Hard As Steel

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Mark had been working with Matthew at local steel warehouse for the past several years. Mark’s wife, Melissa always teased them that one day she was going to show up for one hell of a sex adventure. As always they laughed and it was always the same response with them. Mark knew his wife had a kinky side to her, but he never knew what extent she would go too.

Their boss Randy told them that they would be working quite a bit of overtime since the plants were working around the clock. Mark let all of his team know that things were going to get very busy and he needed their cooperation. They were also told that they would have to work the weekend and this also meant Sundays.

Mark came home that night and sat down with Melissa to let her know that he was going to be spending quite a bit of time at work. He knew that she would understand because she was that type of woman. He did let her know that he will be working a lot of Sundays. He noticed that her face brightened up.

“Ah maybe I can show up for an adventure you will always remember?” She teased.

He laughed at her because he knew where she was going with it and personally, he thought she was all talk and no action. She had this way about getting him all excited. He couldn’t help himself half of the time. She turned him on so much and now this is one of those times. He wanted to take her and fuck her right there.

The work week went according to plan and as they had expected it was extremely busy. Mark knew that he was going to have to work that Sunday. He approached Matthew and asked him if he was interested in earning a little overtime.

Matthew was single and lived on his own. Working was all he knew and that is how he liked it. He was not much into partying or hanging out. When Mark came to him and asked him about Sunday he was a bit over zealous. He assured Mark that he would be at the warehouse early Sunday morning.

Sunday came quickly, Mark and Matthew had left their houses and were on their way to work. When they got to work Mark had informed Matthew that they only had one or two trucks coming in for loads. As the day went on things became a bit boring and it was hitting the guys.

Melissa had called Mark and asked if they would like for to bring them some lunch. They agreed and told her what they wanted and she was to deliver it to them. Melissa was going to show Mark what she was made of and today was the day that he was going to meet her freaky side. She wanted to fuck Mark from one side of the warehouse to the other. She went into her closet and pulled out some of her most revealing clothing that would make Mark rise to the occasion. To add some more mystery to her ways she wore a long dress jacket. She knew he would not have a clue, and when he realized it would be too late to turn back.

After picking up their lunches she was finally on her way. Melissa pulled into the parking lot and did any last minute preparations. A woman must always look good for her man; especially when she was going to ride his cock. She touched up her make-up and made sure every hair was in place. When everything was just right she called Mark to let him know she was there. She proceeded to get out of the car and walk towards the front door.

The walk to the front door seemed like it took forever. When she finally got through the door she noticed Mark standing there waiting for her.

“Well hello love! I have brought you and Matthew your lunch.” She said.

“Thank you, but why are you so dressed up?” He asked.

“Do you remember what I have always told you about my fantasy of sex at your place of employment?” She asked in return.

“Yes.” He replied.

“Well there you go! I am here to turn your world upside down and we can begin in Randy’s office.” She explained to him.

“Ah.” He said.

All sorts of things were running through his mind. In one aspect he was turned on and in another sense he was shocked and didn’t know how to respond. He could not believe that she would even suggest Randy’s office. He thought it would be funny to splash the days he needed off on the bosses calendar. The things he wanted to do to her in the warehouse. She was in so much trouble.

The guys sat down to eat their lunch and after they were done Melissa asked Mark if he could give her a tour. He gladly accepted and they started at one end and worked their way up to the other. She was smiling at this point because she knew what was going to take place next.

She turned to Mark and opened up her jacket. He was able to capture a great view of what was underneath. Almost immediately his cock got hard. He couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked and her smell was totally exhilarating. He moved towards her and slipped her jacket off of her shoulders. His touch brought chills all through her. Every time he touched her it gave her goosebumps.

He lowered his lips to her neck and slightly kissed her. The only thing she could bring herself to do was rub his chest. She could feel herself becoming aroused and her pussy was starting to flow with juice. She was whimpering in ecstasy. Mark knew this turned his wife on and he needed to push her further. He just had to see how far her naughty side would drive her. This was about to get very interesting.

His dick was so hard that he needed it to escape the confinement of his uniform pants. As Melissa was rubbing his chest she moved her hand down his happy trail until she reached her destination. She looked him in the eye and popped his pants wide open. His manhood sprung out and the glisten in her eye was astounding. She teasingly moved down and wrapped her bright red lips around his massive cock.

He was moaning and the faster she sucked on him the louder he became. Just as he was about to cum she stopped him and took him by his collar and dragged him to his bosses office. Boy was Randy in for a treat when he came in on Monday morning. When they walked into the office she sat right on top of his desk and spread herself open for her man to take her. The only thought that Mark could think of was how appetizing she looked to him. He just wanted to bury his face in her cleaned shaved pussy. He could see her juices dripping. Fuck it! He needed to take it no matter what she said. He dove into her pussy full force and licked every drop off of that beautiful piece of a lust. As he was enjoying his sweet dessert she followed his actions and began grinding on his face. She was moaning so loudly that Matthew heard her. He went to Randy’s office to see what was going on. When he opened the door he seen that the sex adventure had started. He just had to be a part of this expedition.

Melissa saw that Matthew was peeking in the office. She motioned for him with her finger to enter. Mark was still licking away at her pussy and for him to keep going she shoved his head closer to her. She exposed her breasts for Matthew. This was his cue to explore each breast with his mouth. Her breasts were perky with fabulous areolas. His tongue outlined every inch of her tittties. She was in complete ecstasy at this point. She became more turned on by the way her men were taking care of her. She had fantasies about different scenarios and now was the time she was going to live them out. She stopped the men and told them that they all needed to go back into the warehouse. Once in the warehouse she inquired about the crane.

“Matthew, if Mark and I go up and fuck hanging from the crane, would you be able to run it?” She asked.

“What do you mean?” He replied.

“I want Mark to fuck me while you move the crane from one side to the other.” She told him.

“I suppose, but it comes with a price.” He teased.

“Oh really and what is that?” She teased back.

“I want to fuck you in the ass from on top of a coil.” He replied.

“Baby you’ve got it!” She said.

Mark and Melissa climbed up the ladder that lead to the infamous crane. What was about to take place would go down in the history books for danger and sex mixed together. Sometimes you have to mix the two to get great results. Mark had Matthew close the crane so that it would be steady. Melissa crawled in and got herself situated with her legs wide open. Mark positioned himself in a way that his dick could enter his wife’s pussy. He slowly entered her and she began to moan. They gave Matthew the okay to start the crane. Once the crane started to move Mark got his rhythm. He banged his wife with such force that the crane was rocking. Both of them were horny and scared at the same time. With so much emotion running through their veins they were completely wrapped up in the moment of passion. He was slamming his cock in and out of her so fast that she started to squirt.

Just as she started to squirt she didn’t realize that Matthew was directly under them on the ground. Her juices sprinkled to the ground and all over Matthew. He could not wait until it was his turn to fuck that naughty gal. Just as they had reached the one side Mark released his cum all over his wife. When the crane stopped they climbed back down and were safe and sound. She cleaned herself up and approached Matthew. She knew they had a date of fucking on the coil.

The two of them found a coil and got on top of it. She stroked his cock to get him fully erected and happy to see her. It didn’t take long for him to get hard. He wanted a piece of her ass. He flipped her over onto her stomach, licked his finger and inserted it in her ass. She was so tight that he had to work his finger. He loved when a woman was tight in the ass. It made ass fucking so much more fun. When he was done prepping her ass he had her spit on his hand so he could lubricate his cock. Once slicked up he delicately emerged into her ass. She tightened up and he encouraged her to loosen up. As he was treating her ass like a delicacy she was rubbing her clit. This relaxed her almost immediately and he was able to immerse deep into her tight hole. He was able to fuck her with such movement that he didn’t notice that the crane was moving down on the coil.

Before he could say anything Mark had secured the coil in the crane and raised it off the ground.

“Matthew, keep fucking the shit out of her.” He yelled up at him.

Matthew kept fucking Melissa as the crane was moving through the air. It was an experience that was completely off the charts. He was fucking her so hard at one point, that she was screaming. Every time she expressed emotion he went that much faster.

He couldn’t hold out any longer. He blew his load all over her back. For safety reasons he laid on top of her until Mark brought the crane down so that they could get off the coil. When the coil was on the ground Matthew and Melissa got down. They all walked into the locker room and cleaned themselves up. Once cleaned and dressed, Melissa kissed her men and thanked them for a wonderful Sunday afternoon. As she was leaving she told Mark that she would see him when he got home and they needed to continue this adventure.

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