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My Wifes secret loves

We live in a small rural community, mostly farmers and other working folks. Recently, a man purchased the house next door and while moving in, my 70 yr old wife who is petite and 5ft 2in and blessed with a…

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Three Men for Laura

Laura is a lovely 70 year old woman that could easily pass for 45.  She has short black hair, stands 5 ft 8 inches, weighs 120 lbs with 34DD tits, 34x24x36.  She is married and has two children, a daughter…

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Wife’s Brazen Adventures

I sat there, stunned and surprised as I watched my wife jacking off this guy as they sat in a theater in the back row.  Of course, she did not know that I was there but wanted to see this movie badly and had left work early to see it as she had said she did not want to see it.

The man she was with was about sixty, balding, paunchy and glass eyed and I wondered what she saw in him, that was, until I saw the long strokes she was doing on him.  He must really have a pole, I thought and proceeded to try to determine if I was pissed or now curious as to what would happen next.  I did not have long to wait, but got up and sneaked back to a better viewing area.  I noticed the man’s hand and arm was between her legs and moving like a jack hammer in her pussy.  I watched as she threw her head back, gritted her teeth in the throes of climax as she had done many times when we fuck.  I then saw the man as he began cumming and her head went down into his lap to suck up all the protein.

When I got home, she showed up ten minutes later, said hi, what are you doing home so early.  I replied that I thought about seeing a movie that she did not want to see and almost went in but decided to come home to my lovely wife and take her to dinner.  Oh, she said.  What stopped you from the movie and I played it to the hilt and told her that doing it without her would almost be like committing adultery.  At this, she glanced down and excused herself and after several minutes, appeared with a fresh dress  on and her hair brushed back and said, thank you honey for your thoughtfulness and I will enjoy going to dinner with you.

We got to our favorite diner, made some small talk with her showing a lot more attention to me and we ordered wine and dinner.  As we finished our meals and had consumed two bottles of wine, we started home but this time with her sitting much closer and rubbing my leg and then her hand found my cock and she began stroking it.  Hummmm, she said, its been a long time since this fellow has shown much interest, so how about letting me petting it so it wont forget any longer and with this, she unzipped me and lowered her head to the waiting stiff cock and worked her magic.  I began popping blast after blast into her mouth as she gulped it down.  She sat up and said, that’s about all I can do for you tonight sweetheart, as I must have an infection down there as I am so sore, but will make it up to you later.  With this, we went home, got in bed and asleep in no time.

The next day, (I had installed security cameras everywhere) I popped open my iphone, dialed the security code and there she was, standing in the doorway leading this guy inside.  The same one as the day before.  He had his arms around her, his lips on hers and his hands all over her ass.  He backed her up to the sofa, lifted her dress over her head, removed her bra and panties, pushed her back on the corner of the couch, spread her legs and pulled a massive cock from his pants and pushed it deep inside her and proceeded to fuck her until she screamed and came.  He pulled his cock out and pushed her head down to blow him and I watch the juice drain out of the corners of her mouth.  After they finished, she told him he would have to go.

When I got home, I moved to her, kissed her and put my hand on her tit and the other on her pussy, but she squirmed away and said she was still sore there.  I told her that it was alright and I had a surprise for her and opened the door where the guy she had just fucked stood.  She almost fainted as I introduced her to him as a man that needed a place to sleep for a few days.  We can put him up honey, should not be any problem.  She was pale and faint and told me to come into our bedroom.  Where did you pick him up, she asked and I told her that he had been standing at our front gate when I drove up and we talked.  You must get him out of here, she said, I think he will be trouble.

I left for work the next morning, but parked just down the street and went in thru the back door and slowly made my way back towards the bedroom.  I crept into a room adjoining our bedroom and peeked thru the keyhole to see him standing there with his thick cock protruding out at least twelve inches and my wife was stroking him again.  Just as he spread her out and lay on top of her with his prick going into her cunt, I opened the door and said, my, I guess he will be trouble.  They came off the bed like a cannon, my wife, stuttering and screaming that she was being raped, made me laugh.  I have seen you with him from the movies, you sucking him off and fucking him, now give me a reason not to do what I have in mind and watched as his withered up cock drug out of my wife’s pussy and lay on the bed.


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