For him…

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She draws him into her apartment, never breaking eye contact. As soon as he’s inside and the door is closed, she stands close enough to him where she can feel his breath on her cheek. Her hands start on his shoulders, slowly falling down his chest, down to his belt and immediately unbuckling him and unbuttoning his pants until his pants fall to the floor. She continues to look at him, as she pulls his polo over his head and letting it land on the ground. She begins to tease his already hard cock through his underwear and licks at his bottom lip. As she finishes undressing him, she lets he tongue graze his lips and then leans in to suck his earlobe and have him feel her hot breath in his ear.

He’s standing naked in front of her, as her hand is tracing all over his body, pulling him closer to her so she can feel his cock pressing into her belly. She knows he’s ready for whatever she wants to do to him. She steps back and begins to undress for him, finally standing naked with him. She grabs his hand and leads him into the bedroom, pushes him down on the bed and lies down beside him. Her hand continues to feel every inch of his body, stroking his cock, feeling up his chest, cupping his face as she kisses him deeply, and always returning to the heat at his dick, making him harder with every touch and feeling his sighs in their kisses.

She reaches behind her and finds the blindfold, which she places over his eyes with a smile and a kiss, as he obliges her. She scrapes her nails down his chest, following the trail of hair down to his belly button and then lower, where she kisses his abdomen and begins to lick him lower. Her hands meet her mouth and as he gets comfortable with his arms over his head, she ties his arms to stay there so he can’t touch her. He is completely at her mercy. She plays with him, teases him, gets him to the point where he wants to beg but doesn’t, and tastes every inch of him.

As she begins to stroke his hard cock and lick his head, he responds with an almost silent “please,” which she’s happy to fulfill. She wants to taste him, feel him hot inside her mouth, hitting the back of her throat as she takes him in as far as she can. Her hand follows her mouth, gripping him and getting him close. As he gets harder in her mouth, she stops sucking on his cock but continues to stroke him, and he obviously wants more. Her other hand is still cupping his balls, circling his ass and returning to feel every part of him.

He’s begging to cum but she has much more in store for him. She stops, which makes him groan for attention. But when she smacks his ass and tells him to turn over on all fours, he knows exactly what he’s in for. He obeys immediately, and as she reaches for the small bottle of lube and oils up her hand, he’s excited at what is coming next. Her lubed hand goes to his cock and balls right away, as he feels the warming liquid start on his skin. She blows lightly on him, making him feel the alternate sensation and then follows her other hand to his ass and his hole. Her finger is tracing around the rim and her tongue follows right behind, making him groan and beg for more.

As her hand job continues, she’s relentless as fucking his ass with her tongue and her finger, hearing him completely enjoy himself. As he gets closer to cumming, she stops and makes him wait again. His frustration is obvious but worthwhile. She brings him to the brink repeatedly, licking the back of his balls and in his ass over and over again, smacking his ass hard when he’s trying to make her let him cum. He’s growing tired and ready, and as she’s almost at her limit, she makes him turn over again, his incredibly hard cock standing straight up, on which she impales her dripping wet pussy immediately.

With him inside of her, she feels nothing but euphoria. She holds still for a moment, letting her cunt adjust to him, and allowing him to get used to the warmth around his cock. She begins to move slowly, taking him in and out while she clenches him with her pussy. He groans and she knows it won’t be long until they both reach their climax.

She leans forward, resting her hands on his chest to stabilize her, and begins to ride him hard and fast, bringing them both to a powerful orgasm. He can feel her pussy gripping him over and over again, and her juice mixing with his cum covering his cock.

She collapses on his chest, panting and coming down from her high, as she unties his arms and unmasks him. They lay next to each other, smiling, until the next go around…

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  1. swagsta

    A delicious naughty tale, makes me wanna tie blindfold him next time we fuck

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