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Belinda was on her way home from her shopping trip. She was an avid music lover, she reached into the glove box and pulled out her new copy of Ronan Keatings Destination album and slipped it into the CD Player.
Her Mercedes hadn’t been running too smoothly of late and tonight was no exception! The car started to slow down gradually until it had come to an abrupt stop! She had managed to stop at the side of the road. She pulled out her Mobile Phone and rang a recovery firm.
It was a cold frosty night, belinda sat down near the car. She was wearing a very tight PVC Mini Skirt, she never wore knickers because they gave her thrush! The skirt only just covered her shaven mound, she could feel the cold gettin to it.She slipped her hand down there to warm it up. She was gettin very wet down there now, she used her index finger and middle to stroke up and down slowly warming herself up. She took off the Skirt and lay there stroking her wet fleshy hot throbbing pussy! She lifted up her top and started stroking her breasts she was close to orgasm but witheld.
Graham the recovery man pulled up beside the Merc he sat there watching and admiring the show Belinda was presenting him. He felt his cock getting harder in his y-fronts.
He got out and kneeled over belinda, he presented her with his 7inch hard throbbing, growing cock! She took it in her mouth, he was moaning with pleasure. He put 2 fingers into her warm moist pussy and started fucking her with them!
She sat up on the bonnet of the recovery truck, while Graham started licking her pussy up and down paying attention to her clit with his finger. She was screaming with pleasure, her juices flowing into his mouth. She wasn’t cumming until he had fucked her!
He spread her legs and slided his cock into her very wet pussy pushing her up and down the shaft of his cock….He was the first to cum, he withdrew and pumped the spunk that was left all over her tits. She was very close now, he put his fist in and fucked her with it til she came.
Graham dressed her and then himself, and said “U called what is wrong with the Merc then”

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