Fresh Blood

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“Aw, Chris. Go away!” The muscular young stud who was sleeping naked turned away from the older bachelor and pulled the bed covers back up to his shoulder.

The owner of the apartment he crashed at, Chris, didn’t take too kindly to being rebuffed. Especially when he had been straightforward about the terms from the jump. If a teenage stud wished to crash at his place then said stud had to offer himself whenever Chris wanted it. This 18 year old boy next door type must have forgotten what he agreed to when he moved in.

Chris ignored Kyle’s protests and cupped his heavy teenage nut sack. Kyle shoved him away and groaned.

Alright, no more mister nice guy! Chris thought to himself, getting out of Kyle’s bed, only to return 5 minutes later with reinforcements.

Naughty boys get punished. Chris laughed to himself, slathering a liberal amount of vicks vapor rub on the head of Kyle’s soft dick., before Kyle shoved him away yet again.

Chris laid there and waited for a few minutes with a devious smile on his face, until Kyle sat bolt upright like he had been shocked. “Man, what the fuck?”

Chris did not fear being attacked. This was his apartment, those he let live there with him were indentured to him. “Water will only make it worse.” He advised, reaching out to stroke Kyle’s thigh. “Now, what do you to getting the ball rolling?”

Kyle looked at Chris as if he had two heads. “What?”

“Your ass, toy boy.” Chris clarified. “Give me your ass or get out.”

Kyle pulled away horrified. “I’m not gay!” He balked.

“But I am.” Chris answered, unfazed by the way Kyle said gay. “You owe me your ass. I want it now, so give it to me.”

“Anything but that.” Kyle kept backing away until he almost fell of the bed.

Chris mulled that offer over. His dick was rock hard and ready, aching to get into a hot teenage asshole, but there were other things too…”You know, I’m sick and tired of begging you for your ass. You should be grateful that I let you live here. Maybe I don’t want your ass anymore. Maybe should you just go. Sander would be more than willing to give me his ass.” He started to get up, but Kyle grabbed his arm.

“Please, man! Anything you want.” Kyle had forgotten about his burning dick. All he cared about was securing his place in Chris’s apartment.

“If you don’t want to be butt fucked, then you can’t live here.”

Kyle dropped his head and Chris knew that he had the young stud hook,line, and sinker.

“Of course…your games have made my cock go soft. I think your ass should pay for that.” It wasn’t really a request. Chris was already dragging Kyle,who was slight at just 5’5″, out of bed and across his lap.

Kyle fought the urge to resist. He’d already pissed Chris off once. If he did it again, he likely would not get another chance.

“Beg me to light your cute little ass on fire.” Chris ordered. “You deserve to be punished. Beg for it.”

Kyle kept silent and was soon rewarded with the solid crack that can only come from a wooden hairbrush.

“You’re getting your ass beat without mercy.” Chris shrugged, his dick hardening from the thought dominating this young stud young enough to be his kid brother.

Kyle kept silent as smack after smack rained down on his ass, before he finally broke. “OK! You can butt fuck me!” He shouted finally.

Chris wasn’t convinced. “Well?” He said, waiting on Kyle to show some sign of compliance.

Kyle picked himself up, then to Chris’s surprise got up on the bed on his hands and knees.

He wondered if Chris was seriously gay, but he didn’t have to wonder for long.

Chris had stripped and was mounting him before he had much time to prepare his body. His mind was already resigned to his fate.

He zoned out when he felt Chris shoving at his asshole, but that did little to block out the pain he felt, when the fat head of Chris’s diamond hard dick breached his asshole and forced his sphincter to stretch to accommodate him.  He let out a deep guttural gasp, as the slick head popped into his asshole.

“Fuck back!” Chris ordered, forcing another two inches of hard dick up Kyle’s ass.

Kyle was paralyzed by the waves of agony shooting up his spine. He tried to use his hands to give himself leverage to pull himself away from Chris, but when he succeeded in pulling away some and the punishing cock started to slip from his ass, the vacuum created caused a white hot burn in his ass that made him stop cold. It was easier to let Chris  fuck him.

“That’s right, toy boy. I own your ass, so fuck back!”

Kyle let primal instinct and soon found himself pushing back to meet Chris’s strokes. Pain eventually turned to ecstasy, until Chris grabbed handfuls of his hair. “I’M CUMMING! “Chris shouted,shooting hot strings of thick cum up Kyle’s no longer virgin ass.

He snatched his dick out of Kyle’s ass while he was still cumming and forced it into Kyle’s mouth. “Lick it clean!” He commanded, relishing the electric sensations that Kyle’ s mouth gave him.

Kyle could stay here a month longer or maybe a year later, if his ass kept feeling this good.



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