happy birthday honey

It was my lover’s birthday and I knew exactly what to get him. You see we are both pretty honey people and something he’s always wanted to see is me with another women. I’ve done this before being bi but never with him watching and the idea gets me so wet that I think this birthday present will blow all of our minds. The first thing is to phone my favourite fuck friend Sandra over that night making sure she wears something hot.
I put on my crutch less panties and my see through white short dress. No bra of course so my nipples are very erect and you can see everything. Sandra turns up in a hot little pink number at about 5pm and we kiss hello both feeling the sexual urges we have to fuck each other instantaneously. Before we even close the front door Sandra has her hand in my wetness and I groan in pleasure. I’ve missed you I say as she pushes me onto the stairs and plunges her tongue into my hot wet pussy. The feeling of her fingers pushing inside of me as she moves her mouth up and down makes me cum straight away and I quickly reverse rolls so I can enjoy her hot sex. The smell drives me insane as I cant help but go crazy grabbing her ass with my hands and bringing her hot pussy up to my mouth and diving in. Nothing better than a tight little pussy to eat before dinner, my idea of an appetiser. Before we go any further I tell her why I’ve invited her over and she’s very keen to meet my husband. I think I know exactly what to give him for his birthday she says giggling and we both kiss passionately. All of a sudden my husband walks in without any notice and we both jump. We are both still getting into each other on the stairs so there is some explaining to do.Whats this he says surprises to see to sexy women getting it on. Honey you’ve ruined my surprise I was going to give you a threesome for your birthday. That sounds like a lot of fun he says wasting no time as he walks over and starts to play with our breasts sucking mine and squeezing Sandra’s. This doesn’t last long before we all go straight to the bedroom. I sit him down at the end of the bed. Sandra and I get onto the bed and kneeling we slowly take of each other’s clothes. I suck on her nipples and am rewarded with her finger fucking me. I push her onto the bed and spread her legs wide. Looking up at my husband I invite him to join me. We both lick her gently and our tongues seem to dance over her pussy meeting each other passionately and then separating again so we can explore her wetness again. The fat hard cock bulging out of my husband’s pants tells me he’s pretty happy with his birthday present. Sandra gets up and we both undress my husband kissing and licking each erogenous zone we uncover. As he lies down I climb on top of his hard cock and Sandra climbs onto his face. This must have made him so hot because his cock is like a rock inside me pulsating with every movement I make. Sandra and I kiss passionately and she licks my nipples making me come as I ride my husband wildly. I tickle her as my husband licks her out and it doesn’t take long before she comes all over his face leaving him dripping with her wetness. Then Sandra and I devote all of our attention to him. After all it is his birthday. With one women’s breasts in his hands and one women’s breasts rubbing up and down the hard shaft of his cock my husband seems to love my present as he couldn’t get any harder. With naked flesh twisting and writhing in pleasure we are all very hot and it feels so good. The ecstasy builds up as we both suck and lick his huge dick kissing each other occasionally while we touch each others wetness .His cock becomes the hardest I’ve ever seen it as he tells us it’s going to blow. His hot cum shoots out all over our breasts and we giggle as we rub them together all over each other. I take some of the cum off my breasts and use it to make Sandra really wet. Spreading her lips and pushing his cum inside her. She does the same and we both kneel in front of him finger fucking each other faster and faster until at the same time we both cum looking at my husband and seeing that he has come again just from watching us. We all laugh and Sandra and I finish of the occasion by saying happy birthday sexy. We eat dinner after a group shower and Sandra goes home. My husband comes up to me and says thankyou he has never had a better birthday. I kiss him and laugh saying neither have I., happy birthday sexy.

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