Good Charlotte gets it on

Billy and Joel had been best friends for a very long time. They were on the road together or in the studio together all the time.
Billy was tall and thin with short black hair. Sometimes it was blue or purple or red. He usually wore eyeliner. Everyone thought it was because he was goth but little did they know it was because it always made him feel like a girl. He liked that.
Joel had a little more meat on his bones. Black hair, beautiful eyes, a real baby face. He had a twin brother Benji but Billy always thought Joel was the hotter one.
If the guys ever found out that when Billy whacked off he was thinking of Joel God only knows what they do.

One night they were to appear at an awards show and present best hip hop video to Eminem. They were running a little late so Joel hopped in the shower with Billy. Billy caught a quick glimpse at Joel’s 8 1/2 inch cock and was hard instantly. He turned around quickly hoping Joel hadn’t seen it.
Joel reached across him to grab the shampoo and accidently saw Billy’s hard on. “Umm, Billy…” Both blushed and Billy stepped out wrapping a towel around his waist. He walked into the dressing room followed by Joel.
The rest of the band was doing a sound check and wouldn’t be back for about another 45 minutes. “Billy, wait.” Billy turned around and was instantly met by a kiss full on the mouth by Joel.

Breathless and shocked he said “What are you doing?” “I don’t know.” He kissed him again this time parting his lips with his tongue and jamming it into his mouth. He grabbed his waist and pulled him towards him. He grabbed Billy’s towel and let it drop followed by his own. Now both stood there naked, cold, and kissing.

Billy pushed Joel towards the couch and straddled him, continuing to kiss him. He sat up and looked at Joel’s dick which was right below his own ten inch hard on. He got down on his knees and looked into Joel’s beautiful eyes while he put his moth on his now hard cock.
He began to move his head up and down sucking hard on his best friend’s and fellow band memebers dick while his left hand was right below his chin jacking him off at the same time.
Joel tilted his head abck in ecstasy thinking “what the hell am I doing???” He grabbed Billy’s head and removed his dick from his mouth. “Billy, have you ever done this before??” Billy looked down and blushed. “Joel you’ve known me how long? If I had you’d know. I’m a virgin.” “Virgin? as in…” “Yeah.” “Oh my God.” “Look, I’m straight..totally. It’s just with you…what about you. Have you ever done this?” “Once. With Chester.” “Chester Bennington?” “Yeah.”
Billy, determined to give Joel a much better time than Chester ever could have, sucked on Joel’s dick harder than before while playing with his balls with one hand and jacking him off with the other. This went on for about twenty minutes before Joel orgasmed and spewed his hot jizz into his mouth. Billy swallowed most of it then sat on Joel again and kissed him passionately passing joel a wad of his own cum which he swallowed.
“Joel, I can’t take it. I need you.”

They got up and moved to the floor. “Billy, are you sure?” “Hell yes.” “Alright, lay down.” He did as he was told. Joel got down on his knees and lifted Billy’s sexy shaved legs off the ground and put them over his shoulders. He bent over and started licking Billy’s virgin ass while jacking off his virgin dick. It wasn’t long before Billy shot a load of creamy jizz into Joel’s hand. Joel rubbed some of it on his cock and some of it he used to lube Billy’s ass. He knew it would hurt but the ‘lube’ would make it easier for Billy to handle.
He placed his cock up against Billy’s hole and thrust quick and hard, getting about half of his cock into him. Billy screamed from a mixture of shock, pain, and pleasure. Joel thrust again and said “Okay. It’s in.” He started thrusting in and out. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 times. Over and over faster and faster. Billy lay there, his colon being utterly violated, and whimpered. “OMG this feels so good,” he thought. Joel started fucking him harder and faster. Billy knew it couldn’t be long before he cummed but he was wrong. Half an hour later Joel was still fucking him and Billy felt as if he would explode. Time had totally escaped his mind until sudennly Benji walked in.
Joel quickly pulled out of Billy’s swollen and violated ass.

“What the fuck!!!” “Benji, I can explain..” Billy said sitting up. “No need.” Joel said.

Benji walked over to his naked brother and kissed him removing his shirt. Then he moved over to Billy and said “So Joel got to you too? Well, whatever.” He stood up and stripped naked revealing piercings Billy didn’t even know he had. Joel enterd his ass again and began thrusting hard and deep while Benji watched. He wondered what Benji was gonna do. Finally, Joel cummed. He felt his hot jizz filling his ass and ooze out as Joel exited him.
Next thing he knew, Joel was on his dick, bouncing up and down being butt fucked and Benji was the next one to violate him. He pushed his cock in, dry, and began to thrust.
This hurt more than Billy could have ever imagined and he yelped in pain and ecstasy from having Joel’s as on his dick.Somehow Billy knew that this wasn’t even close to being over.

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