Happy Anniversary

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Well tonight is the night. It is mine and my husband’s one year anniversary. It has to be special; I need to make him remember why he married me. He thinks that we are going out for dinner but I have something better in mind. As I stepped into the shower my mind was already racing with the thoughts of what was going to happen tonight. As the warm water cascaded down my body I could feel myself getting turned on. My hands slid across my tits, down my stomach making there way to my pussy. My god I was getting so hot! I couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting. I just couldn’t help but run my fingers along the outside of my lips. I let out a slight moan. Thoughts of you fucking me just kept playing over and over in my mind. You pushing your hard cock into my pussy as you have me bent over the dinning room table. My god you are so damn big. Without even realizing it I have pushed two of my fingers into my pussy, it feels so good. I can feel myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm. I am going to cum and I can’t wait. I am trembling as my body is completely overcome with pleasure. It is everything I have to not let out a scream! I am finally able to pull myself out of the shower. I have a special surprise for my husband and I need to finish getting ready. I bought a particular outfit for the occasion. I slip on my black lace thong first, followed by a see though floor length dress. The only thing that it actually covered was my tits, other than that the entire dress is skin tight black lace. And finally black five inch stiletto heels to finish the look. I am in our room pulling my hair up I hear you pull into the driveway. “Baby I’m home!” You call as you come through the front door. “We need to hurry up or we are going to be late for dinner.” you say walking towards our room. “I don’t think we need to worry about that.” I say stepping into the hall way to meet you. “But baby I thought that we had dinner plans.” You say. “We do here. Don’t worry I’ve cooked up something especially good for you.” I say as I push my body up against yours, running my fingers though your hair. Softly pressing my lips to yours, I can feel your breathing change as the excitement runs though your body. You run your hands down my back onto my ass. Our kiss is getting more and more passionate as you slide your tongue into my mouth. I pull away from your kiss and I hear a slight whimper escape your lips. “Don’t worry baby I’ll take good care of you.” I start to run my fingers down your chest until I reach your belt buckle. Looking you in the eyes I unbuckle your pants and let them hit the floor. Your shirt gets unbuttoned one button at the time. Until that to is lying on the floor and that’s when I take my place on my knees. I hear you gasp and I run my tongue up your rock hard cock, and then circle it back down onto your balls, slowly sucking each one into my mouth. I love the way that you taste. I feel you grab the back of my head as I take your entire cock into my mouth in one swift motion. I know that you can feel your dick sliding down my throat; it has to because it’s so damn big. I run my hands up your legs until I reach your balls, and I start to slowly caress them with my fingers. I then grab on to your hard shaft and slowly lick the head of your cock. I can feel your dick pulsating on my lips as I start to go deeper down your cock. Your dick is so big it fills my mouth. I quickly pull your dick out of my mouth and start stroking with my hands. I hear a moan come from your mouth so I know I am doing good. I put your dick in my mouth a few more times and then I stand up. I can feel you rubbing your hands on my body, starting with my ass and working your way up my back. Then you spin me around and start feeling on my tits. Wow you are making me so horny. You work your way down my hard flat stomach moving toward my very wet pussy. We start walking into the bedroom as you keep caressing my body. As we get into the room you start pulling my lace dress up over my head. You start to kiss my neck and tell me you love me. God I love it when you tell me you love me. I spin around and grab you hard cock and start stroking back and forth. It is so big. You push me on to the bed and grab my long legs, you proceed to get on your knees and slowly lick my wet clit. You then slide your hands down my legs, I can feel you slowly rubbing my wet pussy and then slide one finger deep in my pussy. I moan and feel a chill all the way up my spin. I can feel you licking my pussy and thrusting you finger back and forth. You slowly start kissing up my silky smooth body kissing my hips and moving up to my stomach. Then I feel your hands rubbing up to my tits. God my nipples are so hard. You slowly start licking my nipples the all of a sudden you suck on my nipples. I let out a scream. You then stand up grab your cock and guide it to my wet cunt. Your hard dick gets jammed deep into me, it feels so good the only thing I can do is scream. I love it when you put my legs up in the air and shove your cock in me! I can see you thrusting into me. You pull out, pick me up, put my back against the wall, and drop me on your hard shaft. Bouncing me up and down your long thick member, kissing my lips and neck the whole time. Your muscles are so big I feel all over your chest and shoulders. You then sit me back down on the bed and grab my head and stuff your hard wet cock in my mouth. As I start sucking your dick I can feel it hitting the back of my throat. You tell me you are going to cum and I want you to cum on me. I start sucking faster, grabbing your cock with my hands. I can feel you tensing up. “I want you to cum on me.” I say. I wrap my lips around your cock and pull it out of my mouth. You moan and I can feel your warm cum all over my lips. “I love the taste of your cum.” I say as it shots out again all over my tits. I lick my lips and start to spread the cum all over my tits. You have your cock in your hands stroking it up and down. I shove your dick into my mouth so that I don’t miss any of his cum, making sure I lick off every bit that I can find. “Happy Anniversary Baby” I say as we collapse onto the bed next to each other. “Wow that was amazing. The best present yet.” You gasp. “Well then you obviously have no idea what I have planned next.” I answer with a smile

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