My Friend In Need

I am a short person, not extremely well built but sometimes other larger men seem to get a hard on when I am close to them.  Sometimes I wonder if it is something I say or do.  Maybe my actions when talking with them suggest something else entirely. The following is an example of what happened last week when I visited a friend in Florida and went to a football game with him.

We did the normal stuff: hotdogs, beer, standing and shouting as our team did something good.  The place was packed and there was a guy directly behind me, big and burley and loud; he seemed to bump into me every time he stood up and once he stood and I felt something push against me that I knew was his cock.  I just shrugged it off thinking it was accidental, but then it happened again and he rubbed it slower this time, the head almost in the crack of my ass.  This was a huge turn on for me and I pushed back slightly to let him know I knew what was going on.

My friend glanced back and smiled at the guy and said, “Hi Frank, how’s it going?”

Frank spoke back and said, “Who is your friend here?”

I was introduced.  As I turned around to shake his hand, I saw the bulge in his pants and he said, “Good to meet you Jeremy, hope we can get together in a little while and finish our discussion.”

I got the discussion bit ok and said, “It will be a pleasure.” And he smiled.

My friend and I walked back to the parking lot and I found myself looking around to see if I could spot Frank, as my fantasy was working overtime, just imagining what it would feel like.  Jason asked me what I thought of Frank.  I said he seemed ok and Jason told me to watch myself because frank likes men and boys.

We found Jason’s car and I saw Frank with a couple of other men a few cars away.  Frank had a van and had the side doors open and the other two men got inside.

Jason said, “Hey, let’s go get a beer. By the way, I have a date in an hour, do you think you will be ok for a couple of hours?”

I told him I would be just fine and we proceeded to the pub.  Once we were inside and ordered our beers, Jason excused himself and walked over to this beautiful redhead and sat with her.

Someone walked up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Hi Jeremy, looks like you have been deserted.  Ok if we sit down here with you?”

“Fine,” I replied.

We drank a beer and all this time, Frank was touching me in some way or other and the other two guys were laughing and joking and patting me on the back or on the knee.

Finally, Frank leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Let’s go out in my van and finish this beer and have some fun.”

By this time, my imagination was really running wild and I had fantasized doing things with all three of them.

We got to the van and the two men got inside, but Frank pulled me away to the back of the van, where we could not be seen and put his arms around me and said, “I think you want a cock inside that little ass of yours.  You have been fidgeting around like a little virgin girl since we have been with you.”

With this, he put his hand between my legs and sure enough I had a hard on.  He took my hand and placed it on his very stiff huge cock and told me to suck it.  I bent down and put it down my throat to the hilt and starting sucking him and in a couple of minutes had a mouthful of cum.  He bucked like he really enjoyed it.  We got into the van and Frank told me to blow the other two.  They helped me get my pants off and I got on my hands and knees and started sucking the one guy when I felt a finger at my ass hole.  Frank had spred some slippery stuff inside me and then proceeded to get the head of his cock inside me.  It hurt but I pushed back on his shaft and he managed to get the head in and then rammed it a couple of inches further.  Eventually, the hurt began to go away and pleasure took its place when he went in to the hilt and started fucking me.  After 10 minutes or so, Frank shot a wad inside me that warmed my entire body. He pulled out and immediately this other guy shoved his cock inside and started pumping my ass, too!


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