Giving away the bride


This is the story of two men and a girl. Roger and Sally had been intimates for a long time. Sally was a divorcee without any children. She just could not take the callousness of her husband and had negotiated a divorce which left her a decent living. Roger was a married man with two teenager boys and a “happy” wife. It was a ‘happy” but dull life. Fate had brought Roger and Sally together to comfort each other in their lonely hours. But Sally was in search of a perfect partner with whom to settle down for life. Roger and Sally had no secrets from each other. She knew that he will not disturb his marriage. He knew that she was looking for a husband and that it would not be him.
For long Roger thought about his friend Bobby, an eligible young man of old- money family. Off and on, Roger and Bobby had “played the field”. One day Roger popped the question to Bobby: “Are you willing to consider marriage?” Bobby was game and a threesome was set up. The ménage de troi went off reasonably well; fooling around, some sex together, some booze. Roger recalled that whenever Bobby and he had been together, they attracted curious glances from a few common acquaintances. So Roger’s guard was not fully down. He was secretly worried that Bobby might be into drugs. Mercifully he saw no trace of drugs and no mention of it either.
After a few three-some dates Bobby had proposed marriage and Sally had said “yes”. A date was yet to be set.
On one of the subsequent threesome nights, suddenly Bobby asked Sally to get on all fours. She complied. He entered her dog style and gave her a satisfactory time. All the while Roger sat in front of Sally and both of them licked and nibbled. Bobby came up for breath. Without a warning he went anal on Sally. They say, for nothing, that if the pussy is satisfied, the rear door opens up. So he could enter her. But it so surprised her that she yelped. He thrust himself deep into her, all the time cooing into her ears: does it hurt? Never mind it wont last long; a couple of days and you will not hurt when I go in. All this while he was thumping and pumping and she was crying. Tears flowed on to her face. Roger was taken aback and was furious. His foremost concern was of guilt “oh my God what I have got Sally into it. She has been content with straight sex; and this beast……’ Roger licked her tears, he kissed her all over her face and gripped her hand to release the pain. Sally’s pain, and tears, gave way to rage inside and she resolved to have nothing more to do with Bobby. She dismissed the thought whether Roger, her dear old friend had knowingly thrown her at this kinky beast.
At last Bobby was spent and he dismounted her. As he hit the bed, Sally turned on him furiously. She slapped him, bit him, hit him, elbowed him and shouted at him. Then, All of a sudden she went quiet.
Sally asked Bobby to get on all fours. Bobby wondered what was coming but was grateful for her sudden composure. She then asked Roger, “Roger, ride this bastard”. Roger was already shivering with white rage at what his friend had done to his relationship with Sally. In his rage, he got on top of Bobby, and shoved his quivering rock hard angry penis into Bobby’s anus. This was an unusual situation for Bobby. He cried out with pain. But Roger and Sally kept him pinned. Roger rode him hard; slow, fast, slow, fast, deliberately expanding his penis inside his arse. Tears flowed over Bobby’s face. Sally sat in front of him licking his tears; cooing to him “does it hurt dear” “don’t worry it wont last” “In a couple of days it wont hurt…” In course of time Roger’s rage cooled and so did his penis. He slumped to the bed.
The three of them dressed up and parted company in complete silent. Each one lost in own thoughts about what the future held. Roger was sure that whether Sally turned her back on Bobby or not, his own relationship with Sally was at an end. What a shame that for a piece of rich shit, he, Roger, had sacrificed his lady love and a cozy arrangement. Their liasion had withstood Sally’s marriage and subsequent divorce and had been discrete enough not to ruin his own marriage.
Roger did not hear from Sally or Bobby for many days. His calls to both of them were not answered. Then one afternoon, out of the blue, Bobby called him to ask if he will be “best man” at his marriage to Sally. Roger was shocked out of his wits and mumbled a yes.
At the marriage Sally and Bobby looked a perfectly happy couple. The best man wore a sad smile, more befitting the father of the bride who was giving away his carefully nurtured beloved daughter. As Sally and Bobby, sat in their honeymoon convertible festooned with ‘just married’ signs, Roger turned his back. None saw it, but tears were streaming down his face. No one was there to lick his tears or kiss his swollen eyes. He told himself “Don’t worry, it wont last; in a couple of days, it wont hurt……….”

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