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When Samantha opened the front door of her house and saw Jack standing there, a little thrill went through her. She loved her husband and was happy as a suburban wife, but she couldn’t help reacting to guys who were really hot. Jack was six feet two, buff, bronzed from being outdoors most of the time, and he had a thick shock of sandy hair. Hot? Definitely!

“Hi there, Sam,” he said with a big smile. “Is Danny about?”

“Hello, Jack…” Samantha returned, drawing the words out just a bit. “Danny’s away for the weekend. The company sent him to Phoenix. As his best friend, I’m surprised you didn’t know.”

“I’ve been on a business trip the last few days myself so we haven’t talked in awhile.” Jack was a salesman of sporting goods–what else? “We didn’t have anything set up for today, but I just thought since this is such a beautiful Saturday, he might want to shoot a few holes.”

“Sorry,” Samantha said, giving him her best smile. A smile came easily whenever she met Jack. “Uuh…why don’t you come in anyway and have some coffee or something.”

Sam had no thought in the world of seducing her husband’s friend. Well, she HAD thought about it, of course, but only when she was masturbating. No. Sometimes when Danny was fucking her, as well. But never mind. She had no PLANS as far as Jack was concerned. She was a good little wife…most of the time.

Jack kept his grin going strong. “Thanks. Coffee sounds great.” He entered the sprawling ranch-style house where Samantha and Dan lived alone. No kids yet. But they were still in their twenties and had plenty of time, assuming they wanted kids at all. Life was pretty good as it was.

Samantha was a hot blonde with full breasts that were natural. She was five four and had what Danny called naughty green eyes. As Jack followed her through the house to the kitchen, she could feel his gaze on her curvy ass which twisted temptingly in tight shorts. Underneath she wore only a g-string.

When they arrived in the kitchen and she made a quick turn to snatch the coffee pot from its base, her boobs gave a delicious quiver. They were braless beneath her flimsy blouse. She glanced quickly at Jack who was seated at the table, and she caught him checking her out. That gave her a little buzz.

She grabbed two mugs by their handles, set them on the table, and poured the coffee, bending forward to give the guy a peek at her cleavage. Her tits hung just enough to be voluptuous. She and Jack had never been alone before except maybe for a few minutes when her husband was nearby. Now Danny was five hundred miles away (or so she thought) and she was all alone with his hunky friend on a Saturday morning when neither of them had anything in particular to do.

“Well, uh…” she began as they sat eyeing each other, “so you wanted to play golf, did you? Is that your favorite game?”

Listen to me handing Jack an opening like that, she thought. Shame! But her eyes were bright. In fact, she was all aglow.

“Golf isn’t my FAVORITE game,” Jack said, keeping his smile stoked. “There are other games I enjoy more.”

“Such as?” Sam felt herself getting antsy. She shifted her thinly clad bottom on the hard kitchen chair.

Jack sipped his brew. “The male-female game, of course,” he said through a thin wisp of steam. “We all play that game, don’t we?”

“Speak for yourself, boy. I’m married.” Samantha’s eyes twinkled.

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with marriage. I just haven’t tried it yet. But just because somebody’s married, they’re not out of the game.” He sipped some more coffee.

Samantha set her mug down. “Just what are you saying, mister?” She wasn’t angry. Far from it!

“Well, you’ve got a husband,” Jack went on, “and you play the game with him, I’m sure. For instance, he doesn’t get some every time he wants it, does he? You know how to give a little and hold back a little and save the blowjobs for special occasions, I’ll bet.”

“Blowjobs?” Sam’s pussy was suddenly wet.

“You’ve heard of them, haven’t you?” Jack was having fun with her.

Samantha was having fun, too. “Well, I don’t RATION my favors, Jack. When I’m in the mood, anything goes.”

“And do you get in the mood very often?”

Suddenly all of Samantha’s resistance gave way, and the truth burst from her lips: “I’m in the mood right now!”

Jack was out of his chair in a wink and drawing her to her feet with his big strong arms around her. Their mouths met, and there was instant conflagration. But Jack didn’t stick his tongue in her mouth right away, and Samantha liked that. After the initial lip-smooch, he nibbled her lips and she nibbled his. They tasted each other’s lips and the tips of their tongues. Then gradually, as his arms tightened, plastering her curvaceous body against him, he slowly slid his tongue into her mouth, withdrew it, then gave it to her again. Samantha’s tongue chased his when it withdrew the next time and their tongues tussled in his mouth. She felt his cock get hard, and her pussy was very moist by now.

Oh God, I’m going to fuck him, she said to herself. I’m really going to fuck my hubby’s best friend!

Jack interrupted their rendezvous just long enough to move the coffee mugs from the table to the sink counter then wrapped his arms around Samantha once again and kissed her on the neck. He nibbled the lobe of an ear as his hand surrounded a lush titty. He thumbed her stiff nipple through the fabric of her blouse, and Samantha’s titty throbbed with delight.

“Ooh, you make me so fucking HOT!” she exclaimed then plastered her open mouth to his, and their tongues made love ardently. She ground her tummy against his dick which seemed to be standing straight up in his loose trousers with no underwear to restrain it. I need to see that, she thought. I need to wrap my hand around his rod. I need to…

Jack didn’t give her a chance to act on those impulses but just tipped her onto her back on the kitchen table. He dropped to his knees and pulled her shorts off.

“Ooh, myyyyy…!” she purred, spreading her legs as soon as they were free of the skimpy garment.

Jack nuzzled the silky white triangle which served as her panties, then pressed his mouth to an inner thigh and licked that very smooth soft skin. He switched to her opposite thigh, licking it also. She flexed her legs in the air, and he gripped one to hold it steady. His tongue toured her lovely leg all the way down. Knocking off her sandal, he licked her foot then nibbled at her toes.

“Ooh, you’re awful!” she chirped but giggled madly because she loved it.

Jack’s tongue trailed up her ankle and her calf, and he sucked at the little hollow behind her knee. Then he licked her thigh some more. At the same time his hand hooked the elastic of her g-string aside and his middle finger tickled her slit which was moist and oh-so-sensitive. He traced the fleshy fissure of her vulva up and down, up and down, causing her outer labia to infuse with hot blood and part slightly, like a flower beginning to spread its petals at dawn.

He shoved his middle finger up her cunt and twisted it around, getting it very wet, then withdrew the digit and carried it to her lips for her to take a taste. He watched as Samantha let him put his pussy-flavored finger into her mouth. She sucked her own juices off it, something which she had done by herself before. But hers was the only pussy she had ever tasted, and she sometimes thought that was too bad because the taste stimulated her in a way she didn’t quite understand. She definitely was not lesbian, and she preferred the taste of cock, but still…

Jack opened her blouse, and she sat up to take it off. Her titties bobbled and Jack took them in his hands, pointing the nipples at his mouth. He bent and licked her slightly rough aureola then sucked each nipple in turn. Samantha murmured something, breathing hard, an
d she petted his shaggy head as he made her titties throb.

Now it was time to grip her g-string panties at the top and pull them do
wn, the string peeling out of the crack between her buttocks. As soon as she kicked free of the tiny garment, he snapped it across the kitchen where the elastic hooked on a cabinet knob and hung there. He spread the lady’s legs and dove for treasure.

Samantha’s sweet pussy had just enough tang to please an experienced cunt-hound like himself, and he voraciously ate her, making slurpy noises with his lips and tongue. That was very naughty sounding and Samantha liked to hear it, but she liked feeling it even more. The man’s tongue was wonderful as it sank into her hot snatch and slathered between the slippery little lips, then paused to flutter against her hooded passion bud. His ardent lips closed around that delightful morsel and drew it into his mouth, bathing her clit in his saliva as he sucked on it heatedly.

A jolt of pure pleasure rocked Samantha and she pressed her pussy against the man’s maddening mouth. She came, emitting a long ecstatic “ooooooooooooh…!”

Jack turned her on the table and remained on his knees on the kitchen floor. He began licking the exquisitely rounded pillows of her ass. Then, spreading her butt-cheeks wide apart, he licked between them.

“Ooh wow!” she exclaimed. “OOH! That’s cray-zeee!”

The tip of Jack’s tongue tickled the tiny puckers that converged to form Samantha’s asshole, and he licked that very sensitive dimple thoroughly

“Oooh, too much!” she cried and bumped Jack’s face, causing him to lose possession of her bunghole as her buttocks vibrated against his cheeks.

Now the man stood, shucked his pants down, and gripped the weapon of his lust. He flexed his knees, lodging the head of his pecker between Samantha’s thighs, then gripped her at the hips and pulled them off the table. His cockhead skidded to her softest and wettest place, entering of its own accord and spreading her delicate membranes as her warm cunt embraced his tubular hardness. He traveled all the way up her cooch, and his balls plopped against her clit.

“Holy shit!” she said as Jack began to fuck her with long, slow, steady strokes of his thick prick that stirred her vaginal nerve-ends and expanded her pussy-hole in a most delightful way.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! He pumped his hard, thick prick deeply into her.

She chanted, “Yeh…yeh…ooh FUCK! You goddamned mother-fucker, ssscrew meee!” Was this sweet little Samantha talking?

“What a big fucking cock!” she exclaimed as her husband’s friend banged her hard and she bobbed her ass against him. “Ooh shit, I LOVE it! Yeh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oooh you fucking bastard, GIVE it to meeee!”

He speeded up. This woman was so fucking hot that he wasn’t going to last as long as usual. But not to worry, Samantha was right on the verge of cumming for the third time. (The second was when he licked her asshole.) Now she did cum and, waiting for the waves of pleasure to ebb, Jack pulled out barely in time.

He quickly brought his stiff rosy dick to Samantha’s face and blew one burst of semen onto her upper lip before he could get his cockhead into her mouth. Then it was sheer heaven as he convulsed, growling fiercely, and splashed spurt after spurt of thick cream over her tongue and down her throat as she gulped.

After she had swallowed all he had to offer, she clamped her lips hard on the head of his ding-dong and sucked out the small amount remaining in his pipe. She finished by licking his still-stiff pecker up and down. When she smiled up at him, Jack bent and kissed her.

“What a charming scene!” a male voice declared from the doorway.

“Oh my God…DAN!” Samantha cried, sitting up and turning all shades of red.

“Hey buddy!” Jack greeted his best friend, cool as a cucumber, his now-limber penis swaying.

“So this is what happens when you two think I’m out of town, hm?” Dan replied “Well, it’s my move now, isn’t it.”

He’s going to divorce me, Samantha thought with a sinking sensation as she felt her easy, comfortable life-style slipping away. They had a pre-nup which gave her nothing.

The young suburban wife was in for a surprise, however, as we may soon discover when Part Two of this story unfolds……….

(Author’s Note: Thanks for all the encouraging comments you readers have given me as funwryter and justaguy531. I will keep writing as long as you keep inspiring me, ladies. You know how to do it! ;-)

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