Fruit Basket Fun

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This is how the story goes. I’m now 28 years old and have an incredibly strong sexual appetite for just about any kind of pleasure. This story involves myself, Amanda and some other tasty teasers and pleasers.

My name is Marcus. I’m 5-9 and I weigh about 170lbs. I have a 40″ chest and 32″ waist and my dick is 8 inches long, and cleanly shaved. I’m Swedish by heritage so I’m rather pale most of the year, except for during the summer when I do some fully naked tanning. Yeah baby, talk about fun and visually pleasing to the ladies.

Amanda is a fine looking 26-year old now. Amanda has long brown hair that goes about to her shoulder blades. She is 5′ 6″ tall. She weighs about 130. Her figure is out of this world. She measures in at 36C-24-32. Her skin is naturally tan. She keeps her pussy hairs shaved around the lips, but maintains a little patch just on top.

This happened three years ago. Amanda and I had been roommates for six months and we had never really gotten into much of the sex talks that I would love to have had with her. She was new to the area, didn’t know anybody, saw my ad in the paper for a roommate and that’s how we came to be room mates. I told her that I do like to lounge around naked, no matter who’s home, just because I love that freedom of my dick just hanging free and slapping my thighs. Usually once I come home from work and have dinner I tend to go down to my boxers or further. She said that was just fine as long as I didn’t expect her to do the same. In my head I said “come on Hun, you look like you’ve got a great body, why not show it off” but out of my mouth came, “oh, that’s fine, I don’t expect you to anything you’re not comfortable with.”

One night Amanda came home and proclaimed, “Marcus, how adventurous sexually do you get?”

Stunned, “I enjoy just about anything sexually except for sucking other guy’s dicks and pain.”

“I was reading today that this girl fit three strawberries in her pussy and then squeezed her legs together and it felt just like an orgasm.” Amanda shocked me with this.

“Where the hell did you read that?”

“My friend Tara sent me an email and she even showed me the pictures of what she had done. Her boyfriend took the pics and also was the one who helped with the tasty treats. So I was wondering if you had any strawberries or any other fruits that I could try. I want to know what that feels like.”

If you can’t guess what happened next, then don’t read any further.

My dick shot to attention at hearing what I had just heard her say. Finally, she expressed interest in something sexual. I know she had some sexy little underwear her dresser drawers. So I know she has a bit of a sexy side to her, but she never showed it outwardly.

“Well, Amanda, let me look and see what I’ve got in the kitchen.”

I almost wanted to relieve myself in the kitchen sink, but fought every urge to not just stroke my dick right then and there. I checked the kitchen and found a basket of strawberries and blueberries and a couple of bananas. I ventured into the meat drawer and found a package of bratwursts. I figured what the hell, and maybe she wouldn’t mind trying that, too. I also knew I had some whip cream in the fridge. Guys, if you don’t have whip cream always on hand, you’d better start today. By the time I found Amanda she had gone into her room and taken off her work clothes and found a place on the couch in just her cutest little gray cotton panties and bra. I noticed that her nipples were making their first ever appearance to my eyes, even though covered by a bra. I had not really noticed them perky before. And trust me I’ve looked many a time. There was even the slightest bit of moisture on her panties. I will finally get a chance to see this hot little co-ed naked.

I showed her the bounty that I came back from the kitchen with and she smiled very large. She didn’t turn down the idea of the bratwursts, so I’m thinking all good for me.

“Yeah, I hope this works like Tara said it works.” Amanda said in her sexy sweet voice.

I kneeled down next to the couch and put the food on the table next to me. Wow, she smelled great, still having the scent of her perfume on her from the long day’s work. She works in an office all day, I think she does some kind of customer service work.

“Since I’m naked,” I started, “shouldn’t we get you out of your undies? We wouldn’t want to get any stains on them.”

“If you’d like, you can help take them off. Honestly, Marcus I’ve been thinking about you since shortly after I moved in. I just didn’t want to spoil anything just after getting to know you.”

“Why didn’t you say something earlier? You know that all you would need to get a guy is to say anything to him in regards to sex. Obviously I don’t hide anything from you. I mean I walk around naked, I shower with the door wide open, and I don’t even close my bedroom door when I’m asleep. I don’t even care if you watch me watching my porno tapes.”

“Yeah, I know all that. I just didn’t know when and if I’d be ready for doing anything like that. Could you take off my panties for me that would be a good way to get started. Or if you want to I can take them off.”

“No, let me do that. I’ve fantasized about doing this to you for a long time.”

So I took my fingers and slid her panties slowly down her legs, so I could feel every inch of them and also to feel any reaction that her body would make to my touch. While I was enjoying her legs and her cleanly cut pussy, she was exposing her breasts with their perky little nipples. What a sight to behold! My dick was so hard by now, it was starting to hurt a little bit and begging me to stroke it.

“Your boobs are better than I imagined. You’re legs are so smooth. Oh my god Amanda! I can smell your pussy. It’s no nicely trimmed. I just want to dive right in there with my lips and tongue and lick you clean.”

“No, not yet Marcus. I want to try the food first. And if you could, I’d like for you to sit under my legs with my pussy lips spread apart so you can get all of that fruity stuff inside me.”

I did as I was instructed. I figured whatever it takes. I wanted to feel the inside of that naked girl’s body so badly but she wanted me to play with her first. Honestly this is the weirdest foreplay I’ve ever experienced in all of my sexual escapades.

“Amanda, what would you like me to use first?”

“Well, since Tara had a strawberry all squished inside her pussy, I guess you can try that first. You may do what you’d like with the berry, I’m ready for it.”

This is the closest my dick has ever been to pussy and not gone in right away. What a sensation so far, my room mate telling me that she’s sexually curious, me getting to play with her pussy and well, that’s about it so far.

The first thing I did with the first strawberry is lick it so I could get it wet for her, even though she had already started on that since I noticed her pussy lips a bit moist. Amanda offered a little bit of help with opening her pussy lips for me since I was to work that berry inside of her. Wow! That was a sweet looking little playground. I finally landed that strawberry inside of her and she let out a sigh that about made me cum right then and there. She watched me place it inside her with a gentle touch. Then before you could think about it, I took it out. Then I smelled it , how nice that smell was to my nose. She motioned with her eyes to put it back in, so I obliged her. With the second insertion she fell back on the couch and let out a moan. Then she moved my hands away and held them at her butt. She guided my hands to grab her round little ass. When I grabbed her ass cheeks, she squeezed her pussy lips together and the strawberry just disappeared inside of her. She now had strawberry juice dripping down her pussy lips and she let out an overjoyed, “YES! It does feel so good. Do it again Marcus, do it again.”<
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And that was only the first of the fruits. “Do you want another strawberry?”

“Yes, but if you could
take the leafy cap off the damn thing that would be very helpful.”

With that she grabbed between her legs and pulled out the remainder of that first little fruit and ate it. Now, that’s not something a guy can forget. So, again as instructed I took the leafy cap off the second strawberry and traced the inside of her leg, teased her pussy by travelling back up her other leg, and then back down to the promised land. After I put the second strawberry inside she held her legs together and kind of moved her hips, my only guess to work the fruit juices inside. This made even more juice come out of her pussy the second time.

“Please, Amanda, you’ve got to let me lick those juices. I want to taste this treat that I’m creating for you.”

“Okay Marcus, you can lick me but just a taste because I want you to try those blueberries.”

So without hesitation, I went to where I wanted to go and taste what I’ve been wanting to taste for sometime, Amanda’s clean cut pussy. I held her pussy closed so I could just lick the lips on the outside, but was very tempted to open them wide and just go to town on her. I was surprisingly controlled, I took two licks and then said “All clean on the surface.”

She had trouble saying anything at that point. I picked up the few blueberries that I found and opened her pussy lips. She offered me her fingers to hold it open, so I could get the goods inside. I got five blueberries in and I noticed that she was becoming quite crowded down there. I leaned back and let her work her magic again. Those juices kept flowing and flowing, and she kept moaning and moaning with every little bit more of ecstasy that was filling her in ways I’ve never seen a girls pussy filled.

“Eat me Marcus!!!!!!!!!! Feast on the fruits of your labor.”

I had no trouble ignoring those commands. I went straight in and let my tongue lick the inside of her pussy and taste her every bit of juice that I could. There wasn’t much of the fruit left inside there, she must have some powerful pussy muscles to be able to do that. I still stayed there for a while just lapping up every drop of whatever I could get.

“I want the banana! I want you to work that banana inside my pussy. If you do that just as well as the other stuff then I’ll give you some thing good.”

Again I couldn’t resist following her orders. I took that banana and slowly slid the peel back. With the naked banana in my hand I couldn’t resist to compare it in size to my still-hard cock. Oddly enough they had about the same size and girth and curve. That was an interesting comparison. I found myself actually stroking the banana as if it were my dick. I took the banana in hand and slowly slid it inside her moist hole. By this time, I had slid her ass cheeks into my lap just so my dick could have some fun, too. It slid in and out quite nicely and it was kind of fun to see how it would look as if my dick were working inside of her. She was breathing very heavily by now and with every thrust of the banana she was working her hips ever so slowly. I had only slid it in four times then it became too mushy and it broke off inside of her. Without a word I got to the floor and knelt next to the couch and took it out of her with my fingers. What a mess, she wanted to taste the mushy mess so I fed it to her. She could only moan some more.

“Marcus I want the real thing. I want you to fuck me like you were doing with that banana. I want to feel you beautiful hard cock inside me.”

“Yes!” was my thought. I too had trouble talking at this point. I find it really hard to say anything comprehendible when I’m this horny. Without her moving at all I moved above her.

“Here I come Amanda!”

“I’m ready for you Marcus!”

She took my dick in her hand and stuck it right inside of her without hesitation. Her pussy felt very weird with some of the fruit still in there. That made it more enjoyable. More than just regular-sex it was mushy, messy sex. I was thrusting every inch of my throbbing cock inside of her. I did enjoy the way her tits were moving with every time my pelvis met her lovely pussy. We both came at the same time and just laid there. As both of our bodies finished convulsing from the erotic ecstasy, we collapsed in each other’s grasps. We spent the next few hours just kissing and having more fun enjoying each other.

That night I found out what really made Amanda tick. And that wasn’t the last time we had done that same activity. We’re still room mates three years later and have even brought others in for the same kind of fun.

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