Glory hole

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I travel a lot for work and on one occasion I had been travelling for a few hours and decided to stop at a service station for a rest and a cup of tea.
I was just finishing my tea and was dying for a smoke so I decided to go to the loo and have a crafty smoke. So there I| was sitting there relaxing enjoying my smoke when I noticed there was a hole the size of a fist either side of the cubical.
I suddenly realised this must be one of those glory holes. I thought I would finish my cig quick and get the hell out of there.
I had to have a quick look though and I pensively looked through. I could see a guy standing next to the hole or all I could see was this 7” circumcised cock and shaved balls in a guys hand. Now I am not gay but the cock reminded me of my own and I have always fancied sucking my own cock.
So I had to have another look.

A voice suddenly said do you want a closer look I shit myself and I was speechless but my own cock was as hard as rock. I think I grunted MM the next thing there is this stunning cock and hairless set of balls through the wall 3” in front of me.

Fuck and did I feel horny. I gently touched the cock running my fingers along the huge throbbing veins along its length. The head was very deep purple colour and there was a small amount of pre come just starting to come at the end. I took hold of the cock which was lovely, warm rock hard and yet soft cock to the touch and moved my hand up and down as if I was wanking my own cock.
I thought I have never done this and never thought I would ever do but I had decided I was going to suck this cock.

So I licked my lips let some spit go on the throbbing end of this gorgeous cock. I then puckered my lips out and put my head forward so the cock had to force its was into my mouth like a cunt. The cok was forced back so my the guy could see my lips set up like a cunt. With this the guy let out a moan and started to force his cock into my mouth. The guy slowly forced his bell end into my mouth I felt the whole bell pop into my mouth at this the guy really groaned and the feeling was great as this hot cock entered my mouth.
Fuck this is nice I thought the guy then started to fuck my mouth with his big cock.

I had never experienced anything like it was like sucking my own cock and I shut my eyes and fantasised that it was my cock. Then this huge veined cock started to throb and spasm in my mouth I could feel the blood surging inside the cock and then I could feel the cock spurting like an uncontrollable geezer. My mouth was filled with warm spunk which was dripping onto the floor. I quickly took the cock out and spat the spunk down the loo.

The guy said that was the best sucking he had ever had and said he would be back tomorrow at 7 and left.

Fucking hell I thought that was an experience. I gave the wife a serious fucking that night.

I could not stop thinking of it all the next day I also new I would be in the area later. So I got some condoms from a machine and got some petroleum jelly from the house.

I arrived slightly early and just sat there shaking and having a cig the next thing I heard someone come into the loo and thought here we go but they went into the cubicle on the left. Then some one else came in and went into the right cubicle.

I had to have a look and there was my cock. As hard as a rod a obviously waiting for a good sucking. The voice said are you there again I answered MM as I could not talk.

The cock came through the hole again. This time I played with it for a min and then got a condom out and put it on the now throbbing cock, I then put plenty on petroleum jelly on it and also on my virgin arse I had decided I wanted to see what getting a good fucking was like so I backed my arse against the cock which again went back so my arse was spread open wide and hard up against the partition.

I felt what seemed to be an enormous cock rubbing against my arse and starting to put a little pressure on my tight hole. Fuck this was kinky. Then I could feel the cock straining to enter my tight hole and just starting to open my hole up a bit what a sensation. Then the bell end just started to enter my tight hole I relaxed as much as I could and it just popped in fucking hell I thought what a sensation. I was there with this lovely hot cock rammed up my tight arse. It was just out of this world. I shut my eyes and he started to fuck me slowly I was just feeling this warm cock with its throbbing head slowing going in and out of me.

He then said look in front of you I opened my eyes and there was another even bigger circumcised cock right in front of me through the other wall.

It looked fucking lovely so I just grabbed it and put it straight in my mouth and started to suck it for all I was worth the guy just moaned and moaned there I was impaled on a throbbing cock through the partition firmly stuck up my tight arse getting a good fucking and a even bigger cock stuck halfway don my throat and I am not and never thought I was gay but what an experience my head was spinning and my cock was hard as an iron bar.

I started to wank my own cock at the same time fucking hell you could not imagine the experience then I started to feel the cock stuffed up my arse starting to spasm and throb even more I was thinking this is getting out of this world as the sensations started to become more intense. The cock in my mouth started to spasm and jump about and my own cock started to then the cock stuffed up my arse went as far as it could and really impaled me as the cock in my mouth seemed to slide down the back of my throat.both cocks were now jerking uncontrollably and my own cock was going out of control. I felt the cock right up my tight arse come and come and come then the cock in my mouth started to spurt and spurt and spurt huge amount of spunk down my throat as my own cock spurted all aver the place
The big cock popped out of my arse and I took the even bigger cock out of my mouth got rid of the spunk down the toilet and had to just sit there and have a cig.

The 2 guys were obviously doing the same one of them said to the other I have never done anything like that before but it was fucking great I admitted that the last time was my first and we all had a giggle in the different cubicles.

As they were leaving they both gave me a card with their mobiles on and said we must get together in a hotel or something text us when you are next in the area.

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    wow wish i were there

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