From cyber to reality… and it's not over yet…

I awake with the sun shining through the window. It’s sitting low, so it must be already afternoon. I stir, just to feel this rough pain in my ass and pussy. Damn, you used me good, even though it was fun and…uhm…yeah, new, so to say. My mind wanders to the happenings just a few hours earlier. Did you really fuck my ass? And did I really had your entire fist in my cunt? The soreness in both answer that question. Just the pure thought about it makes me wet, and I’ve got mini orgasms cruising to my lower abdomen. Dang…so where in the world is the man of many surprises? I look around the room, rolling onto my tummy. I hear the shower and am reliefed. You’re still with me. Still around. I raise from the bed at the moment when you step out of that bathroom. “Hi sugar puss! Finally woke up?” You’ve got a towel wrapped around your hips, and the water droplets glistening in the late sunlight. ‘Hurry up, babe, go and take your shower, we are going out for dinner!’ I don’t wanna let you waiting, so I quickly go, take my shower, apply a hint of make up and come out. You’re already dressed in casual black slacks and a white t-shirt, which clings tight to your torso. ‘Skip the panties for me’, you whisper in a husky voice. Laid out on the bed is an adorable set of royal blue bra and panties with a black lace on top. I wonder when you bought this, but just admire the fine lace and the silky soft blue inlay. Next to it is a semi sheer black blouse and a black dress skirt and some nice heels in front of the bed. You recline in that comfy chair in the corner, and watch me quietly while I am getting dressed. ‘Where are we going to?’, I ask. But you only shake your head. ‘Trust me, darling,’ you say, ‘you will like it!’ I pile my hair on top and fix it with a few pins. I admire myself in the mirror. Sexy, but also very elegant looking. And a glow about me, which only a happy and satisfied woman can have.

We quietly ride the elevator down into the hotel lobby. I can feel the jealous looks of the women, and the admiring and envying stares of the men. In front of the hotel is a Jaguar waiting for us. You open the door for me, then walk around to seat yourself into the drivers seat. The sun is setting, the air feels smooth, and we drive…and drive…and drive. Finally you turn into a parking garage. Three stories it goes underground, before you finally park the car. The level is dim, and nobody in sight, even though quite a few very expensive looking cars are parked there. You guide me to an elevator, with a door pointing towards a stairwell. But rather than calling the elevator, you push me against the wall to lean in for a deep kiss. I eagerly respond, haven’t you touched me since we left the hotel. You grope my tits through the blouse, and I can feel your rock hard dick pressing at my cunt through the fabrics. You turn me around, so I am facing the wall, and slide up the skirt. ‘What if someone comes?’ I ask. ‘Then he’s getting one hell of a show’, you say. I spread my legs, ready to receive your wonderful cock. I hear you searching for something in your pocket. You pull my hands behind me back, and put some soft cuff restraints on my wrists. Then I feel something like lube at my ass. “Oh no, baby, please don’t! Not my ass again! Not here! Honey, please!’ I beg you. But you just give that low chuckle from you, the one which I learned means no way out. There I was, cuffed and pressed against the wall. I had not choice. I had to face my destiny.

It didn’t hurt this time as much as it did the first times. You eased your dick slowly into my still half raw asshole. I try to hold back the moan of pain and pleasure. Your pushing hard and start pounding my ass forceful, with full length strokes. My cheeks rub at the smooth wall, and I am fearful when I suddenly hear voices coming from the stair case. Not only will they, whoever they might be, see him fucking me in the ass, but also I am cuffed. I am thinking if that was really a good idea. But you hear it as well, and quickly withdraw, pull my skirt down, and open the restraints. Just in time as a group of three opens the staircase door and step out. Two hunks of men, with a gorgeous woman. The girl looks concerned, but the men just exchange a quick look, and nod to you approvingly. While they make their way to the interior of the parking deck, you call the elevator. This is getting more and more confusing now.

You select the penthouse, and the lift quietly rises up for 23 stories. When the doors open, I am reminded at a cheap porno movie. The walls are in dark burgundy with lots of gold accents, the carpet thick and sucking up all sound. A solid oak double door is guarded by two grim looking guards. You whisper something to one, and they hurry to open the door for us. To my surprise we are in a very lightly lit restaurant. You are talking to the greeter, and she guides us to a table, where we are having a nice dinner. The sun has set in the meantime, and I see the lights of the city sparkling below us. ‘Are you ready for dessert?’, you ask me again with that spark in your eyes. I am wondering what’s up next now. Hesistantly I nod. ‘Good girl’ you say with that stunning smile again. ‘It’s more like a show than a dessert, but I am sure you’ll enjoy it as well.’, you say.

We rise from the table and the same greeter ushers us to another door. We are standing in a dark hallway, and you hold my hand while we walking to another door. And suddenly I can hear music and…. moaning, yelling and screams of lust and pain! “It’s ok baby! We will just watch the show. But if you’re comfortable, we can join the show’, you say. Heck no, I think for myself. But still, I just nod and follow your guidance. It’s a private club like setting, small alcoves around a large, revolving stage. What I see makes the blood shoot up my cheeks. Women on a leash, on all four, sitting next to their ‘masters’ on the floors. Others are bend over sucking dicks and getting fucked in the little alcoves. But the main attractions are happening on the stage.

You push me into one little alcove, making sure I have a perfect look onto the other alcoves AND the stage. A girl in a latex mask is hog tied and dangling from the ceiling, her pussy and ass wide open spread, clips pinching her nipples, and being fucked with a gigantious dildo in the cunt. I am not sure if she’s just quiet or being gagged, but her eyes don’t really show that she’s enjoying that treatment. At the other side a tiny japanese is being tripled by three huge black dudes with cocks i’d never seen before. I see that each time the dicks in her ass or cunt plunged in she’s trying to get away, but the dick in her mouth keeps her quiet. Other scenes, like spanking and fire red buttocks are visible everywhere. Your hand slides between my legs, and test the ‘wetness level’ of my pussy. ‘I thought you would like that’, you say. We are sitting quietly, your hand working on my cunt until I am about ready to cum. ‘Let me show them what a good girl you are’ you say, and me, just wanting to finally cum, don’t even think twice about what you just said.

You pull me up and guide me to the stage. There’s one soft looking ottoman like thing there, with cuffs for the hands and bigger cuffs for the legs there. You bend me over it, and tell my you love me. I allow you to cuff my hands and legs, exposing my ass and cunt to all who see it from that side. I feel more hands suddenly. Men and woman have come over, seeing in me the newest toy to discover. My ass gets squeezed and my nipples pinched. Someone kneels behind me and start to lick my pussy. And dang, it’s a really good mouth job. Soon I start squivering, feeling my orgasm near. You are in front of me, waving your dick. “Will you suck me off, honey?’ you ask with that grin again. I am eager to please. While you slowly start to fuck my mouth, I feel a dildo shoved into my pussy. But it’s not an actual dildo, I soon find out. It’s one of the new fuck machines, a motorized push dildo, which now is being adjusted to slowly push all the way in, and then almos
t all the way back out. Si
nce I am stationary, I can only suck your dick there and hope they soon speed that think up for some more ‘hotter’ action. And as if someone read my mind, the speed increases, and the machine is readjusted. It’s now pounded me deep and hard each time at the uterus. I grunt, and you are giving a sign that it’s the right depth now. While the speed increases, and starts to each time hurt a little less, I suddenly feel a new sensation. This dingaling, or whatever is is, is getting bigger!!! It starts to fill me out, slowly beginning to stretch my pussy walls… ‘Hm, hm hm urgh’, I am trying to articulate myself with your now full size dick in my mouth. ‘You love it, don’t you, baby? I’ll let them stretch your little pussy and get it fucked hard. Let me think? What’s a good size you can take? A small water bottle? Soda can size? Yeah, I think getting you up to a soda can, or maybe a little wider, before I am gonna let them fuck your ass tonight!’

I almost choke on your dick. The thought is arousing, I feel me getting wetter and wetter each time that thing gets rammed to the hilt in again. But the fear of pain…I don’t get time to think about it, as I feel it’s getting bigger and bigger each time, stretching my walls, filling me out I never felt fucked by a dick like object before. It’s hurting, but not in a way that I am about to scream or cry. It’s a sweet pain, and I know I have to take it, no matter what. Now was really the time to face destiny. That was it, I had no choice, no way out.

I feel lube being dropped onto my ass, running to this giant dildo thing which’s fucking and stretching me. Once the lube hit it, the pain became less, and the speed increased. Somebody place a vibrator at my clit, and I started to uncontrollably to shake. My orgasm was so near. You pull your dick out of my mouth, and I am taking a deep breath and let out moans of pleasure. I feel you climbing up behind me, and then your dick pushes again against my still so sore asshole. My cunt is so filled out by this pumped up dildo, you have to push hard to get in at all. I yell out in surprise and pain, but have a dick shoved into my mouth. I am about to bite that damn cock off, when you finally slide your love stick into my ass…It doesn’t take long, a couple of strokes of your cock, and increased pressure of the vib to my clit, and I am cumming like never in my life before. Lights are exploding behind my lids, I am panting and shaking, about to choke on that damn dick in my mouth. But then, the air’s being relieved from the dick dildo and the machine slows down and plops out of my widened cunt. You increase your depth and speed and shoot your load deep into my ass. The cock in my mouth also starts to twitch, and then i am choking on that hot cum there. I can’t breathe, I am coughing and gagging. Then I pass out.

I wake up in the dark…back in the hotel room. You sleep peacefully next to me. What happened? Was it all just a dream? Or did it really happen????

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