Hitch-hiker Sex

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I was driving down the road when I saw him, he stuck out his thumb, he looked attractive,but gruff, he was tall and muscular, even though he had on a baggy overall work jumpsuit I could see he was built. I drove by and felt aroused, I quickly turned onto a side road I parked for a second contemplating if I should pick him up or not. After all I am a petite blonde female, it could be very risky to pick him up. Something compelled me to do it. I quickly pulled out back onto the main road drove and saw him still hitching,my heart started beating wildly. I turned left and quickly arced back and drove back onto the main road, I saw him and quickly stopped, he ran over he opened the door and was smiling, he seemed surprised that I had stopped. His smile was wide and nice. He got in and I asked how far he was going, he mentioned a town that was two towns away, I decided to drive him all the way. We had a nice conversation, light nothing too deep. We ocassionally stopped at red lights that is when I would look at him. He started complimenting me on my eyes, saying how pretty they were and asking if they were green or blue, I told him blue. The next few lights things seemed to get more personal, he commented on my legs, I was wearing shorts and was tan. The next light he leid his hand on my thigh, I felt the heat rising in me, I was getting super wet.
I could tell he knew I was turned on, I guess since I said nothing when he first touched me he thought I was into it, his hand started moving slowly up my thigh, “Mmmm nice and firm and silky soft.” he said as he caressed my leg. His hand slowly made its way to my now soaked and hot pussy, I moaned when he rubbed me right up my pussy slit. “Ohhh baby you are sooo wet and sooo hot. Damn I bet your pussy is fine.” I felt a huge rush of wetness seep out of me. He told me to pull over there was a park on the right. I did and he asked if we could switch seats. We did, he pulled me near him and French kissed my warm wet mouth, I felt his hard cock throughhis jumpsuit, “Mmmm what a hard big dick you have.” I murmurred as I squeezed and rubbed it, we kissed over and over and rubbed each other. “Listen, you want to come home with me? I have a nice big bed that we can fuck, suck whatever you want in.” he said. I murmurred that I would love that, he unxzipped his suit and pulled out his stiff cock, it was sticking straight up, he drove back to his house like that, I stared at it, my mouth watering and my pussy pulsating. We pulled into a very narrow long driveway, his housewas hidden in the back, small but secluded. We got out, him with his hard dick just sticking out. “Come here.” he said and I walked near him, he turned me with my back to him and he pulled down my shorts, I felt his hands on both sides of my hips just pulling them down. “Damn! That is a nice ass!” he said as he caressed my firm, silky, soft, round cheeks. “Ohhhh that feels so good.” I said as he felt my ass with his big rough hands.He pulled me close to him, his hard dick pressed between my cheeks, even though I am petite I have longish legs and I was wearing chunky heeled sandals. We walked like that to his door,his hard cock nestled in my ass crack, he held me close to him by holding onto my hips. We got in his house. I pulled my shorts completely off as he removed his jumpsuit, his cock looked huge and frankly, scary.
I stared to pull off my top, but he came over and removed it, I held my arms up and he pulled my tee shirt off, I was now only wearing my lacy bra and chunky shoes. He bit sexily through my bra holding my nipple in his teeth, “Mmmm ” I said, he reached around behind me and unhooked my bra, as he did he caressed the outer sides of my breasts, it felt so sensual I trembled slightly and I knew he felt the silk of my skin, he removed my bra and then he put his hands on my breasts cupping them and then he sucked on my hard nipples. He sucked them so hard that my clit was on fire. He lifted me up and carried me into his bedroom,he stopped along the way and putting my back against the wall he kissed me, the tip of his cock was hitting my ass.
We went in his room and he layed me on the bed, he got into a 69 position with me and started tinguing my wet hot pussy, I kept moaning I took his hard dick in my mouth and putting as much of him in my mouth that would fit I sucked him, he started fucking my mouth, I was gurgling but loving it, his tongue meanwhile was flicking at my clit, he kept moving it with his tongue.
He stopped got up and flipped me over I was on my tummy, my ass aimed at him, he took his cock and rubbed it up and down my crack, he would rub my asshole with it then go down to my pussy back up and down over and over, I scooted up on my knees now he had full acess, he took his hard dick and rubbed it all around my hot drenched horny pussy hole.”Mmmmm” we both moaned. He poked the head in, geez it was huge, he pulled out and opened my lips and looked inside,”Damn that is one tiny pussy hole! You think it can handle my dick?” he asked, I told him to just push it in and we’ld see, he tried and tried , he reached under me and really starting rubbing my clit, my knees were getting weak, his finger was drenched and hot from my warmth he kept this up until I felt his big hard cock go all the way inb me. “Damn, baby you are so damn tight! Shit, that feels great!” I told him his cock was filling me up. He did a very slow fuck of me, it took forever for his cock to leave my hole and it took forever to get back in, it was the most intensely satisfying sexual sensation I ever had, over and over he slow screwed me, my knees were getting wobbly. Out of nowhere he changed the rhythm, he started plowing in and out of my pussy like a madman, my pussy was making that wet slurpy sound. He told me my pussy was sucking on his cock, he was deeper in me than any man had ever been.I swear I thought I could feel everything about his cock, the head the rim even that big long vein, he was stretching my pussy walls so much I was super sensitive to everything, every pulse, every movement, all of his skin. The heat inside my pussy was like a sauna. I was sweating from the intensity of this screwing, the sweat was pouring down the crevice of my back down my ass crack right onto his hot hard cock, all his in and out hard frantic pumping was making me wild. He was screwing the breath out of me, he was so big in me that my clit was pushed out farther than it had ever been, it was so swollen, he pumped hard and then he yelled out as he shot a huge load deep in my pussy he pulled me back super tight to him by holding onto my hipbones. I felt his cock near my belly button, it was intense! He reached around and flicked and rubbed my clit with his big fleshy finger, I was moaning and leaking out lubrication, he hit it just right and I orgasmed my pussy gripped his cock and gulped on it with my powerful sensations.” Ohh yes..ohh yes.. oh yes!” we both moaned, he pulled out his still semi-hard cock, he placed it between my sweaty hot ass cheeks and just nestled it inb the full length there, he laid tight against me, I wiggled and pulsed my ass cheeks,he just said,”No more baby, I am spent.” Mmmm I felt the heat of his body against mine, he rolled me over and we French kissed until we fell asleep in each other’s arms all screwed out.

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  1. Good job, nice plot, excellent detail, a great read.

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