His Arrival

He woke me from a deep sleep about 5am. I was hearing the door bell ringing. Ding Ding Ding,,,im coming,i yelled, and thats when i heard his familiar voice. say okay. I unlocked the door and greated him with the usual kiss. His arms were full of his gear so the kiss was short. I could tell he was very tired. It had been a long week for him on the road. He goes to fridge and i hear a OOHH NOOO!!.. Your boyfriend didnt leave any beer. Thinking to myself why didnt i stock up on beer, but instead told him not to worry, that i still had some whiskey. He poured himself a drink, and we sat down to talk. This is his unwinding time, and he tells me everything about his week, and I love to let him unwind while im smoking a joint. Listening to him talk, my mind wonders. I have’nt had sex all week and im very very horney, but patient. After a few hrs, and several more drinks, he stands up and says dear, “i need a nap, i have’nt slept since 4am the day before. He strips down to his boxers and undershirt, with me following behind. Hes not getting away from me this easy im thinking. He crawls under the covers and i sit down beside him, and lean down and give him a kiss. His touch felt sooo good. Everything all of a sudden was familiar again, i missed him so much. His tongue started probing my mouth, and then with more passion or lust he puts his hand on the back of my head and his tongue drives deeper into my mouth,,,,he doesnt want to let go. His other hand is on my back underneath my shirt, his hand is so warm, i just melt into his arms. That familiar tingle starts down between my legs. He lifts my shirt off and roughly grabs my right breast and starts sucking the nipple through my bra. God he was driving me crazy. he would grab both my breast and push them together and suck on both nipples, hearing me moan into his ear, he says baby we better get these clothes off quick. While hes taking off his boxers and shirt im pulling off my bra and panties, and i crawl underneath the covers with him. We again kiss with his hand kneeding my hard nipple. His head leaning down to suck it into his mouth, he gently nibbles. He knows how sensative my nipples are and how turned on it makes me by sucking on them. He pays special quality time with my breast and loves to watch my hips move up and down, and hear me moan.
His hand trails down my tummy to my wet patch, and gently massages the smooth lips around my clit. God it feels so good finally to be touched down there. I start rocking my hips up and down on his hand and he slids his fingers over my clit sending shockwaves thru my body. Ohhhhhh i needed him so bad, and he could sense this so he roughly sticks 2 fingers into my pussy all the way in as deep as it would go, his thumb rubbing against my clitty, i was in heaven rocking up and down on his fingers. But i was lacking something that i had been dying for all week. To feel his cock inside my mouth. After several minutes of him driving my pussy wild i lean up and push him down on his back. At this point he knows what i want!….i give him one quick kiss on the mouth and alittle smile and without warning i take his entire cock into my mouth, mmmmmmmm….he tasted sooo good, i held his cock in my mouth for alittle bit and massage it with my tongue, when i hear,,,,easy baby,,,,i could cumm now. This i didnt want to happen so i eased my lips up to the tip of his cock and gently licked it, looking back at him and saying i dont want that either yet. I proceeded to gently lick his entire cock up and down, and stroking it into my mouth, i licked his balls and he was saying, yes baby lick my balls. i sucked them both into my mouth, my tongue massaging them, while my hand gently stroked his wet cock. My tongue then sliding back up his hard shaft he says, “turn around baby, i want to suck your pussy”, so i turn around with my legs straddling his head, my face staring at his cock i lean down to suck it into my mouth when i feel his tongue licking my clit. His fingers probing my wet pussy and rubbing the juices into my ass-hole. He sticks a finger into my ass and i suck him deeper into my mouth. He knows what a good little cock-sucker i am when im getting my ass reamed. I almost cant stand the feeling and he starts to fuck my ass and pussy harder with his fingers. He then pulls out and slaps my butt cheeks till there red, and then slaps my pussy till i cant stand the tingle anymore. My mouth is sucking his hard cock faster and faster, when all of a sudden i start to cummmm all over his fingers. OOOOhhhhh god hes fucking me soooo good back there. When i finally find myself again, he pushes my body down to his cock that is waiting to fuck me. My body facing away from him so he has easy access to my asshole again. He grabs his cock in his hand and flicks it against my wet pussy lips then drives it deep inside me. We set there for a moment …..OHHHHHHHHHHHHH it feels so good to finally have him inside me. I can feel his cock touching my g-spot and i dont want to move, but he has other ideas. He lifts my ass with both hands, so im up on my feet andhe starts pounding his cock into my wet pussy. I reach forward and grab his balls, our rhythm picks up and im almost screaming with delight as i start to cumm again. My juices flowing down his cock, i have to sit there for a moment but he rolls me off and bends me over with my knees on the edge of the bed. He gives his cock a few strokes then slides it between my pussy lips, touching my clit, i reach down between my legs and rub him into me. Then i feel his cock head sliding in,,,,ohhhh this feels good,,,,,i start to mash my butt into his pelvis, making his cock reach as far inside me as possible. He knows how to use his dick inside me, side to side, up and down, then he starts fucking me harder, with more deliberate strokes, im yelling harder baby, harder, yesss that its, fuck my pussy hard, when all of a sudden i feel him grabbing for something on the nite stand. Now im feeling oil being dripped down my back side and his cock coming out of my pussy he rams it into my ass-hole…..ohhhhhhhhhh godddddddd the pain, i fall face forward to the bed seeing stars, he starts slapping my butt and i say easy baby, please be easy. Put a finger inside me to get me ready, and he jabs a finger inside my ass harshly and reams my ass hole fast and hard,,,,my cheeks squeezing together from pain and yet alittle delight. He grabs my waist and puts me back on my knees and starts to slap my ass cheeks again this time harder hitting my tender clit sometimes. It was starting to burn but it felt good too. He then violates my ass one more time with one long stroke inside me, as far as he can go, and i hear his voice moaning with delight. This time it felt good inside me and he slowly leaned forward and grabbed both my tits, squeezing them, pinching my already hard swollen nipples. i reach my hand between my legs and start to massage my swollen clit, i can hear his ohhhhhhhhs and ahhhhhhhhs as i start massaging his balls between my legs. He starts fucking my ass harder, he hears my crys to be spanked again and he starts slapping my ass with his hand and pounding his swollen cock harder and harder inside me, were both fucking each other so hard when i feel my orgasm start to build….my ass closing down on his swollen member, i feel him start to throb and we both let out a big ahhhhh…..ahhhhh……ohhhhhhhhhhhh godddddddd yessssssssssssss ,,,,,,,,,we couldnt move for a few minutes….our legs felt very weak and shaky. It felt so good for him to be home again!! We part and he crawls back under the covers and grabs my arm and says…i love you….thank you!
Part II: Soon

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