. He grabs the pillows and moves them as he climbs into bed next to me. He holds me close and whispers, into my ear.

“Amber, I did not want to punish you, but I wanted you to know that you are completely forgiven and that I know you needed to be pushed. You know for our friendship I would do anything to make things right.”

He holds me close not wanting to touch my backside as it hurts too much for any attention at the moment. I sob in his arms completely soaking his shirt for a while.

He gets up to take off his clothes, grab a few of the toys I have brought and climbs back into bed with me. He grabs me up in his arms. He starts kissing me gently and playing with my huge breasts. He nibbles knowing how well I like this. I start to arch towards him and then grab for his large cock. He knows how I like to suck, so he pushes me down towards him. I take his large cock as far into my mouth as I can go, and then start to come back up. I start back down again and he tells me that I need to go further, so he pushes my head, I start to gag but get used to the feeling of his cock in my mouth. He pulls himself out of my mouth and tells me to get
my pussy up to his face. I am happy to be the top of the 69. With my ass hurting so bad, I do not care to be on the bottom as yet.

I put my face back down on his cock as I feel his nice warm tongue lick my very wet pussy. He snickers, “For someone who does not like the cane, you sure are wetter than I have ever seen.” I just continue to suck and he reaches up to pull the butt plug out of my ass and replaces it with the bigger sized one. I just moan and suck his cock to show how much I am enjoying these new sensations. He knows I am close to cumming so he stops. I wiggle and try to entice him to go back to what he was doing. He slaps my sore ass and says “No.” I jump at the touch and come off his cock.

He tells me to get up and I get off the bed. He rearranges the pillows into the pile like he had before, but this time to lay on my back with my pussy at the peak of the pillow pile. I could not climb fast enough to comply. He ties each hand to the top of the bed, making sure that I cannot interfere, and picks up the belt to slap each breast several times, watching them jiggle and bounce. The nipples instantly get hard. He then taps my belly a couple times and tells me to open my legs wide.

He says I have a very bad pussy as it only thinks of cumming. He smacks the inside of my thighs with the belt so that it leaves light pink marks and stings a little. Saving the pussy for last, he starts gently slapping the belt slowly increasing the frequency. I start moaning and wiggling. Greg takes a couple hard slaps at my pussy and then dives in to lap up the new flow of juice that is flowing for him. He licks my clit to the point where I almost cum and then stops. He starts playing with the butt plug and inserts a couple fingers into my dripping wet cunt. He knows I want him to put his cock deep inside me. He knows that he bottoms out every time he has taken me before. He, also, knows how much I enjoy his cock up my ass. He reaches for the big vibrating dildo and shoves it in my pussy in one thrust. I just tilt my pussy so he can get it all the way in. I am wild with desire at this point. He turns on the vibrator to medium. He likes that my ass is high up on the pillows and takes out the butt plug.

He rights himself and rams his huge cock inside. I can only take half on the first thrust as he is so big. I manage to stiffle a scream of both surprise and hurt. I have not had anything near the size of his cock in me in years. Even my large butt plug is not as big around or as long as he is. He grabs my upper thighs, puts my ankles on his shoulders and shoves his cock in again, this time grinding all the way in to his balls. He waits a full ten seconds before he completely withdrawals and slams into me all the way again. I am moaning and bucking as the sensation from the vibrator and his cock are making me so delirious with pleasure. He rams back
in and grabs my thighs tight, he is pumping back and forth as fast as he can go until we both explode into the most glorious mind shattering orgasm that either of us have ever felt.

He pulls out and collapses on the bed next to me. We wiggle around until we are in each others’ arms. I find the wet washcloth and clean his cock and myself. We lay in perfect bliss for a while without speaking. I look up into Greg’s wonderful brown eyes and tell him, “Thank you for forgiving me. Greg, you had known all along how much I would like a spanking and withheld it from me all this time.” A funny look crossed his face as he knew where I was going with this. I then said,

“When I was arguing with you back then, you should have just beat my ass! For knowing and not doing just that, you will be punished….Tomorrow!”

This is my second attempt at ever writing a story, but the first for public sharing. Maybe Greg will really see this and want to really ‘forgive’ me.

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    It is a great fantasy needs editing

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